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21 Nov 2013, 12:01pm by Cian Fahey

Film Room: Kaepernick and Newton

Going inside the tape on Colin Kaepernick and Cam Newton. How many reads does each quarterback have before he goes remedial?

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20 Nov 2013, 02:13pm by Mike Kurtz and Tom Gower

Scramble: New Awards

Mike and Tom survey the NFL's current (boring) crop of postseason awards, and slip the Commissioner a few envelopes guaranteed to excite and amaze.

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20 Nov 2013, 09:16am by Brian Fremeau

FEI Week 12: Halftime Adjustments

The best team in college football in second halves? Try Oregon, who finally pushed Utah down the FEI rankings.

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19 Nov 2013, 06:18pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 11 DVOA Ratings

Seattle gets closer to Denver on top of this week's DVOA ratings. Plus: Do Houston and Cleveland really have strong defenses this year? DVOA says no.

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19 Nov 2013, 09:10am by Mike Ridley

Any Given Sunday: Steelers Over Lions

Detroit's offense sputters in the second half, erasing their lead on the NFC North.

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19 Nov 2013, 08:07am by Scott Kacsmar

Clutch Encounters: Week 11

Patriots fail to catch a call in Carolina. Also: Mike Tomlin's "do what we do" strategy works, the worst overtime coin-toss decision yet and how Drew Brees' height saved the Saints.

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19 Nov 2013, 02:21am by Vince Verhei

Week 11 Quick Reads

What do FO's statistics tell us about the schedules players have faced this season? Life for Matt Ryan has been even harder than you thought. Plus, the best passers, runners, and receivers of Week 11.

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18 Nov 2013, 09:00am by Rivers McCown

Audibles at the Line: Week 11

The Chiefs are who we thought they were, the Bears and Ravens battle in a funnel cloud, and Gary Kubiak benches Case Keenum for some reason.

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17 Nov 2013, 11:19am by Rivers McCown

Three-Cone Drill: Art of Baylor

Baylor pushes football to the extremes, Andrew Luck does even more for the Colts' DVOA than you might think, and weekly game capsules.

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16 Nov 2013, 10:25am by Matt Waldman

Futures: Oklahoma State CB Justin Gilbert

Gilbert has first-day athleticism and versatility, but junior year lapses with technique and judgment made him the type of player who elicited a wide range of draft day possibilities before his senior year.

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