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03 Nov 2006, 01:56pm by Mike Tanier

Too Deep Zone: Multi-Tight End Sets in the Passing Game

Get ready for all of the seam routes, corner routes, and flat routes you can handle! In Part 2 of a Two Deep Zone/Minicamp special, Mike Tanier analyzes how teams are using multiple tight ends in the passing game, whether as blockers, receivers, or decoys.

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03 Nov 2006, 01:53pm by Guest

The Bears Trend

Everybody is talking about Chicago as Super Bowl favorites. Some people even talk about the Bears going 16-0. Is there anybody out there willing to stand astride the Chicago bandwagon, yelling "stop?" Guest columnist Douglas Walters volunteers, pointing out that the Bears are swimming upstream against the trends.

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02 Nov 2006, 03:28pm by

Seventh Day Adventure: Burning Down the Couch

It's the biggest game in the history of college football! (Well, it's the biggest game since Ohio State-Texas in September and until Michigan-Ohio State in two weeks.) Russell and Vinny break down West Virginia-Louisville and say farewell to John L. Smith in this week's SDA (now complete).

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02 Nov 2006, 02:06pm by Alex Carnevale

The Week in Quotes: November 2, 2006

Ocho Cinco makes his debut with more fanfare than production, some Joe Paterno quotes that had to be shared, and offensive players gear up for election season.

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01 Nov 2006, 07:06pm by Bill Barnwell & Ian Dembsky

Scramble for the Ball: Field Day for the Sundays

Guess who wasn't left limp on Monday morning? That's right -- Bill and Ian celebrate last week's 6-0 performance on Best Bets in this week's Scramble. Also, Ian wonders why teams embarass themselves on third and short, Bill pits trolls and skeletons against each other again, and Jason Beattie's latest prescient comic!

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01 Nov 2006, 11:41am by Michael David Smith

Every Play Counts: Baltimore's Linebackers

Ray Lewis still gets most of the attention, but does he deserve it? And how do his fellow linebackers fit into the Ravens' defense? We explore that and other questions in this week's installment of Every Play Counts.

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31 Oct 2006, 05:36pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 9 DVOA Ratings

This week: New England and Baltimore begin to close the gap between the Gang of Four and the rest of the league, the Seahawks fall into the loser's bracket, and bad days for Philadelphia and Pittsburgh can't make their past games disappear. Plus a note on suggestion ettiquette, and further exploration of fumble recoveries. Commentary now available on FOXSports.com.

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31 Oct 2006, 01:30pm by Ned Macey

Any Given Sunday: Raiders over Steelers

The Steelers are 2-5. They must be a terrible team. They lack heart, dedication, and tal ... Wait, what's that? They were the better team on Sunday? The Raiders actually have a good defense? The Steelers have suffered from bad luck beyond the injuries to Ben Roethlisberger? Could Pittsburgh actually be a good team? Ned Macey argues they are in his look at one of the weirder results of the season.

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30 Oct 2006, 10:13pm by Russell Levine

Confessions of a Football Junkie: Dominoes Falling

USC's loss to Oregon State Saturday was the upset that set the dominoes falling in college football, with fallout felt across the nation. So says Russell Levine in this week's edition of Confessions of a Football Junkie.

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30 Oct 2006, 12:39pm by admin

Audibles at the Line: Week 8

The FO staff discusses wild upsets, Meadowlands wind, and the legacy of Roc Alexander in our weekly conversation about the games of the week. Plus: Al Bogdan returns!

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