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03 Dec 2005, 12:43am by Aaron Schatz

Game Previews: CIN-PIT, DEN-KC

With seven AFC teams at 7-4 or better, a division title is the only way to guarantee a playoff spot, so rivalry rematches mean added pressure on head coaches to avoid the mistakes they made the first time around. The Bengals seek to copy the Colts and stop the Pittsburgh running game; The Chiefs must solve a Denver offense that gained more than twice as many rushing yards as any other Kansas City opponent this year.

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02 Dec 2005, 03:13pm by Mike Tanier

Too Deep Zone: Short Receptions

Are quarterbacks pumping up their stats with lots of three-yard completions? Mike Tanier takes all of the "weenie throws" out of the equation and discovers which teams and quarterbacks are completing lots of passes but getting nowhere fast.

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02 Dec 2005, 03:24am by Aaron Schatz

FO on FOX: Guts and Stomps

What defines a champion? Are the greatest teams the ones which stomp on the league's bad teams, or the ones that gut out close, clutch victories against their best opponents? Is your record against winning teams really more important than your record against losing teams? Actually, no.

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01 Dec 2005, 09:56pm by

Seventh Day Adventure: Championship Week

There's one more weekend of college football's regular season before the Bowls begin, and Vinny and Russell have it covered, with observations and picks for all the key games.

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01 Dec 2005, 11:04am by Michael David Smith

Every Play Counts: New Monsters of the Midway

Which players are responsible for the Bears' defense that has dominated the NFC? Michael David Smith looks at a few names you've heard and one you probably haven't in this week's installment of Every Play Counts.

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30 Nov 2005, 03:52pm by Will Carroll

Black and Blue Report: Week 13

Corey Dillon, Byron Leftwich, and Brandon Jones all appear in this week's Black and Blue Report. So does Hunter Smith. Is Indy's punter injured? No, we're talking about Indy's oft-ignored -- and very successful -- head athletic trainer.

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30 Nov 2005, 01:01pm by scramble

Scramble for the Ball: Playoff Smackdown

Whatchu Gonna Do When Al and Vivek's Playoff Predictions Run Wild on You? Our self-proclaimed tag team champions break down the chances for all the playoff contenders and make some predictions that range from the bold to the outrageous. Also inside: the 1972 Dolphins star in the latest Jason Beattie cartoon, "Indianapolis Intrigue."

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29 Nov 2005, 05:54pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 13 DVOA Ratings

After two weeks in schedule adjustment purgatory, the Indianapolis Colts return to the top of this week's DVOA ratings, both in the season-long numbers and in the weighted numbers used for the FOXSports.com power rankings. Commentary for the math-o-phobic can be found on FOXSports.com, with numbers and discussion here.

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29 Nov 2005, 02:34pm by Ned Macey

Any Given Sunday: Dolphins over Raiders

Remember when the addition of Randy Moss was going to make the Raiders one of the most feared offenses in football? Remember when somebody thought it was a good idea to sign Gus Frerotte to be their starting quarterback? Ned Macey finds an Oakland offense playing below expectations and a Miami team that may be one player away from being competitive.

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28 Nov 2005, 11:07pm by Russell Levine

Confessions of a Football Junkie: Long Division

The creation of the 12-team superconferences, with their divisional formats and conference championship games, was supposed to transform college football. But one look at this Saturday's schedule, with ho-hum title games in the ACC and Big 12, makes one wonder whether the desired effect is being achieved. Plus, the weekly John L. Smith Trophy and the updated BlogPoll ballot.

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