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06 Jul 2005, 05:30pm by Aaron Schatz

New Generation of Backs Ready To Join NFL Elite

In July, the NFL goes on vacation, but NFL fans do not -- because it is time to start thinking fantasy football. No fantasy football position is more important than running back, and in this article from Friday's edition of the New York Sun, Aaron explains why there will be some new names among 2005's NFL rushing yardage leaders. It's your chance to get a sneak peak at some of our fantasy projections and find out why a certain second-year back is featured on the cover of Pro Football Prospectus 2005.

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05 Jul 2005, 09:34pm by Mike Tanier

Four Downs: AFC West

Todd Sauerbrun shoots for a punting record, Az Hakim performs a hitch-'n'-go in Kansas City, and the Raiders defense faces an identity crisis. Mike Tanier helps you get caught up with the AFC West in the latest installment of Four Downs.

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30 Jun 2005, 12:29pm by P. Ryan Wilson

A Different Look at the Best Running Backs Ever

When we talk about the greatest runners of all time, we often talk about total yards or yards per carry. But the NFL has seesawed back and forth from a league dominated by rushing to one dominated by passing, and then back again. How can we analyze yardage in the context of the offensive environment of each player's career? Ryan Wilson takes a look.

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28 Jun 2005, 01:34pm by Russell Levine

Four Downs: NFC South

Are the Falcons' passing-game woes all Michael Vick's fault? Even Russell doesn't think so, but he still might end up hiding in a bunker (along with the makers of Midway's new football video game) after Pro Football Prospectus 2005 comes out. The latest edition of Four Downs also looks at Carolina's punter-for-punter trade, Tampa Bay's offensive line situation, and the newest receiver in New Orleans.

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28 Jun 2005, 11:28am by Michael David Smith

Previews in Review 2005

Every year, numerous teams make the playoffs despite losing records the year before. So why is there so much agreement on the newstands when it comes to the 2005 forecast? Michael David Smith has a closer look at five magazines that want your seven dollars.

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22 Jun 2005, 01:21pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Four Downs: AFC North

Baltimore must decide who gets a long-term contract, Cincinnati must decide who's a first round bust, and Cleveland and Pittsburgh need depth on the offensive line. Actually, Cleveland could use pretty much everything except a head coach. Ryan Wilson sums up the off-season for the AFC North in the latest Four Downs.

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22 Jun 2005, 01:00pm by Guest

2005 CFL Preview

What's a rouge? What's the Hec Creighton Award? Whatever became of Yo Murphy and Ken-Yon Rambo? These questions and more will be answered as Ian Hollohan gives us a quick overview of the new season north of the border. Pay attention, or before you even have a chance to blink your eyes it will be third down and time to punt.

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21 Jun 2005, 12:01pm by Mike Tanier

Going Long in Kansas City

No matter how bad the field position in Kansas City, you know there's always a threat the offense will score. Of course, that goes for both the Chiefs and their opponents. Mike Tanier takes a look at the numbers for short drives and long drives in 2004, and what that tells us about the specific strengths and weaknesses of the Chiefs. Plus, short drive and long drive stats for every team.

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16 Jun 2005, 04:41pm by Mike Tanier

The 4-3 vs. the 3-4

In response to a reader request, Mike Tanier breaks down the difference between the 4-3 and 3-4 defensive schemes. What's that, you say? You already know the difference? Well what about one-gap vs. two-gap schemes? The zone blitz? Mike breaks it all down for you.

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14 Jun 2005, 12:26am by Michael David Smith

Four Downs: NFC North

Every NFC North team has a training camp battle that will help shape its offense for the 2005 season. We look at those battles and the latest news around in the division in this week's installment of Four Downs.

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