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14 Nov 2016, 10:56am by Andrew Potter

Audibles at the Line: Week 10

Your Audibles team discusses the Week 10 action, featuring great games in Pittsburgh and New England plus a historic game-winner in New Orleans.

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11 Nov 2016, 05:06pm by Scott Kacsmar

Game Preview: Seahawks at Patriots

Call it a Super Bowl XLIX rematch, or a preview of Super Bowl LI. Can New England end Seattle's historic 96-game streak of not being blown out? Can Russell Wilson lead a road comeback? Are the tight ends going to dominate? We preview Week 10's big one.

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11 Nov 2016, 02:53pm by Ian Boyd

Seventh Day Adventure: Week 11

The week's biggest game this weekend? It could be Sam Darnold and USC against Washington in what might be a Pac-12 championship preview.

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11 Nov 2016, 01:04pm by Rob Eves

The Week In Quotes: November 11, 2016

At this point in the season, we're starting to really nail down which teams will be winners in 2016, and which will be losers. It's the second group that was talked about most this week.

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11 Nov 2016, 11:42am by Ben Muth

Word of Muth: Beatdown by the Bay

The Raiders moved into sole possession of first place in the AFC West last weekend, and they did it by manhandling a defense that carried Denver to a Super Bowl win last season.

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10 Nov 2016, 02:08pm by Cian Fahey

Film Room: Tyrod Taylor

The Bills' quarterback can be frustrating to watch, but as Cian Fahey explains, few quarterbacks in the league are blessed with such natural athleticism and poise.

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09 Nov 2016, 06:17pm by Bryan Knowles and Andrew Potter

Scramble for the Ball: Can't Win for Losing

You control the future and it's looking bleak. Seems like we're headed for another losing streak.

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09 Nov 2016, 04:37pm by Brian Fremeau

FEI Week 10, FEI at 10

Ten years ago, Michigan and Ohio State were on a collision course for a regular season finale with massive postseason implications, and the FEI ratings were published here for the first time.

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08 Nov 2016, 08:14pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 9 DVOA Ratings

The year of no great teams continues. The 4-4 Eagles are the worst team to ever rank No. 1 at midseason, and the 5-3 Texans are the worst team in DVOA to ever have a winning record at midseason (with Detroit not far behind).

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08 Nov 2016, 05:20pm by Scott Kacsmar

Clutch Encounters: Week 9

The NFC North is a three-team race after another late Detroit comeback. Also: game-winning kick return touchdowns, closing time in the NFC East, and what did the referees do this time in Seattle on a Monday night?

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