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04 Apr 2007, 10:31am by Guest

Five Years of Draft Picks

Once upon a time, the ancient Greek priests at the Oracle at Delphi would sacrifice a goat and examine its entrails in an attempt to divine the future. Today, guest columnist Mike Horn does the same thing with the last five years of the NFL Draft. There's a lot more data involved, and the mess is much easier to clean up.

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02 Apr 2007, 09:35am by Doug Farrar

Tank Tyler and the Needle's Eye

With the NFL looking to crack down on players who get in trouble with the law, what is it like to be a draft prospect with character issues? How hard is it to put your past behind you, to prove that you can walk the straight and narrow going forward so that it doesn't affect your draft status? Doug Farrar talks to one player who faces this task, North Carolina State defensive tackle Tank Tyler.

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29 Mar 2007, 10:33pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Four Downs: NFC East

Brandon Jacobs and Kevin Curtis were great in specialized roles, but can they succeed with more playing time? Fred Smoot sucked with more playing time, but can he succeed in a specialized role? Plus: Does the attention-hogging Terrell Owens read his playbook, and is he offended that we did not mention him until the third sentence of this intro to the latest Four Downs?

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27 Mar 2007, 12:38pm by Doug Farrar

Four Downs: NFC West

The latest Four Downs is all about appreciation. Doug Farrar appreciates the Hall of Fame career of Marshall Faulk as well as the new and improved front offices in Arizona and San Francisco. Most importantly, as a Seahawks fan, Doug appreciates the decision to let Jerramy Stevens leave Seattle.

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22 Mar 2007, 12:58pm by Ned Macey

Four Downs: NFC North

It has been an exciting free agent period in the NFC North. The division has added consistent performers -- like Adam Archuleta, T.J. Duckett, Frank Walker, and Visanthe Shiancoe. Learn why the Bears should extend Lance Briggs, why Randy Moss is in decline, and why FO, possibly for the first time ever, has nice things to say about off-season moves in Detroit.

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19 Mar 2007, 02:56pm by Mike Tanier

Four Downs: NFC South

The free agent carousel is turning in the NFC South. June is busting out all over in Tampa, Patrick Kerney ditches Atlanta for a real nice clambake in Seattle, and Joe Horn blows high and blows low before blowing out of New Orleans. What's the use of wonderin' if the Panthers will make any moves when they are so low on cap space? You never walk alone when Mike Tanier breaks down the free agent action.

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16 Mar 2007, 11:50am by Bill Barnwell

Opposition Matters

Conventional wisdom says that the great quarterbacks raise their games against elite opponents. In reality, the great quarterbacks raise their games against bad opponents. Bill Barnwell goes into the FO database to look at how the other team affects a quarterback's numbers. Bonus: For the first time in FO history, this one goes to 11.

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15 Mar 2007, 04:16pm by Doug Farrar

The Eclectic Ben Grubbs

He's been a linebacker, defensive end, tight end, and even power forward. Now he's the top offensive guard in the 2007 NFL Draft. Learn about the training and scouting of offensive linemen as Doug Farrar introduces you to the pride of Eclectic, Alabama: Ben Grubbs.

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09 Mar 2007, 12:54pm by Alex Carnevale

The Week in Quotes: 2007 Free Agency Special

After a hiatus, The Week in Quotes is back to tackle a variety of free agent-related happenings. You missed Herm, didn't you? Admit it or face his wrath.

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05 Mar 2007, 06:26pm by admin

FO Interview: Mark Waller, NFL International

How will the NFL follow up on next season's first-ever regular season game in London? Will there ever be an international player in the NFL? What's the future of NFL Europa? Mark Waller, senior vice president of NFL International, answers these questions and more in an interview with Football Outsiders.

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