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10 Sep 2007, 04:34pm by Russell Levine

Confessions of a Football Junkie: Lessons Learned

Without the energy to further analyze his Wolverines' latest disgraceful effort, Russell turns an eye to the conference pecking order after the season's first two weeks. Plus, the John L. Smith Trophy and his updated BlogPoll ballot.

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10 Sep 2007, 11:10am by admin

Audibles at the Line: Week 1

More FO writers means more FO audibles: Jason David gets a burn notice, Jason Elam shows his sprinter's speed, the Seahawks turn the corner after a sloppy start, LaDainian Tomlinson exceeds his KUBIAK projection in Week 1, and Bill Barnwell generates further ire among Giants fans.

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07 Sep 2007, 05:21pm by Mike Tanier

TDZ: Eli Overloaded

The TDZ season kicks off with a new format: all play diagrams, all the time. This week, Mike Tanier breaks down footage of Eli Manning to learn just what the Giants quarterback is doing wrong. It turns out to have nothing to do with funny pregame speeches.

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07 Sep 2007, 08:05am by Russell Levine

Seventh Day Adventure: Therapy Session

Russell invites Michigan blogger Brian Cook to the SDA podcast as he continues to try and recover from Michigan's Appalachian State debacle. Plus, picks for all the weekend's biggest games, and the college open discussion thread.

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06 Sep 2007, 11:50am by admin

2007 Staff Predictions

The FO staff gives its predictions on the 2007 season, guaranteed to be wrong in one way or another for every single staff member. But, hey, we're a football site, and the season's starting, so it's prediction time.

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05 Sep 2007, 06:46pm by Aaron Schatz

2007 DVOA Projections

Here are the 2007 DVOA projections, including 10,000 simulations of the 2007 season to give each team's chances of making the playoffs or winning the division. Learn which teams have seen their projections change since the book, why some teams have projections that differ from conventional wisdom, and how much it will cost to see DVOA this year. (Hint: It is still free.)

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05 Sep 2007, 02:24pm by Bill Barnwell

Scramble for the Ball: Mutations

We'll be honest: Scramble for the Ball gets pretty dorky this week. Mid-90's video games? Check. ABC TGIF opening? Check. The rules for a Yahoo league approximating PAR? Check. I think the only thing missing is ... oh, wait. D&D references? Check.

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05 Sep 2007, 10:45am by Ben Riley

The Week in Quotes: September 5, 2007

A journeyman offensive lineman prepares to hang up his cleats, Browns general manager Phil Savage savages his predecessors, and Jon Gruden blindly defends Bruce Gradkowski from charges of point shaving in college. Plus: We look back at Jack Del Rio's public "commitment" to newly unemployed quarterback Byron Leftwich.

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04 Sep 2007, 10:06am by Russell Levine

Confessions of a Football Junkie: Making Sense of It All

Russell has had a few days to attempt to make sense of Saturday's college football calamity in which Appalachian State went into the Big House and beat his beloved Michigan Wolverines. Plus the season's first JLS Trophy and the updated BlogPoll ballot.

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31 Aug 2007, 10:55pm by Aaron Schatz

Loser League 2007

What kind of fantasy league values Lawrence Tynes, Joey Harrington, and the Minnesota wide receivers? The Loser League, of course, our special fantasy league where the worse the players, the better your team. Aaron Schatz previews this year's worst players so you can win the Open Loser League Challenge -- or just run a league with your friends.

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