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16 Aug 2017, 06:33pm by Bryan Knowles and Andrew Potter

Scramble: 2017 South Over/Unders

In honor of Thursday night's nationally televised Jags-Bucs contest, Scramble takes on the two South divisions. Can Atlanta's late-season surge to greatness continue in 2017?Are the bandwagons in Tennessee and Tampa Bay ready for prime time? And does Houston actually need a quarterback at all?

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15 Aug 2017, 01:34am by Vincent Verhei

2017 KUBIAK vs. ADP: The Overrated

We're back again with our annual look at which players are going too high in fantasy drafts. The lesson this year: watch out for running backs who were not in the NFL last season.

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14 Aug 2017, 05:44pm by Scott Kacsmar

DVOA by Routes: Defenses

Our final part to the 2016 pass route study focuses on defenses. Which routes have the best trade-off between throwing touchdowns and limiting interceptions? We also offer some thoughts on the evolution and future of advanced stats analysis.

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14 Aug 2017, 06:02am by Guest

The Week In Quotes: August 14, 2017

This week: Free beer, barbecue, fist fights, Lavar Ball, unemployed quarterbacks, and creepy wax statues. Plus: DANCE PARTY!!!

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10 Aug 2017, 03:27pm by Scott Kacsmar

DVOA by Routes: Quarterbacks

Part II of our route study looks at 2016 quarterbacks. Who threw the deepest digs and the shortest curl routes? Who was crazy enough to throw 42 go routes and 28 fades? We finally have data to answer these questions.

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09 Aug 2017, 12:26pm by Bryan Knowles and Andrew Potter

Scramble for the Ball: 2017 East Over/Unders

Scramble for the Ball is back, whether you like it or not! This week, Bryan and Andrew return to take on the East divisions, pondering Washington's front office, New England's quest for greatness, and what the heck the Jets think they're doing, anyway.

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08 Aug 2017, 01:04pm by Scott Kacsmar

DVOA by Routes: Receivers

Our first part of a study on DVOA by route types focuses on receivers. Which players were the most valuable on digs, slants, curls, and nine other routes? Also: is the WR screen bad for offense? And is Tavon Austin good at anything?

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03 Aug 2017, 04:50pm by Scott Kacsmar

Predicting the 2018 Pro Football Hall of Fame Class

Our 2018 Pro Football Hall of Fame predictions look at the most decorated defender since 1986, the best WR since Jerry Rice, and the "other" middle linebacker. Also: poison pills, Terrell Owens' value, and the forgotten Patriot.

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02 Aug 2017, 03:28pm by Scott Kacsmar

Randy Moss: First-Ballot Hall of Famer

Would you bet on Randy Moss being a first-ballot Hall of Famer? Straight cash, homie. Alas, since he's a wide receiver, we have our doubts it will happen. But Moss left no doubts as to his greatness on the field. This is his HOF case.

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27 Jul 2017, 04:21pm by Scott Kacsmar

Jarvis Landry's Value, Part II

Our second look at Jarvis Landry's value examines the main reason his catches are lacking in value, and the new charting data that shows how Miami may not be using him properly.

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