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18 Oct 2008, 01:43pm by Russell Levine

7th Day Adventure: Numbers Check

FO's own Brian Fremeau, creator of the Fremeau Efficiency Index, drops by the Podcast to explain his ratings -- and what they say about the nation's top teams. He also has some advice for Russell on what it's like to suffer through a really bad season.

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09 Oct 2008, 04:25pm by Russell Levine

7th Day Adventure: Going to See the Wiz

On the eve of the season's second Game of the Century, Russell is joined by Jay Christensen of TheWizofOdds.com to make sense of it all.

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04 Oct 2008, 10:35am by Russell Levine

7th Day Adventure: Upset Fallout

Russell checks in with ESPN The Magazine senior writer Bruce Feldman to find out if USC can bounce back, and whether we’re likely to see the upset bug continue this week in the Big 12.

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24 Sep 2008, 11:50pm by Russell Levine

7th Day Adventure Checks on the Big Ten

They play football other places besides the SEC, you know. Russell checks up on his alma mater with Michigan blogger Brian Cook of mgoblog.com, discussing rebuilding years, Penn State-Illinois, and Terrelle Pryor. This is also the college football open thread all day Saturday.

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17 Sep 2008, 11:59pm by Russell Levine

Seventh Day Adventure: On Rocky Top

Russell is joined by Clay Travis of Deadspin and Dixieland Delight to break down the weekend's three big SEC games. Plus, Clay shares some behind-the-scenes insights from his latest book project. This is also the college open thread.

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11 Sep 2008, 11:19am by Russell Levine

SDA: This Week's Game of the Century

Orson Swindle of EDSBS joins Russell to discuss mullets, Dog the Bounty Hunter, and the huge USC-Ohio State game -- so big, it gets the first-ever FO college football Liveblog! Remember, this article also serves as the college open thread.

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04 Sep 2008, 11:37am by Russell Levine

7th Day Adventure: The Maisel Report

Russell is joined by ESPN.com senior writer Ivan Maisel to talk about the Beanie Wells injury, the outlook for this week's college games, and Ivan's new book, The Maisel Report.

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28 Aug 2008, 12:02pm by Russell Levine

SDA 2.0

The Seventh Day Adventure podcast is back for its redshirt-senior season. Listen in as Russell talks BCS conferences with Yahoo blogger Matt Hinton, late of the Sunday Morning QB site, plus introduces SDA's new format. This article serves as the college football discussion thread all weekend.

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07 Jan 2008, 02:09pm by Brian Fremeau and Russell Levine

BCS Championship Spectacular

SDA has the BCS National Championship covered from every angle. Orson Swindle of EDSBS, Brian Cook of MGoBlog, and Bruce Feldman of ESPN offer their thoughts on the SDA Podcast, while Brian Fremeau provides the written preview. This also serves as the discussion thread for the game.

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31 Dec 2007, 01:18pm by Brian Fremeau and Russell Levine

Seventh Day Adventure/ FEI Mash-up Part II

Brian Fremeau joins Russell for another combined effort at previewing the college bowls. This edition covers everything except the BCS championship game, and you can use this thread for discussion of all the bowl games as they are being played.

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