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25 Nov 2005, 06:17pm by admin

FO Mailbag

This week in the mailbag: How good are the Bears? Were there any pre-season indicators that the Eagles would collapse? Do we count game-winning field goals in Drive Success Rate? Does the "draw the defense offsides on fourth-and-short" strategy ever work? Plus, a question about consistency in Indianapolis leads to the first 2005 appearance of that FO favorite, the week-to-week DVOA graph.

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25 Nov 2005, 12:57pm by Mike Tanier

Too Deep Zone: Zero-Point Energy

Shutouts aren't like regular wins and losses: the victor gains a confidence boost, while the loser is sent reeling. Or so you'd think. On the heels of a two-shutout Sunday, Mike Tanier looks back at six years of shutouts and learns that teams can bounce back from even the most embarrassing routs.

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24 Nov 2005, 11:39am by

Seventh Day Adventure: Turkey Bowl

Vin and Russell offer some college picks for the holiday weekend, incluing grudge matches in Florida, Arizona, and Georgia. Plus, is there a rivalry game with a cooler name than the "Egg Bowl?" Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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24 Nov 2005, 02:33am by Aaron Schatz

Game Previews: ATL-DET, DEN-DAL

Atlanta tries to right its season against the struggling Lions, while two of this season's best teams meet up in Big D. Here are the Thanksgiving game previews which appeared in the New York Sun.

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23 Nov 2005, 12:09pm by Will Carroll

Black and Blue Report: Week 12

Concussions are a problem. A medical problem, yes, but a cultural problem as well, as football players risk further damage by trying to tough it out after serious head injuries. Will Carroll looks at a number of these situations from last week, examines injuries to Antonio Gates, Jeremy Shockey, and Zach Thomas, and updates us on the Monday night status of some important Steelers.

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23 Nov 2005, 11:39am by scramble

Scramble for the Ball: Northern Exposure

This week's topics include the NFC North race and Charlie Frye vs. Johan Santana, plus a definitive answer to the question of whether Nathan Vasher's 108-yard return really went 108 yards. This is also your home on Football Outsiders for fantasy football discussion and whimsical comic strips.

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22 Nov 2005, 07:38pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 12 DVOA Ratings

Colts, Schmolts. With eight different teams showing extreme schedule strength adjustments, it's time to take DVOA into the shop for a tune-up. The result is more accurate, both in past years and in 2005. It also moves Indianapolis up to ... second in the FOXSports.com power rankings. Denver readers of FO, your time is now. This week, enjoy commentary for the math-lovin' right here as well as the usual the commentary for the math-o-phobic on FOXSports.com.

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22 Nov 2005, 01:12pm by Ned Macey

Any Given Sunday: Bears over Panthers

Call this one a pundit upset. FO regulars have been quicker to catch on to the Bears as a pretty good team and the Panthers as a pretty mediocre one. But it gives Ned Macey the opportunity to break down the stellar Chicago defense and the struggling Carolina offense. And call him crazy, but he doesn't care for Kyle Orton.

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21 Nov 2005, 09:16pm by Russell Levine

Confessions of a Football Junkie: City on a Hill

Fresno State coach Pat Hill would never call Saturday night's epic loss to USC a moral victory, but the Bulldogs' performance may have done more to bolster the program than any of Hill's wins over BCS-league schools. Plus, the weekly John L. Smith Trophy and the updated BlogPoll ballot.

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21 Nov 2005, 01:34pm by admin

Audibles at the Line: Week 11

A look into the minds of the FO staff, with a few notes from our regular roundtable Sunday e-mails.

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