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04 Oct 2005, 11:48am by Ned Macey

Any Given Sunday: Chargers over Patriots

Thank goodness Green Bay didn't pull off the comeback; Ned Macey couldn't write another Any Given Sunday about the Panthers. Instead he tackles the injury-riddled Super Bowl champion Patriots' first home loss since the Pottsville Maroons' last championship.

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03 Oct 2005, 06:15pm by Russell Levine

Confessions of a Football Junkie: How Much Is Too Much?

If you watched as much football as Russell Levine, you'd get annoyed at instant replay too. In this edition of Confessions, he takes the college game to task for their games which take too long, and he gives everybody the business for a weekend of replay challenges with a lower success rate than DeShaun Foster's. (Ok, that was a cheap shot -- but at whom?) Plus the usual Russell features, like the Mike Martz award and his latest BlogPoll.

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03 Oct 2005, 12:51am by Aaron Schatz

FO Mailbag

FO catches up on mail related to both PFP 2005 and articles on our site. What do Eli Manning's similarity scores look like now that he's had some good games? Do DVOA ratings say that the 2001 Chicago Bears were a fluke? DVOA on third down fluctuates from year to year, but does it fluctuate during the season? Plus, Ben Alamar answers your questions regarding the statistical methodology behind the preseason projections.

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01 Oct 2005, 03:32pm by admin

Game Previews: SD-NE and PHI-KC

In the NFL schedule lottery this year, no division drew a shorter stick than the AFC West, where each team will face both defending conference champions before the season is done. Aaron Schatz highlights two of those matchups in the return of FO's New York Sun game previews. Plus a bonus article: Michael David Smith on Indianapolis defensive line coach John Teerlinck.

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30 Sep 2005, 04:16pm by Bill Moore

Nine-Tenths of the Law

Nuts to those who say we at Football Outsiders don't even watch the games. Bill Moore, the impromptu impresario of the Football Outsiders game charting project, takes a look at the play of Jets cornerback Ty Law through the first three games to see if he's everything he's cracked up to be -- or, at least, 90% of everything he was before his foot was cracked.

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30 Sep 2005, 11:32am by Mike Tanier

Too Deep Zone: Uncoordinated in Houston

Chris Palmer is out as the Texans' offensive coordinator; Joe Pendry is in. Mike Tanier examines the coaching change in Houston: what led to Palmer's dismissal, how the Texans' offense will be different, and what challenges Pendry faces as he tries to make adjustments on the fly.

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30 Sep 2005, 01:08am by

Seventh Day Adventure: Rammer Jammer

Desperate for some help to improve their putrid record picking college games against the spread, Vinny and Russell turn to a guest expert for some insight on one of the weekend's biggest games. Plus, have the boys given up on their alma mater? Use this as the open thread to discuss college football all weekend long.

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29 Sep 2005, 01:36am by Benjy Rose

Diet Site

You like us ... you really, really like us. A whole lot. And we thank you for that. Unfortunately, our web server wasn't exactly prepared for the onslaught of love you've shown for us. Our resident Web Guyâ„¢ explains what happened, and gives the rundown on the trimmed down FootballOutsiders.com.

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29 Sep 2005, 01:08am by Michael David Smith

Every Play Counts: Jon Gruden’s Passing Attack

Cadillac Williams is getting all the attention, but Tampa Bay has one of the most meticulously designed passing attacks in the NFL. Michael David Smith takes a closer look at Jon Gruden's strategies and the players who carry them out.

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29 Sep 2005, 12:24am by scramble

Scramble for the Ball: Pain and Suffering

Pain, as in career-threatening injuries to franchise quarterbacks. Suffering, as in getting no production from your top fantasy picks. Al and Vivek are back to talk about the recent grounding of the Jets, play the blame game for those responsible for the Steelers' loss, and answer fantasy football questions from owners in panic mode. Plus, Best Bets and a new Jason Beattie cartoon (not featured in the FOX version).

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