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08 May 2008, 10:30am by Sean McCormick

Four Downs: AFC East

Sean McCormick looks at the AFC East to see how things have changed after the draft. The Dolphins got their man early, the Bills got two men, the Jets don't know what they have in their man, and the Patriots are still the heavy favorites to win the division.

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05 May 2008, 05:21pm by Vincent Verhei

Four Downs: NFC West

Vince Verhei has your post-draft look at the NFC West, where the Seahawks and Cardinals are looking for defense, the 49ers are looking for linemen, and the Rams are looking for Beavers.

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01 May 2008, 12:33pm by Vincent Verhei

2008 Draft Report Card Report

It's time to evaluate the evaluators as we look at the reactions of draft observers. Which teams scored low? Which teams scored high? Who caused the most disagreement? And is there anyone out there who didn't like Kansas City's draft? (Spoiler: No.)

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30 Apr 2008, 11:58am by Doug Farrar

Four Downs: NFC South

Our post-draft round of Four Downs begins with the NFC South, where the Bucs are looking for speed, the Panthers for power, and the Falcons for anyone who can stay out of jail.

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27 Apr 2008, 12:51pm by Vincent Verhei

Audibles at the NFL Draft

The Football Outsiders staff talks about the 2008 NFL draft. And talks, and talks, and talks some more... If you print out our articles, you may need a new ink cartridge.

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24 Apr 2008, 03:16pm by Mike Tanier

Walkthrough: Special Assignment

In the debut of his new column, Mike Tanier asks scouts which draft prospects will make the biggest impact on special teams. Plus, Ryan Grant's swing pass blues, a Jon Kitna prank gone wrong, and five questions with Scott Wright.

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24 Apr 2008, 09:58am by Will Carroll

Black and Blue Draft Issues

As the biggest football weekend of the spring approaches, sports injury expert Will Carroll takes a look at some of the most highly-rated prospects and the risks their injuries pose to NFL squads.

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22 Apr 2008, 07:12pm by Guest

Feeling a Draft

Guest columnist Jason McKinley looks at past drafts with the one objective measure teams use to declare their opinion on players: salary. Which team's picks have earned more than the usual salaries of players chosen in their slots? The best-drafting team of 2000-2003 will shock anyone with access to YouTube.

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17 Apr 2008, 11:54am by Guest

Four Downs: NFC East

The Cowboys are flirting with Pacman Jones. The Giants are still enjoying the Super Bowl afterglow. The Eagles were left standing at the altar. And the Redskins have a lot of draft picks, for once. Guest columnist Mike McGibbon leads Four Downs on a tour of the NFC East.

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15 Apr 2008, 11:56am by Sean McCormick

2002 NFL Draft: Six Years Later

Which is a safer bet at the top of the first round: a quarterback, or a left tackle? If you are talking about the 2002 draft, the answer is "neither." Return with us to the days when people thought Mike Rumph was actually a cornerback, the best players were on the defensive line, and Cincinnati made the worst special teams pick in history.

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