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17 Aug 2005, 05:56pm by

2004 Strategy Revisited

When is a timeout worth more than a delay-of-game penalty? Did the Eagles utilize optimal strategy in the waning moments of the Super Bowl? Using his Dynamic Programming Model, William Krasker regularly reviews major coaching and strategic decisions at his website footballcommentary.com. Here he revisits some key decisions from the 2004 NFL season and analyzes others using new statistical tools.

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16 Aug 2005, 06:33pm by Michael David Smith

Every Play Doesn't Count: Week 1

Just because the games don't count doesn't mean they're not important. You can glean important bits of information by keeping and eye on preseason games, even when the guys who are likely to be hiding from the "turk" in a few weeks are playing. Michael David Smith and his band of Outsiders buddies weigh in with team-by-team observations. Also use this as an open thread to discuss Week 2 of the preseason.

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16 Aug 2005, 01:43pm by Will Carroll

Black and Blue Report: Bumps and Bruises

In the latest edition of the Black and Blue Report, Will Carroll takes a tour of the training camps to give updates on some key injuries, including Quentin Griffin, Roddy White, Ronald Curry, and -- gasp! -- Tom Brady. (Relax, Pats fans, he's fine). Plus, a look at some new technology that's helping to keep players cool.

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15 Aug 2005, 10:32am by Mike Tanier

Zone Coverage: Not as Simple as its Seams

As a follow-up to our recent Minicamp on man coverage, Mike Tanier looks at zone coverage schemes, particularly three-deep zones. Find out the difference between Sky and Cloud defenses, learn what it really means to roll coverage, and take a trip into the No-Cover Zone.

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11 Aug 2005, 10:08pm by scramble

2005 Over-Unders: South Divisions

Al and Vivek wrap up the third annual Scramble for the Ball Over-Under Extravaganza with a trip to the land of Skynyrd, NASCAR, and ... David Letterman? Yes, according to NFL geography, Indianapolis is Dixieland. Plus, find out if anybody from the FO staff is willing to give Michael Vick the benefit of the doubt, and the latest cartoon from Jason Beattie.

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11 Aug 2005, 03:28pm by Guest

Book Review: Scientific Football 2005

You've read about him in Dr. Z's column. You've seen him mentioned favorably on Football Outsiders. Of course, those were both free. Should you be dropping fifty bucks on K.C. Joyner's Scientific Football 2005? Guest book reviewer Jim Armstrong provides a detailed analysis of the book to help you decide.

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10 Aug 2005, 03:44pm by Ned Macey

Can the Super Bowl Loser's Curse Stop the Eagles?

The Eagles are projected to have the most wins in football by our projection system. Only one team that has lost the Super Bowl since 1998 has made the playoffs the next season. Ned Macey takes a look at what brought down those past Super Bowl losers to see if the same fate may befall the Eagles.

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08 Aug 2005, 06:44pm by Will Carroll

Black and Blue Report: Camp X-Ray

In the NFL, the pre-season injuries start before the pre-season games do. In the first regular edition of his new column on NFL injuries, Will Carroll looks at Marcus Spears, Duce Staley, Brandon Stokley, and more hamstrings than Miss Piggy's sweater.

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07 Aug 2005, 09:37pm by Mike Tanier

Man Coverage: You Can't Beat It

Man coverage in the NFL means more than just lining up across from a receiver and following him around the field. Mike Tanier takes a look at the most common varieties of man coverage used in the NFL, as well as the techniques defenders use to keep from getting toasted.

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04 Aug 2005, 06:04pm by scramble

2005 Over-Unders: North Divisions

Welcome to Week 3 of the Over-Under Extravaganza. Does anyone have an easier road to the playoffs than Pittsburgh? Will Brett Favre make one more run at a Super Bowl title? Will Cleveland win a game? All these questions will be answered by Al and Vivek in the latest edition of Scramble for the Ball.

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