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24 Jan 2014, 02:26pm by Mike Kurtz and Tom Gower

Super Bowl XLVIII Prop Bet Extravaganza!

You know the drill. At least, you know it better than Tom and Mike know basketball. Play along with your Scramble writers as they place bets that only a gambling addict would ever consider!

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24 Jan 2014, 12:20pm by Ben Muth

Word of Muth Wraps Up the Eagles

Word of Muth wraps up its coverage of the Philadelphia Eagles offensive line. How did Lane Johnson develop over the course of the season?

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24 Jan 2014, 08:26am by Rory Hickey

The Week In Quotes: January 24, 2014

Richard Sherman said some things. Maybe other people did too. We're not sure.

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23 Jan 2014, 12:31pm by Cian Fahey

Film Room: Demaryius Thomas

Demaryius Thomas isn't the most physical receiver, and now he's going to play against the most physical secondary in the league in the Super Bowl. What can we expect?

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22 Jan 2014, 09:28pm by Matt Waldman

Futures: What's After Clowney?

Remove Jadeveon Clowney from the equation and this class of defensive end prospects is not an exciting one. However, the NFL isn’t comprised solely of superstars. Teams still derive value from players that do one thing well when that one thing fits within an organization’s scheme.

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22 Jan 2014, 01:43pm by Scott Kacsmar

How Should We Judge Quarterbacks in the Postseason?

Part I of a statistical study of NFL quarterbacks in the postseason. How should the quarterback be judged this time of year and why should anyone expect results against the best competition to be similar to the regular season?

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21 Jan 2014, 12:15pm by Vincent Verhei

Conference Championship Quick Reads

Quick Reads looks for a common blueprint among the big games Denver has allowed this season. Plus: Best and worst players from last Sunday.

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20 Jan 2014, 02:57pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 20 DVOA Ratings

Fun with chalk: The top two teams in DVOA make the Super Bowl for the first time since 2002 and only the third time since 1989.

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20 Jan 2014, 12:10pm by Scott Kacsmar

Clutch Encounters: Conference Championships

Another 49ers season ends with an incomplete pass to Michael Crabtree in the end zone. Also: Was the AFC Championship the Patriots' worst performance in their last 64 games?

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20 Jan 2014, 02:30am by Rivers McCown

Audibles at the Line: Conference Championships

Two No. 1 seeds in a Super Bowl? Is that even allowed under NFL rules anymore?

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