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16 Nov 2016, 04:55pm by Brian Fremeau

FEI Week 11: Upsets That Didn't Upset

What effect did last week's upsets have on the FEI rankings? Not much at all -- especially not at the very top.

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16 Nov 2016, 12:02pm by Bryan Knowles and Andrew Potter

Scramble: A Midseason Night's Dream

Your Scramble writers are at a loss -- what to do after an actual good week of football? Celebrate the best of the first half of the season, of course!

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15 Nov 2016, 10:06pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 10 DVOA Ratings

Seattle's victory over the Patriots sets up another No. 1 vs. No. 2 DVOA battle for next Sunday. Plus: What if the second-best team in the AFC doesn't actually play in the AFC West?

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15 Nov 2016, 07:00pm by Rivers McCown

Any Given Sunday: Seahawks Over Patriots

It's been a year without a truly dominant team, but did we see one begin to emerge on Sunday night?

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15 Nov 2016, 03:11pm by Scott Kacsmar

Clutch Encounters: Week 10

Seven lead changes in Pittsburgh and New England. Also: Pete Carroll's historic two-point conversion attempt, why Denver loves the new extra point rules, and get your BINGO card for Crazy Chargers Losses.

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14 Nov 2016, 10:38pm by Vincent Verhei

Week 10 Quick Reads

The key to Seattle's defensive excellence this season? No team has been better this year at preventing explosive plays.

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14 Nov 2016, 10:56am by Andrew Potter

Audibles at the Line: Week 10

Your Audibles team discusses the Week 10 action, featuring great games in Pittsburgh and New England plus a historic game-winner in New Orleans.

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11 Nov 2016, 05:06pm by Scott Kacsmar

Game Preview: Seahawks at Patriots

Call it a Super Bowl XLIX rematch, or a preview of Super Bowl LI. Can New England end Seattle's historic 96-game streak of not being blown out? Can Russell Wilson lead a road comeback? Are the tight ends going to dominate? We preview Week 10's big one.

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11 Nov 2016, 02:53pm by Ian Boyd

Seventh Day Adventure: Week 11

The week's biggest game this weekend? It could be Sam Darnold and USC against Washington in what might be a Pac-12 championship preview.

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11 Nov 2016, 01:04pm by Rob Eves

The Week In Quotes: November 11, 2016

At this point in the season, we're starting to really nail down which teams will be winners in 2016, and which will be losers. It's the second group that was talked about most this week.

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