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21 Aug 2006, 12:50pm by Mike Tanier

Stemming and Disguising Coverage

Offensive motion before the snap is tightly regulated. But defensive players can move around as much as they want, shifting formations and creating mismatches. Defensive coordinators call this pre-snap motion "stemming," and it is the subject of this summer's final Strategy Minicamp.

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17 Aug 2006, 02:11pm by Bill Barnwell & Ian Dembsky

Scramble for the Ball: NFC Over-Unders, Part I

Another edition of Scramble is out, this time featuring the over-unders for the bottom half of the NFC. And for those of you following along at home, that means the bottom quarter of the NFL. Also the usual fantasy Q&A and a new Jason Beattie cartoon.

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16 Aug 2006, 12:02pm by Michael David Smith

Every Play Doesn't Count: Week 1

When the regular season starts we'll return to our regular practice of focusing on one particular player or unit for Every Play Counts. But before the season starts, we'll spend a few weeks looking at the preseason, including plenty of players who won't even be on NFL rosters in a few weeks. We love football so much around here that we want to watch every play, even the ones that don't count.

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14 Aug 2006, 09:11am by Russell Levine

Confessions of a Football Junkie: NCAA Should Copy NFL

The NCAA has finally acted to shorten the length of its games. But in typical NCAA fashion, it refuses to simply copy the sensible and successful timing rules of the NFL, instead introducing a change that could affect late-game strategy.

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11 Aug 2006, 03:27pm by Bill Barnwell & Ian Dembsky

Scramble for the Ball: AFC Over-Unders Part II

Ian and Bill move into the AFC's penthouse for this week's Scramble for the Ball, analyzing how they think the better half in the AFC will live in 2006. Is any NFL team really a mortal lock to win ten games? Plus, the first Jason Beattie cartoon of the season.

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10 Aug 2006, 04:34pm by Guest

Never Punting

When you punt, you turn the ball over to the other team. So why isn't a punt considered a turnover? Starting from this idea, guest columnist Jason Scheib has developed a fascinating theory that teams might win more if they accepted a four-down mindset and never punted the ball. Come explore a dramatically counterintuitive strategy for winning football games.

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09 Aug 2006, 03:29pm by Aaron Schatz

FO Mailbag

Time to once again open the FO Mailbag with questions on KUBIAK, defensive line stats, and partial success on third down. Plus, the results of the 2006 "Old Faces in New Places" contest and yet more Eli Manning similarity score talk.

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08 Aug 2006, 10:55am by Michael David Smith

Time Warner vs. NFL Network

The NFL Network will go from a luxury item to a must-have for football fans when it begins carrying regular season games in November. But Time Warner says its subscribers won't get the network until the NFL gets real about the fees it charges. Who's right? Hear both sides and make up your own mind.

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07 Aug 2006, 01:38pm by Guest

Does the NFL Preseason Matter?

The NFL preseason is pointless, right? Maybe not -- as long as you know where to look for meaning. Guest columnist Patrick Allison shows that a game in the preseason can help tell us what will happen if those two teams meet again during the regular season. (Note: This is the research Aaron referenced in last Sunday's New York Times.)

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06 Aug 2006, 03:09pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Hall of Fame Game Commentary

Are you desperate for some football? Join Ryan Wilson as he liveblogs tonight's Hall of Fame Game between Oakland and Philadelphia.

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