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12 Nov 2007, 03:41pm by Doug Farrar

Audibles at the Line: Week 10

Tony Romo and Brett Favre put their squads firmly in the elite, and one of two winless teams finally gets off the schneid. Goofy coaching challenges and time management issues seemed to sprout up around the league. And while all this was happening, Cincinnati's Shayne Graham kicked a Bironas-esque seven field goals. Yeah, it was one of THOSE days.

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10 Nov 2007, 12:14am by Doug Farrar

EPC Special: Cleveland's Offensive Line

The Cleveland Browns' offensive rebirth seems to be equally attributed to quarterback Derek Anderson, an outstanding trio of receivers, and a surprising offensive line. In a guest turn at EPC, Doug Farrar goes play-by-play in the Browns' recent overtime victory over the Seahawks, and details what's up with the Cleveland front five.

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09 Nov 2007, 02:47pm by Mike Tanier

Too Deep Zone: Fanboy's Progress

In their four-day Delaware Valley junket, Aaron Schatz and Mike Tanier watch the Cowboys crush the Eagles from the press box, and then on film with Ron Jaworski. They also saw a gambler risk his house on the Texans and participated in a roundtable discussion with a distinguished sportswriter and a Hall of Fame wide receiver.

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08 Nov 2007, 06:17pm by Russell Levine

SDA: Rammer Jammer

Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer author and New York Times reporter Warren St. John is back to discuss his latest book project, his feelings about Nick Saban, and the masculinity of shakers... and to break down this week's biggest college games.

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08 Nov 2007, 11:30am by Ben Riley

The Week in Quotes: November 8, 2007

Chris Henry in trouble with the law again? Check. Annoying controvers(ies) related to the Patriots-Colts game? Check. Semi-bizarre musings from Herm Edwards? Check. Welcome to the midseason Week in Quotes!

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07 Nov 2007, 06:07pm by Bill Barnwell

Scramble for the Ball: Electric Boogaloser

Bill announces the first-half Loser League champion and details the potential miasma of suck in Jacksonville and New York as part of the Loser League second-half preview. A certain walrus nearly chops his bucket, and Jason Beattie's blackmailer gets revealed, all in this week's Scramble!

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07 Nov 2007, 03:29pm by Brian Fremeau

Fremeau Efficiency Index: Week 10

At long last, there is a new No. 2 team in the FEI rankings! See how far South Florida has finally fallen, and what Brian Fremeau has to say about which teams are most likely to play for the National Championship.

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07 Nov 2007, 12:20pm by Michael David Smith

Every Play Counts: Detroit Defensive Line

The Lions are 6-2 and coming off a dominant performance against the Broncos. Will Michael David Smith actually have some positive feelings to express about the Lions? Find out this week in Every Play Counts.

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06 Nov 2007, 08:45pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 9 DVOA Ratings

The Pats and Colts play the game that DVOA expected, while the Steelers and Cowboys score prime time blowouts to give us a dramatically dominant top four. Actually, it is a dominant four-and-a-half, because the Titans defense is climbing into rarefied air.

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06 Nov 2007, 01:21pm by Ned Macey

Any Given Sunday: Vikings over Chargers

The Vikings win over the Chargers is a good reminder that matchups matter in the NFL, and the Vikings' run defense against any run-heavy offense is not a fair fight. Plus another excuse for Ned Macey to talk up Eric Parker, a comparison to "The Axeman," and yet more effusive praise for Adrian Peterson.

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