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09 Nov 2006, 01:00pm by Brian Fremeau

Introducing the Fremeau Efficiency Index

FO readers know that championship teams demonstrate their strength by winning big. Yet, the computer polls that determine the bowl rankings for college football do not consider margin of victory. To develop a FO-worthy metric, we must distinguish between a 17-point lead earned before halftime against Miami and a 17-point lead earned in the final quarter against Miami of Ohio. Introducing Brian Freamau's FEI ratings, which analyze drive efficiency rather than final scores and may be the first step towards DVOA for college football.

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09 Nov 2006, 12:28am by Bill Barnwell & Ian Dembsky

Scramble for the Ball: Great Expectorations

Bill and Ian can't get over last week's mysterious loogie, and they aren't talking about Mike Myers. The Stock Market returns, as Ian points out some under- and over-valued players to watch for in the coming weeks. Plus, Bill discusses the important issues of the day: Is Trent Green a day-walker? What does Heath Shuler do in his free time? Can Eli Manning fit inside a News of the World?

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08 Nov 2006, 07:57pm by Alex Carnevale

The Week in Quotes: November 9, 2006

The elite running back fraternity grows, Herm basks in the glow of 5-3, and who knew the Lions would have more postseason hope than the Steelers? Plus: Historical quotes to make Cleveland fans feel bad.

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08 Nov 2006, 12:14pm by Michael David Smith

Every Play Counts: Martyball

It's a term of derision among many, but Martyball -- the style of offense run by San Diego's Marty Schottenheimer -- resulted in LaDainian Tomlinson having the best DPAR game of any running back this season. How did the Chargers do it, and what are their future prospects? We explore those issues in this week's installment of Every Play Counts.

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08 Nov 2006, 12:15am by Bill Barnwell & Ian Dembsky

Loser League Midseason Report

After 9 weeks, one Loser stands above all. Scramble authors Ian and Bill tell you which team takes the title in the 2006 Loser League (Part I) and which NFL player gets the coveted title of Loser League MVP. They also have advice to help you pick your team for Loser League Part II. Signups last through Saturday, November 11.

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07 Nov 2006, 06:09pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 10 DVOA Ratings

This week: Find out why the emperor has no pants, and see our projection for each team's final win-loss record. Commentary is now available at FOXSports.com.

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07 Nov 2006, 02:35pm by Ned Macey

Any Given Sunday: Dolphins over Bears

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool Rex Grossman twice, and the Chicago Bears will feel the shame. For the second time this season, Grossman crumbled in the face of a strong pass rush. But this time, the Bears were playing a team that actually could run the ball and seal the deal, thanks to a very talented young back and an important change on the offensive line.

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06 Nov 2006, 07:24pm by Russell Levine

Confessions of a Football Junkie: Chaos Theory

Returning to a theme from a few weeks ago, a little chaos can be good for a college football season, provided it doesn't happen at the end of the year. Russell takes a snapshot of the BCS contenders, plus the usual weekly features in Confessions of a Football Junkie.

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06 Nov 2006, 11:33am by admin

Audibles at the Line: Week 9

Join us as we explore the beauty of the untimed down, the Maryland I, and more questionable calls than you can shake a stick at. This is our country, but why can't our country get some consistent officiating? Plus: Chhhhwaaaaa-THOOMP!

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04 Nov 2006, 07:55pm by Aaron Schatz

Game Previews: KC-STL, IND-NE

There are two big non-divisional rivalry games on the NFL slate this Sunday. One is a geographical rivalry which matters more to fans than to players. The other rivalry is bitter and angry, but come on, you know you would rather talk about the Chiefs and Rams. Right?

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