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14 Feb 2006, 09:43am by P. Ryan Wilson

Four Downs: AFC North

Ryan Wilson takes some time off from his round-the-clock revelry in the Steelers' championship to break down the AFC North's free agency picture.

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10 Feb 2006, 05:44pm by Al Bogdan

Four Downs: NFC East

The first Four Downs of 2006 is a free agency forecast of the NFC East. Would you believe the Eagles have lots of cap space, and the Redskins have almost none? The more things change...

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09 Feb 2006, 11:30am by Michael David Smith

EPC: Sean Locklear and the 22 Uncalled Holds

By the letter of the rules, Sean Locklear did, in fact, commit holding when he was flagged for a controversial penalty that negated Seattle's last, best chance to take the lead in Super Bowl XL. So does that mean the NFL and its officials are off the hook? Not at all. An examination of every passing play of the game shows that if the officials missed 22 holding violations by offensive tackles during the Super Bowl. Find out more in the season's final installment of Every Play Counts.

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08 Feb 2006, 05:08pm by scramble

Scramble for the Ball: Free Agent Finale

Will Shaun Alexander say goodbye to Seafttle? Will Antwaan Randle El say goodbye to Pittsburgh? Will everybody left from Super Bowl XXXV say goodbye to Baltimore? One thing is for sure: Al Bogdan and Vivek Ramgopal say goodbye to Scramble for the Ball with this look at 2006 free agents.

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06 Feb 2006, 12:08pm by admin

Audibles at the Line: Super Bowl

Worst ... Super Bowl officiating ... ever.

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03 Feb 2006, 01:54am by Aaron Schatz

Super Bowl XL Preview

The Seahawks have the league's most balanced offensive attack. The Steelers have demolished three top offenses in three straight games with a swarming, tenacious defense. Which of these standout units can overcome the other to win Super Bowl XL? Actually, the answer is probably "neither." The biggest variable in this game is Pittsburgh's turnaround converting third downs vs. the Seattle secondary. Our DVOA-packed preview of Super Bowl XL is available on FOXSports.com, along with Mike Tanier's Super Bowl XL Rundown and Michael David Smith's look at key matchups. This thread is for discussion of all three.

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02 Feb 2006, 05:30pm by Bill Moore

Second(ary) Look

Other than tackles, interceptions, and sacks, there are very few publicly available stats to measure the quality of individual defensive players. That's why this year, Football Outsiders began a project to chart games and get more data to improve our analysis of defense. Bill Moore takes a look at this unofficial data to draw some conclusions about the Pittsburgh and Seattle secondaries -- some of which may surprise you.

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01 Feb 2006, 01:13pm by scramble

Scramble's Third Annual Super Bowl Prop Bet Extravaganza

Will Verron Haynes have more than 16.5 combined yards? Will there be more than 8.5 punts? Will Jerome Bettis gain more yards than Kobe Bryant scores points? The answer to these questions and more are inside Scramble for the Ball's third annual look at practically every wager you could make on the Super Bowl.

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30 Jan 2006, 01:53pm by Michael David Smith

Every Play Counts: Seattle's Defensive Tackles

Lofa Tatupu has emerged as one of the big names on the Seahawks' defense. Tatupu deserves his praise, but this week Michael David Smith looks at the players who put Tatupu in a position to succeed.

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27 Jan 2006, 05:18pm by admin

FO Mailbag

Among this week's questions: How did the injury to Flozell Adams affect the Dallas running game? Can we compare quarterbacks across eras? Why do strategies from the college game not work in the NFL? Which defenses faced the most fourth-down tries? And which team is on top of weighted DVOA going into the Super Bowl: Pittsburgh or Seattle?

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