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07 Jan 2009, 10:37am by Bill Connelly

BCS Championship Preview

Our BCS Championship preview is now a three-ring extravaganza. Bill Connelly and Brian Fremeau look at the game through the numbers, and Russell Levine has the SDA podcast featuring both of them plus Orson Swindle. Then it's open discussion as Florida takes on Oklahoma tonight.

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07 Jan 2009, 08:17am by Vince Verhei and Ben Riley

Scramble for the Ball: Getting Over Overtime

Sick of Sudden Death? Vince Verhei and Ben Riley try to find a better way to work overtime. Plus, it's a San Diego triple crown for cartoon, KCW, and Colbert, and the early Best of the Rest leaders.

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06 Jan 2009, 01:10pm by Aaron Schatz

2009 Postseason DVOA I

Once again, we update weighted DVOA through the postseason, with Baltimore as the new team on top. Plus: Mike Scifres vs. Matt Turk.

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05 Jan 2009, 10:01am by Doug Farrar

Audibles at the Line: NFC Wild Card Games

On Saturday, Arizona surprised with ball control and physical play, and the Falcons went down in a blaze of Larry Fitzgerald. On Sunday, we learned that a few hot weeks don't make you an elite quarterback.

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04 Jan 2009, 10:10pm by Doug Farrar

Audibles at the Line: AFC Wild Card Games

In the AFC Wild Card edition of Audibles: The Chargers eke out an overtime squeaker thanks to a pinball and a punter, while the Ravens assert their superiority and expose the holes on Miami's roster.

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02 Jan 2009, 06:08pm by Aaron Schatz

2009 NFC Wild Card Preview

The Cinderella Falcons take on the Cardinals, who saw the clock strike midnight around Week 7, while the frustrating and inconsistent Eagles meet the frustrating and even more inconsistent Vikings. Aaron Schatz has things covered for the NFC wild card games.

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02 Jan 2009, 02:50pm by Bill Barnwell

2009 AFC Wild Card Preview

Bill Barnwell analyzes film of the first Baltimore-Miami and Indianapolis-San Diego games to reveal some things likely to rear their heads again this weekend, plus the usual FO playoff preview stats and tables.

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02 Jan 2009, 10:14am by Mike Tanier

Walkthrough: I am GM

There's a lot more to the life of a general manager than big trades and draft day decisions. Mike Tanier reveals the secrets he learned from Charley Casserly about the daily schedule of an NFL exec. Plus, game previews and the best way to protect a rookie quarterback.

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02 Jan 2009, 08:46am by Mark Zajack

The Week In Quotes: January 2, 2008

An abbreviated Week In Quotes takes on a hair craze this week -- it's just that no one's crazy about anyone else's hair.

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01 Jan 2009, 12:40pm by Doug Farrar

Cover-3: Wild-Card Edition

This week's Cover-3 looks at Wild Card matchups based on games from Weeks 7, 12, and 17. Should Miami bag the Wildcat? Can LT2 outrun a Bullitt? And what is Philly's secret weapon?

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