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27 Feb 2006, 06:48pm by Guest

Four Downs: NFC South

New Orleans fell apart from the beginning of the season, while Atlanta waited until November. Tampa Bay and Carolina were successful, only to find their holes exposed in the postseason. Meet FO intern Darrel Michaud as he takes you for a trip around the NFC South.

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26 Feb 2006, 12:46pm by admin

Indianapolis... You Are There!

Aaron Schatz and Michael David Smith empty their notebooks from the NFL Scouting Combine. Come and join us at the circus.

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24 Feb 2006, 03:20pm by Ned Macey

Four Downs: AFC South

How soon will the Houston Texans be competitive? Will the Colts survive life without Edge? Will Edge be playing somewhere else in the AFC? What should Jacksonville and Tennessee do about David Garrard and Steve McNair? Ned Macey answers these and other questions facing AFC South teams in the free agent period.

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22 Feb 2006, 02:56pm by Aaron Schatz

2005 Football Outsiders Awards, Part II

Football Outsiders presents its third annual awards, voted on by you the readers. Part II features the best and worst announcers, writers, and ads, plus the funniest moment of the year and the 2006 inductees to the Fantasy Football Hall of Fame.

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21 Feb 2006, 05:59pm by Aaron Schatz

2005 Football Outsiders Awards, Part I

Football Outsiders presents its third annual awards, voted on by you the readers. Shaun Alexander as MVP? Shawne Merriman as Rookie of the Year? Football Outsiders readers would like to respectfully disagree. Plus, read about your choices for the most overrated and underrated players in the NFL, and the award that you'll only find here at FO: the Keep Choppin' Wood Award.

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20 Feb 2006, 03:46pm by Mike Tanier

Four Downs: AFC West

Two teams court T.O., Al Davis seeks swagger, ex-assistants fire off at Marty Schottenheimer, Herm Edwards and Gunther Cunningham talk turkey, A.J. Smith and Drew Brees play chicken, and Ty Law and Jason Whitlock drink Grey Goose. Mike Tanier brings you all of this, plus all of the Heimerdinger you can handle.

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16 Feb 2006, 01:08pm by Michael David Smith

Four Downs: NFC North

The team everyone thought would stink was good. The other three teams all have new coaches. The NFC North surprised everyone in 2005, and we explore some of the early story lines for 2006 in the latest installment of Four Downs.

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14 Feb 2006, 09:43am by P. Ryan Wilson

Four Downs: AFC North

Ryan Wilson takes some time off from his round-the-clock revelry in the Steelers' championship to break down the AFC North's free agency picture.

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10 Feb 2006, 05:44pm by Al Bogdan

Four Downs: NFC East

The first Four Downs of 2006 is a free agency forecast of the NFC East. Would you believe the Eagles have lots of cap space, and the Redskins have almost none? The more things change...

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09 Feb 2006, 11:30am by Michael David Smith

EPC: Sean Locklear and the 22 Uncalled Holds

By the letter of the rules, Sean Locklear did, in fact, commit holding when he was flagged for a controversial penalty that negated Seattle's last, best chance to take the lead in Super Bowl XL. So does that mean the NFL and its officials are off the hook? Not at all. An examination of every passing play of the game shows that if the officials missed 22 holding violations by offensive tackles during the Super Bowl. Find out more in the season's final installment of Every Play Counts.

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