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08 Dec 2014, 10:23am by Andrew Potter

Audibles at the Line: Week 14

What did the FO staff have to say about potential playoff previews like Pats-Bolts, Hawks-Eagles, Steelers-Bengals, Ravens-Dolphins, and Colts-Browns?

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07 Dec 2014, 12:59pm by Matt Waldman

Futures: FSU QB Jameis Winston

Matt Waldman breaks down the tape on the 2013 Heisman Trophy winner, who demonstrates mobility, accuracy, and anticipation of how the defense will respond.

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06 Dec 2014, 01:29pm by Andrew Healy

Game Preview: SEA-PHI

In a battle of two teams with flawed defenses, Mark Sanchez might lack the tools to exploit Seattle's weaknesses, while Russell Wilson could be a big headache for the Eagles.

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05 Dec 2014, 04:14pm by Bill Connelly

VN: The 2014 College Receiver Crop

With Amari Cooper getting Heisman hype and Championship Weekend upon us, Bill Connelly takes a look at which college wideouts, tight ends, and pass-catching running backs have been the most successful in 2014.

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05 Dec 2014, 03:38pm by J.J. Cooper

Under Pressure: The Top Rookie Pass Rusher

J.J. Cooper takes a moment to celebrate the one first-round lineman this year who is actually having a good rookie season.

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05 Dec 2014, 10:43am by Ben Muth

Word of Muth: Group Effort

Ben Muth examines the performance of Baltimore's offensive line against San Diego, and explains teamwork and chemistry are for more important on the offensive line than individual talent.

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05 Dec 2014, 08:12am by Rory Hickey

The Week In Quotes: December 4, 2014

Chip Kelly is the star of this edition of TWIQ. It probably won't be the last time.

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04 Dec 2014, 04:58pm by Chad Peltier

SDA: Championship Week

It's championship week in college football and several teams are looking for more than just wins -- they also have opportunities to impress the Playoff Selection Committee.

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04 Dec 2014, 11:43am by Cian Fahey

Film Room: Aaron Rodgers

Yes, the Green Bay quarterback does have some room for improvement, but Cian Fahey argues that he should still be the clear leader in this season's MVP race.

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03 Dec 2014, 04:08pm by Brian Fremeau

FEI Week 14: You Better Watch Out

The surging Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets hit No. 3 in the FEI ratings, and seem more than capable of knocking off undefeated Florida State this weekend.

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