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17 Oct 2005, 08:37pm by Russell Levine

Confessions of a Football Junkie: Weis-guy

The theme of the weekend was questionable officiating -- the end of the USC game, the end of the Saints game, playoff baseball had it in spades. Russell looks at the way coaches deal with it. He can't help but give proper respect to Charlie Weis for the work he's doing in South Bend. Get in line, Russ, Weis is the king of Irish town.

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16 Oct 2005, 01:19am by admin

FO Mailbag

In this week's mailbag: Why do the FOXSports.com power rankings look different from the standard DVOA ratings? Shouldn't DVOA variance be listed separately for offense and defense? Could a college star grant himself free agency by just not declaring for the draft? How are compensatory draft picks assigned? Plus, the Football Outsiders Complete Non-Sequitur Hate Mail of the Week.

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15 Oct 2005, 12:10am by admin

Game Previews: MIA-TB, NE-DEN, BAL-CLE

Two AFC East teams head on the road to take on two surprising 4-1 squads in these game previews from Friday's New York Sun. Plus, Michael David Smith looks at Trent Dilfer's return to Baltimore.

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14 Oct 2005, 05:40pm by Guest

The Evolving Predictive Powers of DVOA

DVOA is emphatically not about gambling. But if it happens to work for gambling, who are we to keep that knowledge from you? Guest columnist Sean McCormick provides an eye-opening analysis of the success of DVOA when betting the line over the past two seasons.

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14 Oct 2005, 09:53am by

Seventh Day Adventure: Armageddon

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Vinny and Russell ever both picked the same team as their Fred Edelstein Lock of the Week? Hold on to your tin-foil hat, you're about to find out. Plus, use this as the open thread for discussion of all the weekend's biggest games, including USC-Notre Dame and Penn State-Michigan.

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13 Oct 2005, 10:11pm by Mike Tanier

Too Deep Zone: Breaking the Tackle Code

Bad defenses produce high tackle totals. Good defenses produce low tackle totals. Mike Tanier examines the inverse relationship between tackle totals and defensive quality and wrestles with the difficulty of creating meaningful statistics for defensive players.

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13 Oct 2005, 10:44am by Michael David Smith

Every Play Counts: Ballad of a Thin Man

You walk up to the line, with the football in your hands. We see you quickly tackled, and we say, "Who is that man?" We try so hard but we just don't understand why all your runs this year have blown. Because something is happening, and we don't know what it is, do we, Mr. Kevin Jones?

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12 Oct 2005, 03:58pm by scramble

Scramble for the Ball: Vinny and the Jets

If Vivek can't get a good football game soon, he might have to switch over to those Sunday afternoon informercials. An explanation -- and a gratuitous Hacksaw Jim Duggan mention -- lies within this week's edition of Scramble for the Ball. Plus, this year's rash of injuries explained in a new Jason Beattie cartoon.

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12 Oct 2005, 11:40am by Will Carroll

Black and Blue Report: Week 6

Chiseled athletes can have all the muscles they want, but the knee is still only as strong as a band of fibrous collagen, and the ankle still has to be able to support all that weight moving around. That's why we have Will Carroll around to explain when something goes wrong with those joints. Also in this week's Black and Blue Report: What's the deal with Braylon Edwards?

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11 Oct 2005, 06:20pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 6 DVOA Ratings

Dallas and Seattle move up, Philadelphia and Denver drop, and Cincinnati narrowly remains number one despite a loss. Here are the latest DVOA ratings, with ... Wait a minute, did you say Denver dropped? Didn't they win their fourth straight game? What the hell? All is explained in my infamous commentary for the math-o-phobic featured on FOXSports.com.

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