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28 Jul 2006, 02:33pm by admin

Happy Third Birthday to Football Outsiders

In honor of our third anniversary, a list of highlights from the past 12 months, including some of our best articles and a few choice Jason Beattie cartoons. Plus, the best discussion threads of the past three years, as suggested by our readers.

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26 Jul 2006, 12:35pm by Guest

Ken Anderson and the Hall of Fame, Revisited

In PFP 2005, we listed Ken Anderson with two of the top ten QB seasons since 1960. So why does he receive so little consideration for the Hall of Fame? David Lewin analyzes Steve McNair's HOF chances in the brand new Pro Football Prospectus 2006; here, he uses those same tools to compare Anderson and his 1970s contemporaries.

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24 Jul 2006, 11:41am by Michael David Smith

The Passing Game IV: Spread Offense

Once upon a time, a man named Mouse revolutionized football by dispensing with the fullback and tight end and using four wide receivers as his base offense. The run-and-shoot was going to change the NFL -- until people discovered that it, too, had its weaknesses. In the final part of our series on the passing game, Michael David Smith looks at the ideas behind the run-and-shoot and its modern iteration, the spread offense.

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20 Jul 2006, 12:38pm by Mike Tanier

The Passing Game III: Bootlegs

The third part of our series on passing offense covers the play-action bootleg. Mike Tanier leaves the pocket, rolls right, and gives you the scoop on the waggle.

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18 Jul 2006, 01:54pm by Bill Barnwell & Ian Dembsky

Scramble for the Ball Returns

Say it loud, it's back and proud. Same Scramble feel, two new writers. Well, one new writer, and one new old writer, anyway. Ian Dembsky and Bill Barnwell kick off a new season of Scramble for the Ball with a review of the Rotoworld experts fantasy draft, a look inside the Scramble mailbag, a new feature looking at old football cards, and a very special off-season Keep Choppin' Wood award.

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14 Jul 2006, 12:04pm by Mike Tanier

The Passing Game II: Slants and Flats

The quick slant is the pass route that made Bill Walsh a genius and changed the way NFL football was played in the 1980s. Our latest strategy minicamp examines several variations on the classic Slant-and-Flats play. Find out how it works and why it is so darn hard to stop.

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12 Jul 2006, 11:59am by Mike Tanier

The Science of Pass Offense

In the first of a four-part Minicamp series on the passing game, Mike Tanier breaks down the basics of pass protection, patterns, and quarterback drops.

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10 Jul 2006, 11:19am by Mike Tanier

Game Review: EA Sports Head Coach

If you like the Madden series of football games but are too clumsy with a controller to take your team to the Super Bowl, EA Sports Head Coach may look like the game for you. Unfortunately, Mike Tanier learns that dopey AI and some poor design decisions make the game a frustrating exercise in micro-management.

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07 Jul 2006, 01:12pm by Aaron Schatz

FO Mailbag

Should interceptions be left out of our defensive ratings? Why was Tatum Bell's DVOA half of Mike Anderson's when he averaged a yard more per carry? Why is LaMont Jordan's receiving DVOA mediocre? Which teams had the most dropped passes according to the Football Outsiders game charting project? These questions and more are answered in the FO mailbag.

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05 Jul 2006, 11:31am by Michael David Smith

Kickoff Coverage II: Spears and Gunners

Television camera angles make the kickoff coverage unit look like vaguely organized chaos, but special-teamers spend hours watching film and studying the Xs and Os on the blackboard for a reason. Last week, Michael David Smith took a look at the kickoff return team; this week, we flip things around to look at the coverage unit.

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