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12 Aug 2014, 01:27pm by Scott Kacsmar

2013 Pressure Plays: Defense

Part two of our 2013 pressure study focuses on which defenses fared best with and without pressure last year. Should we expect a lot of variation in 2014?

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11 Aug 2014, 11:33am by Scott Kacsmar

2013 Pressure Plays: Quarterbacks

Which quarterbacks fared best under pressure last year? And does performance under pressure have any correlation from year to year?

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08 Aug 2014, 10:50am by Rory Hickey

The Week in Quotes: August 8, 2014

This week: Doug Marrone needs a tech timeout, Eric Ebron hits the rookie wall early, and Mark Ingram has dreams. Very unlikely dreams.

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07 Aug 2014, 05:20pm by Aaron Schatz

Adjusted Interceptions 2013

How defenders' poor hands made Ryan Tannehill look better than he truly was in 2013, while inexperienced receivers and poor timing made Tom Brady look worse than he truly was.

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01 Aug 2014, 01:37pm by Scott Kacsmar

Predicting the 2015 Pro Football Hall of Fame Class

Is this the year for Marvin Harrison? Junior Seau? Or perhaps one of four eligible men from the Greatest Show on Turf?

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01 Aug 2014, 12:58pm by Rory Hickey

The Month In Quotes: July 2014

College football coach sniping season, Tim Tebow's one fan left in the universe, and the Jordan Gross diet headline this week's best quotes.

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30 Jul 2014, 12:34pm by Scott Kacsmar

Kurt Warner: The Hall of Fame Case

Is Kurt Warner a Hall of Fame quarterback? We dissect both sides of the case from multiple angles.

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28 Jul 2014, 03:49pm by Aaron Schatz

373 Oakland Championships

Any team can win the Super Bowl in any given year. What would it look like for the league's worst team to somehow win it?

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24 Jul 2014, 01:57pm by Scott Kacsmar

Sidney Rice: What Could Have Been?

Sidney Rice has retired. Is he the most random single-season DYAR leader ever? One-year wonder? Injury prone? We offer a career retrospective for the second-best wide receiver named Rice in NFL history.

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22 Jul 2014, 12:26pm by Scott Kacsmar

Catch Radius: The Bigger, the Better?

Our season finale of catch radius focuses on the growing size of Josh McCown's talented receiving duos, including breakout stud Alshon Jeffery. Also: Anquan Boldin's incredible year.

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