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29 Aug 2013, 03:02pm by Matt Hinton

SDA: Free Johnny Manziel

College football returns! Here's a look at the first weekend of games with Matt Hinton, plus some words on the Johnny Manziel nonsense.

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07 Jan 2013, 01:07pm by Matt Hinton

SDA Championship Edition: Heavy Is the Tide That Wears the Crown

Can the Irish stay turnover free? Can Alabama's run game crack Notre Dame's sterling defense? Our BCS Championship preview explains all.

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02 Jan 2013, 06:12pm by Matt Hinton

SDA Bowl Spectacular, Round III: Old-Time January 1 Religion

It's no longer the all-defining smorgasbord it once was, but January 1st is still the most revered date on the college football calendar.

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28 Dec 2012, 04:37pm by Matt Hinton

SDA Bowl Spectacular Round II: Reason for the Season

In previewing this week's bowl games, Matt Hinton delves into the armchair psychology of trying to figure out which teams still care.

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14 Dec 2012, 08:06pm by Matt Hinton

SDA Bowl Spectacular Round I: Justify Your Existence

Our first set of Bowl breakdowns will give you all the FO stats for games through December 27 while also telling you which games are worth watching and why. Plus: Neat graphics!

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30 Nov 2012, 07:05pm by Matt Hinton

SDA: Winner Take All

Two similar-looking SEC outfits enter the conference's championship game looking for a ticket to the BCS Title Game. Can Georgia upset the Crimson Tide?

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22 Nov 2012, 04:19pm by Matt Hinton

SDA: All Eyes On the Irish

Every piece of evidence logically points to a Notre Dame victory over USC. Of course, that's no guarantee. Plus previews of the rest of the Thanksgiving weekend college football, starting with Texas-TCU.

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16 Nov 2012, 11:45am by Matt Hinton

SDA: Stanford's Last Stand

Stanford's defense could give Oregon a test in a matchup that will probably decide the Pac-12 North. Plus: previews of the rest of Saturday's big games.

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09 Nov 2012, 03:02pm by Matt Hinton

SDA: Survival of the Fittest

Alabama faces another tough test in Texas A&M, as we hit the period of the season where surviving becomes more important than style points.

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02 Nov 2012, 08:43pm by Matt Hinton

SDA: Battle of the Titans

Alabama and LSU meet in a slugfest that you've probably heard something about. Plus: all the other top matchups from around the NCAA are previewed.

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