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22 Dec 2004, 11:01pm by Mike Tanier

Marino vs. Manning

There's a lot of talk out there about the Peyton Manning breaking the passing touchdown record, but very little talk about how Dan Marino set it. Michael Tanier compares the two seasons to find out if Manning is guilty of padding his stats -- or if Marino was guilty of padding his. Or neither.

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22 Dec 2004, 01:37am by Michael David Smith

Every Play Counts: Ogden vs. Freeney

It was a Sunday night matchup of epic proportions, but not the one that matched the MVP against the defensive player of the year. Instead, we focused on a huge left tackle taking on a speedy pass rusher in this week's installment of Every Play Counts.

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21 Dec 2004, 03:14pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 15 DVOA Ratings

Here are the Football Outsiders team efficiency ratings after Week 15, along with Aaron's usual commentary for the math-o-phobic. One 12-1 team gets upset, two others almost lose, and the shake-up puts Philadelphia back in the top spot -- but with an asterisk. The best team in a T.O.-less league? Hold on to your seats, Manning bashers, here come the Colts. Also, who is the favorite in the NFC with Owens on the sidelines -- and which AFC team could they possibly upset in the big game?

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20 Dec 2004, 04:05pm by Russell Levine

Confessions of a Football Junkie: Cut That Meat!

So what if Peyton Manning didn't set the touchdown-pass record against Baltimore? He has still turned in the best performance by an NFL player in a TV ad this decade. Plus, did the Buccaneers actually sell their soul to win the Super Bowl? And Russell considers himself a candidate for the Mike Martz Award before settling on a more worthy recipient.

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18 Dec 2004, 03:14am by Aaron Schatz

Prime Time Lights Shine on Playoff Contenders

When they schedule the Saturday and Sunday night games before the season starts, nobody knows if the teams involved will be battling for playoff position come Week 15. But this year, serendipity shined upon ESPN. Aaron has previews of the two important prime time games this weekend: Carolina vs. Atlanta and Indianapolis vs. Baltimore. I hear something big might happen in that second one.

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17 Dec 2004, 02:25am by Aaron Schatz

Buffalo Stampedes to Second-Half Success

In the muddled NFC, a number of teams have turned slow starts into possible playoff position. But the superior AFC has its own turnaround success story. What is driving the Bills to a winning record this season? Don't let the Bills fool you with their four straight high-scoring games -- Buffalo is all about defense and special teams. Aaron investigates in this article, originally from Wednesday's New York Sun.

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16 Dec 2004, 03:43pm by scramble

Scramble for the Ball: New York, New York

Al and Vivek are back discussing the fates of the two New York football teams and answering questions in a jam-packed fantasy football playoff edition of the Scramble Mailbag. Plus, a Loser League Update, Best Bets and the southern-fried goodness of the Keep Choppin' Wood Award.

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15 Dec 2004, 12:37pm by Michael David Smith

Every Play Counts: Philly's Run D

Trying to figure out Jim Johnson's defense? It's Tricky. But another Christmas without Hollis is gonna make opposing NFC teams say "Hit It, Run." Now the Eagles have 30 Days to solve their Run D problems, or My Adidas are gonna walk through doors and roam all over Lincoln Financial Field's floor. Michael David Smith takes a closer look at the one place where the otherwise dominant Eagles Be Illin'. It's Like That, and that's the way it is.

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14 Dec 2004, 09:37pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 14 DVOA Ratings

Here are the Football Outsiders team efficiency ratings after Week 14, along with Aaron's usual commentary for the math-o-phobic. This week, a long extended commentary on the whole "quarterback should only be judged by winning" controversy that just won't go away, and why you should take Carolina's top five defense with a grain of salt.

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13 Dec 2004, 05:52pm by Russell Levine

Confessions of a Football Junkie: Playoffs? Playoffs?

Much to Jim Mora, Sr.'s chagrin, somebody has to fill the final playoff spots in the NFC. Russell Levine has his take on the field in this week's edition of Confessions of a Football Junkie. Plus, thoughts on Mike Tice, the coaching carousel, and that British guy that once called an NFL game.

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