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05 Jan 2016, 07:15pm by Scott Kacsmar

Clutch Encounters: Season Review/Week 17

Season review time. Peyton Manning's unlikely comeback highlights a dozen close finishes in Week 17. Also: New England's bizarre Miami trip, the NFC North title no one wanted to win, Derek Carr's slump, and the most Ryan Fitzpatrick game ever.

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05 Jan 2016, 03:59pm by Sterling Xie

Any Given Sunday: Vikings Over Packers

The NFC North championship game featured two teams that were more alike than many might imagine. Was Minnesota even a true underdog?

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05 Jan 2016, 12:04pm by Vincent Verhei

Quick Reads: 2015 In Review

Where have all the great running backs gone? For that matter, where have all the top stars gone?

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04 Jan 2016, 08:55pm by Aaron Schatz

Final 2015 DVOA Ratings

The Seahawks steamroll Arizona to finish No. 1 in our DVOA ratings for the fourth straight year, and head into the playoffs as one of the hottest teams we've ever measured. Plus: 2015 goes down as the year no offense stood out, but one defense certainly did because it was horrendous.

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04 Jan 2016, 01:57pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 17 Quick Reads

Here's a list of the best and worst players of Week 17 by FO metrics.

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04 Jan 2016, 10:51am by Andrew Potter

Audibles at the Line: Week 17

The FO staff tries to stay awake on a day when it seemed like many teams failed to give their best effort.

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31 Dec 2015, 11:33am by Chad Peltier

SDA: The Playoff Begins

The College Football Playoff and New Year's Six bowl games feature the best matchups of bowl season. F/+ takes Clemson and Alabama to win on New Year's Eve.

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31 Dec 2015, 09:49am by Andrew Healy and Sterling Xie

Scramble for the Ball: New Year's Resolutions

Andrew and Sterling make 2016 resolutions for the 20 (likely) non-playoff teams.

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30 Dec 2015, 12:32pm by Cian Fahey

Film Room: Alex Smith

The quarterback's tendency to play more aggressively has been a big part of Kansas City's improvement this season.

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29 Dec 2015, 07:36pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 16 DVOA Ratings

Arizona's huge win over Green Bay moves the Cardinals ahead of the Seahawks at the top of the DVOA ratings and gives us the first-ever "DVOA Championship Game" with No. 1 battling No. 2 to close out the regular season.

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