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18 Dec 2009, 12:09pm by J.I. Halsell

Under the Cap: Top Ten Safeties

Timing is everything in the world of NFL contracts, as a matter of months can mean millions of guaranteed dollars lost when negotiating a new deal. Just ask Troy Polamalu.

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18 Dec 2009, 10:50am by Mike Kurtz and Tom Gower

Scramble: The Winter of Our Discontent

Your Scramble writers attempt to distract you from their fantasy travails by making fun of various parties. So, business as usual.

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17 Dec 2009, 01:56am by Will Carroll

Black and Blue Report: December 17, 2009

Will Carroll (the younger) retakes the reigns of Black and Blue, chastising the league's faux-stance on concussions and marveling at the adaptability of Indianapolis' defense.

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16 Dec 2009, 06:46pm by Mike Tanier

Walkthrough: The Elf and I

Hermey the Elf talks playoff tiebreakers, Mike Tanier discovers a secret weapon in the Saints offense, and Alyssa Milano designs strumpet-ware for the woman hoping to attract the tailgate denizen (or middle reliever) of her dreams.

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16 Dec 2009, 11:28am by Doug Farrar

Cover-3: Playoff Tickets

Yes, even in Cincinnati. This week, Cover-3 looks at key defenders for three teams in various stages of potential postseason eligibility.

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15 Dec 2009, 06:44pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 14 DVOA Ratings

The standings say 2009 has two historically great teams far ahead of the rest of the league. The DVOA ratings say we have more good teams, more tightly-packed together in quality, than ever before. What's going on?

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15 Dec 2009, 01:37pm by Bill Barnwell

Week 14 Quick Reads

"Damn, Steve, how well do I have to play to actually get a win around here?" (Note: Now updated with WAS/OAK numbers.)

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15 Dec 2009, 09:53am by Rory Hickey

The Week in Quotes: December 15, 2009

The holidays are in the air, and Brandon Marshall and Brian Kelly each got presents this week. Plus: Cashish for everyone!

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14 Dec 2009, 10:57am by Bill Barnwell

Audibles at the Line: Week 14

Are the Bengals for real? Does anyone want to cover Brandon Marshall? And will the last team to score in the Meadowlands please turn off the lights?

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11 Dec 2009, 02:39pm by Bill Connelly

VN: Bouncing Balls and Bad Commercials

In the final regular season edition of Varsity Numbers, Bill takes a look at last week's semifinals, pleads for a Suh Heisman, and talks fumbles.

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