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11 Jan 2016, 05:59pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 18 DVOA Ratings

The Chiefs make a big move upwards, as their domination of Houston now ranks as the best single game of the year. The all-around special teams performance was particularly impressive.

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11 Jan 2016, 05:22pm by Vincent Verhei

Wild-Card Quick Reads

Brian Hoyer has the worst playoff game for a quarterback in a long, long time.

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11 Jan 2016, 02:56pm by Scott Kacsmar

Clutch Encounters: Wild Card

The Steelers and Seahawks pull off great road escapes. How accountable should Marvin Lewis be for the Cincinnati meltdown? Did Blair Walsh have the worst miss in playoff history with the game on the line?

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11 Jan 2016, 03:43am by Andrew Potter

Audibles at the Line: Wild-Card Round

The FO crew talks dominant wins by Kansas City and Green Bay, Seattle's escape in Minnesota, and the Pittsburgh-Cincinnati debacle.

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10 Jan 2016, 04:08pm by Chad Peltier

SDA: The Best Possible Championship

This is the best possible championship game we could have gotten, with Alabama and Clemson as the two top teams with nearly equal top-end talent. But does Clemson have enough depth to get the win?

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08 Jan 2016, 11:56pm by Vincent Verhei

NFC Wild Card Playoff Preview 2016

The NFC's combatants this weekend include two perennial playoff clubs, a young squad on the rise, and a team in D.C. that none of us expected to be here.

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08 Jan 2016, 12:56pm by Scott Kacsmar

AFC Wild Card Playoff Preview 2016

Can the Bengals and Chiefs finally win postseason games, or will the Steelers and Texans extend their respective miseries?

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07 Jan 2016, 03:47pm by Ben Muth

Word of Muth: Denver Peaking

Ben Muth says that the Broncos' offensive line is playing its best football just as the playoffs are ready to start.

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07 Jan 2016, 10:59am by Cian Fahey

Film Room: Cam Newton

Cian Fahey re-examines the Panthers quarterback and explains why numbers don't always tell the whole story.

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06 Jan 2016, 04:31pm by Andrew Healy and Sterling Xie

Scramble for the Ball: 2015 Staff Playoffs Draft

Andrew and Sterling review this year's staff playoff fantasy draft, where solid running backs were hard to come by. Plus, a review of Loser League Part II, and the announcement of the LL champion!

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