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07 Aug 2009, 11:28am by Bill Barnwell

Receiving Plus/Minus, Part II

We offer an apology to a long-standing FO target after getting closer to finding the root causes of incomplete passes.

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06 Aug 2009, 12:23pm by Mike Tanier

Walkthrough: The Comeback King

John Elway is the all-time comeback champ, right? Wrong. Researcher Scott Kacsmar tells Mike Tanier how semantics cost another quarterback the crown. Plus, get ready for Vapid Reports.

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06 Aug 2009, 10:00am by J.I. Halsell

Under The Cap: Eli's Extension

Cap expert J.I. Halsell compares Eli Manning's extension to those of other quarterbacks around the league. Did the Giants get a good deal?

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04 Aug 2009, 01:00pm by Bill Barnwell

Receiving Plus/Minus, Part I

We all know deeper throws are less likely to be caught. How much less, though, forms the basis for a new method of analyzing the catch rates of receivers.

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03 Aug 2009, 03:26pm by Bill Barnwell

Wisdom of Crowds: Projecting 2009 TE

There's a Curse of Ditka, we're sure. We just can't figure out which weird trend we noticed in this week's Wisdom of Crowds to assign it to.

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31 Jul 2009, 02:00am by Bill Barnwell

Fantasy Risers And Fallers

The old PFP feature didn't make it into FOA 09, so we're providing it here for free. All aboard the Joneswagen?

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30 Jul 2009, 09:32am by Mike Tanier

Walkthrough: Camp Adventure

Let Walkthrough plan your training camp getaway as Mike Tanier explores some of the family restaurants, trout streams, and distilleries located just miles from your team's practice facility. Plus, wide receiver positions and rebooting the Favre franchise.

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29 Jul 2009, 11:00am by J.I. Halsell

Under The Cap: Suggs, Cassel Contracts

Cap expert J.I. Halsell explores the contracts signed by Terrell Suggs and Matt Cassel, and looks for similar players looking to sign big deals in the near future.

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28 Jul 2009, 03:32pm by Bill Connelly

Varsity Numbers Takes on the Hosses

In this edition of Varsity Numbers, Bill Connelly takes on the big uglies in the trenches and examines what that could mean for another recent VN topic, POE.

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27 Jul 2009, 02:29am by Bill Barnwell

Wisdom of Crowds: Projecting 2009 WR, Part III

The final Wisdom of Crowds on WRs checks in with subjects of devotion and derision.

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