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09 Nov 2015, 09:41pm by Vincent Verhei

Week 9 Quick Reads

Nick Foles was the worst quarterback of Week 9. That's not unusual by itself, but the circumstances of that worst-place finish are quite rare indeed.

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09 Nov 2015, 10:45am by Andrew Potter

Audibles at the Line: Week 9

Did the Steelers save their season against Oakland? Is Blaine Gabbert the answer for San Francisco? What was Denver's fatal weakness against the Colts?

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06 Nov 2015, 02:47pm by Rory Hickey

The Week In Quotes: November 6, 2015

In this unusually profane TWIQ, people in and around the league sound off on fantasy football, tight ends who can't block, Art Modell, Ken Whisenhunt, and fear itself.

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06 Nov 2015, 01:42pm by Bill Connelly

Varsity Numbers: Revisiting the Perfect Playoff

College football has had a playoff for one year, but people are already clamoring for a larger field. Bill Connelly revisits an old idea that still seems to make quite a bit of sense, and would give Appalachian State a shot at a national title. Wait, what?

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05 Nov 2015, 05:46pm by Chad Peltier

SDA: Tests for the Tigers

Two packs of Tigers are in the first College Football Playoff top four rankings of the season, and both Clemson and LSU have big tests this week.

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05 Nov 2015, 01:15pm by Andrew Healy and Sterling Xie

Scramble for the Ball: Midseason Check Up

Andrew and Sterling look backward at the best and worst of the first eight weeks, while also making predictions about what might turn around by the end of the season.

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04 Nov 2015, 04:14pm by Brian Fremeau

FEI Week 9: 90th Percentile Update

Notre Dame has played some of the best football of any team this year -- even in their loss to Clemson.

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04 Nov 2015, 12:53pm by Cian Fahey

Film Room: Greg Hardy

Has Dallas' new defensive end been worth all the headaches he has caused? Cian Fahey says yes.

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03 Nov 2015, 08:32pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 8 DVOA Ratings

Denver shoots up our rankings with a big win over Green Bay, part of an AFC West surge that gives Kansas City an outside shot at the playoffs and gives Oakland its highest DVOA rank since Football Outsiders was founded in 2003.

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03 Nov 2015, 03:18pm by Scott Kacsmar

Clutch Encounters: Week 8

Carolina is the first team in NFL history to win after trailing in overtime. Also: Superdome shootout, Big Ben's bad day, Lovie's bold decision, and did the referees goof in Dallas with forward progress?

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