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18 Dec 2008, 12:56pm by Doug Farrar

Cover-3: The Division Bell

How did the Falcons, Cowboys, and Steelers win tight divisional contests with playoff implications? Cover-3 looks at Michael Turner, Dallas' front seven, and Pittsburgh's final drive.

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17 Dec 2008, 06:35pm by Mike Tanier

Walkthrough: Tiebreaker's Blues

Mike Tanier is breaking ties with special guests and finds time to visit Creative Losses Incorporated.

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17 Dec 2008, 04:03am by Bill Barnwell

Scramble for the Ball: All-Disaster Team

Which fantasy players let down their owners the most this year? A familiar face returns to Scramble to break things down.

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16 Dec 2008, 08:20pm by Will Carroll

Black & Blue Report: December 16, 2008

Our favorite member of the BBWAA wonders whether Michael Turner will be able to get past the Curse of 370 and gives the scoop on the futures of Bob Sanders, Pat Williams, and the Titans' defensive line.

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16 Dec 2008, 04:51pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 15 DVOA Ratings

Philadelphia is back on top of this week's DVOA ratings, but we've got a tight race at the top. Plus: What would 2008 look like if the NFL had more balance between divisions?

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15 Dec 2008, 10:00am by Doug Farrar

Audibles at the Line: Week 15

The FO crew takes on a week filled with close games and upsets. Plus: How much credit does the Tuna deserve for the resurrection of the Miami Dolphins?

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12 Dec 2008, 02:20pm by Bill Connelly

Varsity Numbers: It's All About Timing

In the latest Varsity Numbers, Bill Connelly looks at what down and distance considerations do to the EqPts concept. Who knew that Syracuse's offense was only mediocre?

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12 Dec 2008, 03:35am by Mark Zajack

The Week In Quotes: December 12, 2008

Is Visante Shiancoe proud? Does Chad Johnson like himself? Was Justin Geisinger not well-prepared to play left tackle? You betcha.

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11 Dec 2008, 12:30pm by Mike Tanier

Walkthrough: Run Down

The Run to Win argument surfaces yet again! Mike Tanier skewers the logic that equates high rushing totals with success, then breaks down the league's most prolific running teams to see what really makes them tick.

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10 Dec 2008, 05:11pm by Doug Farrar

Cover-3: Gimme Three Steps

In this week's Cover-3: Sean Locklear replaces a legend, Tashard Choice makes tracks on the Steelers, and what in the name of Hardy Nickerson happened to Tampa Bay's defense?

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