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19 Dec 2016, 08:52am by Andrew Potter

Audibles at the Line: Week 15

Your Audibles crew covers the first Saturday game of the season, the least exciting Patriots-Broncos matchup in recent memory, and a relatively tame week of NFL football at the top of both conferences.

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17 Dec 2016, 12:30pm by Ian Boyd

SDA: 2016-17 Bowl Spectacular Part I

The first batch of bowl games has a few exciting matchups and players (like San Diego State's 2,000-yard rusher Donnel Pumphrey) that should make for fun watching over the holidays.

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16 Dec 2016, 12:24pm by Rob Eves

The Week In Quotes: December 16, 2016

These days, it seems all anyone ever wants to talk about is old Rams coaches, new Rams coaches, future Rams coaches, and terrible Rams football games.

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16 Dec 2016, 11:07am by Ben Muth

Word of Muth: Panthers Puzzle

With so many moving parts on Carolina's offensive line this year, it's hard to tell just what went right or wrong. Ben Muth looks for a solution.

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15 Dec 2016, 12:26pm by Cian Fahey

Film Room: K.C.'s Playoff Odds

The eventual AFC champion will probably need to win in New England. Cian Fahey shows how the Chiefs have the defense to get that done.

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14 Dec 2016, 11:44am by Bryan Knowles and Andrew Potter

Scramble for the Ball: Casually Dressed...

...and Deep in Conversation, your Scramble team produces a small Novella on the topic of their Rookie of the Year. Or rather, 24 rookies of the year. A whole team full of them, even. But first, something of a Funeral for a Friend.

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13 Dec 2016, 07:28pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 14 DVOA Ratings

New England and Dallas keep the top two spots in DVOA, improving a little over last week. Meanwhile, Green Bay's DVOA skyrockets and Seattle plummets, as the Seahawks suffer their worst loss since Matt Hasselbeck was still the starting quarterback.

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13 Dec 2016, 04:21pm by Rivers McCown

Any Given Sunday: Giants Over Cowboys

The Giants improved to 2-0 against the Cowboys on the strength of a rebuilt defense that can take advantage of Dallas' biggest offensive weakness.

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13 Dec 2016, 07:36am by Scott Kacsmar

Clutch Encounters: Week 14

Detroit's record eighth comeback win is a real SICO. Also: the champs stagger, all out of Luck, Drew Brees matches a Tyler Palko feat, and can we get one more round of Giants-Cowboys and Ravens-Patriots?

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12 Dec 2016, 10:44pm by Vincent Verhei

Week 14 Quick Reads

As Jeff Fisher's tenure with the Rams has mercifully ended, we look back at just how things in Los Angeles went so very, very wrong.

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