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21 Nov 2014, 03:30pm by Bill Connelly

VN: Hits, Misses, and the Year Zero Effect

Bill Connelly looks at the college offenses, defenses, and overall teams that have improved (Air Force!) or regressed (North Texas!) the most in 2014. Year Zero is a real thing (sometimes).

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21 Nov 2014, 02:19pm by J.J. Cooper

Under Pressure: Carolina's Sorry Season

Only one team has given up more sacks than Carolina. Who's responsible? Pretty much everyone.

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21 Nov 2014, 12:58pm by Scott Kacsmar

Clutch Encounters: Chiefs at Raiders

Oakland's first GWD in over two years stunned the Chiefs on Thursday night. We look at the keys to the upset and the craziest premature celebration in NFL history.

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21 Nov 2014, 08:38am by Vincent Verhei

The Week In Quotes: November 21, 2014

This week's theme: profanity. Please get your parents' permission before reading this column.

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20 Nov 2014, 10:28pm by Chad Peltier

SDA: Bowl Position

The games this week are much less hyped than last week's, but they still feature closely-ranked teams vying for conference pecking order in bowl season.

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20 Nov 2014, 02:50pm by Ben Muth

Word of Muth: Bears Bounce Back

Ben Muth breaks down Chicago's win over Minnesota, and defends the quarterback sweep on fourth-and-goal.

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20 Nov 2014, 11:21am by Cian Fahey

Film Room: Rams Pass Rush

The Rams' pass rush got off to a slow start this year, but Cian Fahey says they have talent on hand to dominate for the next several years.

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19 Nov 2014, 10:43pm by Brian Fremeau

FEI Week 12: Mean Field Position

What does Alabama's victory over Mississippi State tell us about the best ways to measure field position?

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19 Nov 2014, 02:45pm by Mike Kurtz and Tom Gower

Scramble for the Ball: Second-Half Loser League Names

Mike and Tom studiously avoid a Steelers-Titans game that left them both unhappy, and instead give thanks for the best Loser League team names of the second half.

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18 Nov 2014, 08:03pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 11 DVOA Ratings

Denver is still No. 1, but as the weakest first-place team in DVOA history. Tampa Bay is almost the strongest last-place team in DVOA history. And Arizona is still inexplicably No. 15 at 9-1. Ball of confusion: that's what DVOA is today. Hey hey.

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