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10 Feb 2009, 12:41pm by The Outsiders

The Football Outsiders Awards

Every January, FO readers get to vote on the Football Outsiders Awards. We give out awards in the usual categories (MVP, Rookie of the Year) as well as some unusual categories (best offensive lineman, favorite and least favorite announcers, best local writers, etc.)

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07 Feb 2009, 09:43am by Mike Tanier

Pro Bowl Live Blog. Seriously.

Mike Tanier lost a bet with Bill Barnwell, so now he's blogging the Pro Bowl. But he's really talking draft, free agency, Hall of Fame, 2008 in review, and anything else that comes to mind. Come join us Sunday at 4:30pm Eastern.

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05 Feb 2009, 11:54pm by Mark Zajack

The Week In Quotes: February 6, 2009

Players from the Steelers and Cardinals reflect on last Sunday's game, including two of the most amazing plays in Super Bowl history. Plus, a potty-mouth rap video, news in Kansas City, and a retired quarterback evaluates his successor.

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05 Feb 2009, 10:06am by Doug Farrar

Cover-3: Drive All Night

This year's final Cover-3 details the three drives that made the difference in Super Bowl XLIII. In the end, it was Ben Roethlisberger's ability to one-up Kurt Warner's best work that made "Sixburgh" a word to remember.

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04 Feb 2009, 08:13pm by Vincent Verhei

Scramble for the Ball: Why We Do This

Vince Verhei pokes inside the minds of die-hard NFL fans and tries to figure out what makes them tick. Plus, the year's final Keep Choppin' Wood and Colbert awards, and the final playoff fantasy standings, starring Number 11.

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02 Feb 2009, 12:04am by Doug Farrar

Audibles at the Line: Super Bowl XLIII

"I don't believe what I just saw."

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31 Jan 2009, 01:09am by Ned Macey

How Did the Cardinals Get This Far?

Ned Macey shows an overlooked key to the Cardinals' Super Bowl run and finds a surprisingly comparable team from earlier this decade. Plus, Vince Verhei updates last year's study that said the Giants were the least likely Super Bowl champs of all time. How do the Cards compare?

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30 Jan 2009, 02:56pm by Mark Zajack

The Week In Quotes: January 30, 2009

It's Super Bowl media week, so we have quotes on cross-dressing interviewers, salsa lessons, and the lighter side of concussive head injuries. Plus, Herm says goodbye -- and hello.

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30 Jan 2009, 12:09am by Aaron Schatz

Super Bowl XLIII Preview

Football Outsiders presents Vivaldi's "Four Seasons," as performed by the Arizona Cardinals Symphony Orchestra (Kenneth Whisenhunt, conductor). Also use this thread for discussion during and after the game.

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29 Jan 2009, 10:21am by Doug Farrar

Cover-3: The Final Countdown

Mere days away from Super Bowl XLIII, it's time to ask (and hopefully answer) a few more matchup questions. Which Steelers linebacker is most dangerous right now? Who is Arizona's secret weapon in pass coverage? And where in the world is Mewelde Moore?

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