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07 Sep 2005, 11:49am by scramble

Scramble Auction Review

Scramble for the Ball brings you analysis of just one of the many fantasy auctions that have taken place in the past week. Of course, this one features the staff of Football Outsiders. We've also got a fantasy mailbag, Best Bets, and the first Keep Choppin' Wood award of the new season.

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07 Sep 2005, 09:44am by Russell Levine

Confessions of a Football Junkie: Irish Rising

After an extended college football weekend, Russell checks in with his thoughts on Charlie Weis's Notre Dame debut and next week's two huge games in the latest edition of Confessions of a Football Junkie. Plus, the Mike Martz Award and his Week One BlogPoll ballot.

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06 Sep 2005, 10:44am by Aaron Schatz

2005 DVOA Projections

Long awaited, never duplicated, here are the 2005 Football Outsiders DVOA projections based on complicated formulas that take into account everything from red zone performance to recent drafts to tenure of coordinators. If they prove accurate, look out for the Carolina Panthers, the Cincinnati Bengals, and -- yes, yet again the numbers love them -- the Tampa Bay Bucs.

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06 Sep 2005, 02:11am by Will Carroll

Black & Blue Report: Tomorrow's Headlines

The force is strong with this one. Will Carroll gazes into the future at this season's big injuries, and just generally has fun with prognostication.

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05 Sep 2005, 01:22am by Al Bogdan

Four Downs: NFC East

The Eagles have more cap space than they know what to do with (literally), the Cowboys have a lot of receivers who may or may not be any good, the Giants have a backup quarterback doing his best Brett Favre imitation, and the Redskins have a Napoleon complex. It's business as usual in the NFC East, as Al writes in his last edition of Four Downs.

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04 Sep 2005, 06:43pm by Michael David Smith

Four Downs: NFC North

There's cautious optimism in the NFC North for improvement in the Bears' awful offense and everyone else's awful defense. As Michael David Smith writes in his final Four Downs, the emphasis is on "cautious."

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02 Sep 2005, 02:56pm by Al Bogdan

Loser League 2005

What kind of fantasy league values Drew Bledsoe, Josh Scobee, and the San Francisco wide receiver corps? The Loser League, of course, our special fantasy league where the worse the players, the better your team. Al Bogdan previews this year's worst players so you can win the Open Loser League Challenge -- or just run a league with your friends. (Plus, the return of Randy Moss's afro in the latest Jason Beattie cartoon.)

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02 Sep 2005, 12:45pm by Will Carroll

Four Downs: AFC East

The Bills get their backups in order, the Jets get their chemistry in order, and the Dolphins get their offense in order. Or not. Will Carroll sits in for the AFC East's final version of Four Downs.

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01 Sep 2005, 12:58pm by

Seventh Day Adventure: Welcome Back

We could all use a laugh or two right about now. To that end, the college football season returns Thursday, and with it comes the season debut of Seventh Day Adventure, our college picks column. Vinny and Russell will try to improve upon last year's decidedly mediocre performance. Also, use this as the open college thread to discuss the games all weekend long.

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01 Sep 2005, 10:01am by scramble

Scramble Fantasy Draft Mailbag II

Al and Vivek return with more answers to your fantasy football questions. How do you deal with FLEX positions? What is value based drafting, and why is it so important? And what's the best way to set up a Yahoo or ESPN autodraft? Feel free to discuss anything fantasy related here.

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