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26 Dec 2008, 05:00pm by Russell Levine

SDA/FEI Bowl Mash-Up Part II

Brian Fremeau is off to a smoking 6-1 start in his FEI bowl picks. Now he joins Russell Levine to discuss the second week of bowls, which should tell us plenty about several of the major conferences -- most notably the ACC.

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26 Dec 2008, 12:20pm by Bill Connelly

Varsity Numbers: Bring Back the Quick Kick

Bill Connelly looks at the rates for success in college football for different down-and-distance situations. Sometimes you should go for it, and sometimes you should dust off the quick kick.

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26 Dec 2008, 12:00pm by Doug Farrar

The Week in Quotes: December 26, 2008

Is it better to suffer the slings and arrows like Rod Marinelli, or to get a lifetime's worth of bat guano flung in your general direction, as one Detroit columnist did? This question and others are answered in The Week in Quotes.

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25 Dec 2008, 03:27pm by Bill Barnwell

Walkthrough: Ghosts Of Week 17

How long does it take the eggs you lay in Week 17 to hatch? What happened to those unlikely Week 17 heroes of the past? And what would Mike Singletary and Greg Blache talk about?

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24 Dec 2008, 02:22pm by Doug Farrar

Cover-3: Middlemen

In this week's Cover-3: The Ravens finally run to daylight, Jason Jones impresses as a sub, and the Giants' offensive line amazes once again.

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24 Dec 2008, 09:33am by Vince Verhei and Ben Riley

Scramble for the Ball: What to Watch For

The Scramble crew tells you why you need to watch every Week 17 game. Plus the usual cartoons, awards, and Loser League, featuring a quarterback that will shock you.

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23 Dec 2008, 04:32pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 16 DVOA Ratings

Tennessee finally moves into the top spot, while one of the best games in DVOA history launches New England into the weighted top ten. Plus: Johnson-free Cowboys revealed.

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21 Dec 2008, 08:43pm by Doug Farrar

Audibles at the Line: Week 16

In this week's Audibles, we mourn the end of the Cowboys season -- wait, you mean they're in if they beat Philly?! The MVP award is still up for grabs, and the top seeds are clinched in both conferences.

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19 Dec 2008, 03:46pm by Bill Connelly

Varsity Numbers: Revisiting Win Correlations

In Varsity Numbers this week, Bill Connelly takes another look at a pretty basic concept: the correlation between certain stats and good, old-fashioned wins and losses.

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19 Dec 2008, 01:56pm by Russell Levine

SDA/FEI Bowl Mash-Up Part I

Russell Levine and Brian Fremeau break down the first week of bowl season, as well as to dissect a somewhat uneventful Silly Season. Thankfully, we also have Auburn to discuss.

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