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11 Jan 2007, 06:14pm by Mike Tanier

Too Deep Zone: Protecting Rex Grossman

Does Rex Grossman have what it takes to win playoff games for the Bears? Maybe not, but he has what it takes to not lose them. Mike Tanier dissects three weeks worth of game tape to learn how coordinator Ron Turner uses simple schemes and short throws to hide his quarterback's weaknesses.

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11 Jan 2007, 11:30am by Alex Carnevale

The Week in Quotes: January 10, 2007

It's a special almost-all NFC East edition of The Week in Quotes. The Giants players make Tom Coughlin look bad, Koy Detmer makes Tony Romo look bad, and the Washington Post makes everybody on the Redskins look very, very bad.

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10 Jan 2007, 10:43pm by Bill Barnwell & Ian Dembsky

Scramble for the Ball: Not Too Amused

Bill and Alex, still subbing for Ian, have a conversation about the upcoming slate of games. Is Bob Sanders a difference-maker? Is Jeff Garcia's girlfriend still scummy? What's a live-r dog? Does it mean that Rex Grossman officially has a problem if Gil Thorp is concerned about him?

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10 Jan 2007, 10:52am by Michael David Smith

Every Play Counts: The Colts' Run Defense

You already know the Indianapolis Colts -- the team whose run defense made us cover our eyes -- held Larry Johnson to 32 yards on 13 carries on Saturday. But how did it happen? We try to answer that this week in Every Play Counts.

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09 Jan 2007, 03:36pm by Aaron Schatz

Postseason DVOA I

This is our second year continuing with DVOA into the playoffs. This year, based on reader requests, we've ranked all 32 teams, whether they are in the playoffs or not. The results show just how dominant the AFC is, and just how closely grouped the last four NFC teams are. Well, except Seattle. UPDATE: FOXSports.com commentary finally available.

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09 Jan 2007, 01:06pm by Bill Moore

Game Review: Front Office Football

The NFL season will be over in four weeks, so how will you get your football fix? How about by running your own team? Bill Moore looks at the computer simulation game Front Office Football.

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08 Jan 2007, 11:33am by admin

Audibles at the Line: Wild Card Weekend

Hey, Carrie's man, what's your game, boy? Can anybody play?

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07 Jan 2007, 10:48pm by

SDA's BCS Championship Preview

In the final Seventh Day Adventure of the year, Vinny and Russell break down Monday night's BCS National Championship between Florida and Ohio State. Plus, don't miss a bonus podcast with Orson Swindle of Every Day Should be Saturday. This is the open thread to discuss the title game.

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05 Jan 2007, 05:23pm by Aaron Schatz

2007 NFC Wild Card Preview

Dallas is falling apart. The quarterback is a mess, and the pass defense is a disaster. Golly, looks a lot like the Seahawks, doesn't it? Meanwhile, if Eagles-Giants I was close, and Eagles-Giants II was close, shouldn't Eagles-Giants III be close? More FO playoff previews, filled with chunky stat goodness.

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05 Jan 2007, 03:23pm by Aaron Schatz

2007 AFC Wild Card Preview

Can the Colts stop Larry Johnson? Can the Chiefs stop Peyton Manning? Can the media stop making controversy out of meaningless gestures in the Jets-Patriots rivalry? Here come the annual FO playoff previews, filled with chunky stat goodness.

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