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16 Jan 2008, 12:04pm by Michael David Smith

Every Play Counts: Packers' Run Blocking

The Seahawks finished the regular season with the league's fifth best rush defense, according to DVOA, but they were powerless to stop Ryan Grant of the Green Bay Packers last Saturday. How did Grant overcome the invaders from Seattle? With superior manpower and a serving of old-school football.

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15 Jan 2008, 06:06pm by Aaron Schatz

2008 Postseason DVOA II

Does the Giants appearance in the NFC Championship game prove their mediocre regular-season DVOA was an error? No. Have we ever seen a team turn things around in the playoffs like this? Yes. Plus: The Patriots re-establish their dominance over the rest of the NFL.

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15 Jan 2008, 07:23am by Ned Macey

Any Given Sunday: Chargers over Colts

San Diego, with Norv Turner at the helm, went into Indianapolis and beat the defending champions. Impossible, right? It took the development of a well-executed downfield passing attack made possible by an injury to Dwight Freeney. Are they up to the challenge of taking down the Patriots? In a word, "Volek."

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14 Jan 2008, 03:43pm by Brian Fremeau

Final 2007 FEI Ratings

Think the two-loss LSU Tigers took home the BCS title even though a number of other teams were equally worthy? Think again. Brian Fremeau explains why LSU truly was the best team in college football in 2007, even if they weren't one of the best teams of recent seasons. Plus: A look at the most dominating games and biggest upsets of the year.

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14 Jan 2008, 11:46am by Doug Farrar

Audibles at the Line: NFC Divisional Games

There's a Manning in the NFL's final four, but it isn't the one most people expected.Brett Favre returns to the Championship round for the first time in a decade, continuing his Elway-esque regeneration. Plus: The Seahawks go flat and Patrick Crayton looks bad. Welcome to NFC Divisional Round Audibles.

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13 Jan 2008, 11:21pm by Doug Farrar

Audibles at the Line: AFC Divisional Games

The Jaguars play close to the Blueprint, and still lose. The Chargers lose their top offensive players to injury, and somehow win. The first part of this week's Audibles tries to make sense of a world where Norv Turner is coaching in a conference championship game.

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11 Jan 2008, 06:00pm by Aaron Schatz

2008 AFC Divisional Round Preview

Our AFC preview tries to figure out whether the Jaguars and Chargers can do anything to prevent yet another sanity-destroying Pats-Colts hypefest. Answer: Probably not. Plus, a long discussion of teams that either improved or declined significantly at midseason.

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11 Jan 2008, 02:47pm by Aaron Schatz

2008 NFC Divisional Round Preview

The Packers and Seahawks know each other well because of their similarities. The Cowboys and Giants know each other well because of their division rivalry. Who moves on to the NFC Championship? It all may depend on injuries and hot pants. Plus: Jason Beattie's latest cartoon!

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11 Jan 2008, 01:05pm by Will Carroll

Black and Blue Report: Divisional Round

Will Carroll is back to look at the divisional round of playoff games. How did the week off help this week's home teams? Which superstar may play this weekend after all? When injured Green Bay cornerbacks cover injured Seattle receivers, is it like football in slow motion?

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10 Jan 2008, 02:37pm by Mike Tanier

Too Deep Zone: The Blueprint

It's been a much-overused word this season, but after watching 20 hours of game tape, Mike Tanier has a developed a blueprint for beating the Patriots. He swears it's foolproof. Has he discovered the secret to stopping the Patriots, or has he lost his mind? Judge for yourself.

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