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04 Jan 2017, 04:20pm by Brian Fremeau

FEI Championship Preview

Will two excellent defenses dominate in the College Football Playoff Championship game? Or will it turn into a shootout like we saw between the same schools last year?

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04 Jan 2017, 11:11am by Bryan Knowles and Andrew Potter

Scramble: 2016 Staff Playoff Fantasy Draft

Bryan and Andrew review this year's staff playoff draft, where someone bogarted all the cheese dip. Plus, Loser League II results and the crowning of the biggest losers of them all!

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03 Jan 2017, 05:09pm by Scott Kacsmar

Clutch Encounters: Season Review/Week 17

The Giants end Washington's season with another fourth-quarter hold. Also: Detroit tamed again, Luck closes, and the return of Mark Sanchez. We also look at the summary of all 32 teams in close games this year.

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03 Jan 2017, 12:32pm by Vincent Verhei

Quick Reads: 2016 in Review

The rise of one rookie quarterback and the fall of another were the biggest stories of this season in Football Outsiders' individual player metrics.

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02 Jan 2017, 07:19pm by Aaron Schatz

Final 2016 DVOA Ratings

It turns out, The Year of No Great Teams may in fact have a great team. The New England Patriots head into the postseason strong as the No. 1 team in DVOA, their eighth straight year ranking sixth or higher.

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02 Jan 2017, 04:22pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 17 Quick Reads

The best passers, runners, and receivers of Week 17 include the best and worst games for running backs all season.

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02 Jan 2017, 10:11am by Ian Boyd

SDA: 2016-17 Bowl Spectacular Part IV

The traditional New Year's bowls move to January 2 this year, with some compelling contests that feature up and coming stars.

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02 Jan 2017, 10:07am by Andrew Potter

Audibles at the Line: Week 17

Your Audibles crew discusses the minutiae of onside kick rules the Week 17 action, as the playoff field and seedings are all finally determined. Are we all hyped for Brock Osweiler vs. Connor Cook on wild-card Saturday?

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30 Dec 2016, 12:03pm by Ian Boyd

SDA: 2016-17 Bowl Spectacular Part III

We finally arrive at the big time games and playoff contests of Washington vs. Alabama and Ohio State vs. Clemson.

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30 Dec 2016, 11:33am by Rob Eves

The Week In Quotes: December 30, 2016

The Buffalo Bills fired their coach this week, but as is usually the case when it comes to Rex Ryan, things didn't go very smoothly.

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