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05 Sep 2008, 04:47pm by Bill Connelly

Varsity Numbers: NCAA Analysis 101

Bill Connelly, formerly of Sunday Morning Quarterback, brings his in-depth NCAA football analysis to the pages of Football Outsiders with the debut edition of Varsity Numbers.

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05 Sep 2008, 02:06pm by Mark Zajack

The Week In Quotes: Sept. 5, 2008

This week: the Hefty Lefty aims low, Mike Martz snaps at a reporter, and the artist formerly known as Chad Johnson discusses his new name.

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04 Sep 2008, 04:23pm by admin

2008 Staff Predictions

The FO staff gives its predictions on the 2008 season, guaranteed to be wrong in one way or another for every single staff member. But, hey, we're a football site, and the season's starting, so it's prediction time.

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04 Sep 2008, 11:37am by Russell Levine

7th Day Adventure: The Maisel Report

Russell is joined by ESPN.com senior writer Ivan Maisel to talk about the Beanie Wells injury, the outlook for this week's college games, and Ivan's new book, The Maisel Report.

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04 Sep 2008, 10:34am by Mike Tanier

Walkthrough: Everybody Hurts

In the first regular season installment of Walkthrough, learn what goes through Jeff Saturday's mind presnap and play Brett Favre Money Shot Bingo.

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03 Sep 2008, 07:44pm by Aaron Schatz

2008 DVOA Projections

The DVOA projections for 2008, updated with all the preseason injuries and lineup changes, force us to jump off a postseason bandwagon we were driving ourselves. Plus: Changes in store for Football Outsiders in 2008.

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03 Sep 2008, 08:50am by Vince Verhei and Ben Riley

Scramble for the Ball: NFC Over/Unders

Vince and Ben are back with a look at the expected win totals for NFC teams. Find out who will improve, who will decline, and what toys might be in Matt Millen's attic.

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02 Sep 2008, 08:52pm by Russell Levine

Junkie: Tide Rolls In

Russell sorts through the results from college football's opening weekend to find the team that made the loudest opening statement (Hint: It's exactly who you think it is). Plus, the updated BlogPoll ballot and the season's inaugural JLS Trophy.

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02 Sep 2008, 10:14am by Guest

What's a Perfect Game?

Against the Dolphins last year, Tom Brady threw the 20th perfect game in NFL history -- whatever that means. Guest columnist Pete Palmer tears apart the NFL's passer rating system, puts it back together, and suggests a new alternative.

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01 Sep 2008, 11:20am by Doug Farrar

Every Play Doesn't Count: Week 4

In this all-rookie installment of our preseason game review: a quarterback who may start before his time, a running back who dropped to the seventh round, and the cornerback who replaces a dubious legend.

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