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27 Sep 2016, 07:41pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 3 DVOA Ratings

Philadelphia opens a bigger lead in our ratings, one of a number of top teams being driven primarily by defense in the early part of 2016.

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27 Sep 2016, 03:27pm by Scott Kacsmar

Clutch Encounters: Week 3

T.Y. Hilton to the rescue in Indy. Also: Trevor Siemian's big day, The Terrelle Pryor Show, Washington's must-have comeback, and Tennessee's Exotic Smashmouth is so indecent.

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27 Sep 2016, 10:26am by Sterling Xie

Any Given Sunday: Eagles Over Steelers

The Eagles' standing at the top of the DVOA rankings looks a lot less fluky after their stunning domination of the Steelers.

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27 Sep 2016, 12:20am by Vincent Verhei

Week 3 Quick Reads

How bad was Ryan Fitzpatrick's day against Kansas City? Worse than any game David Klingler, Brandon Weeden, Donald Hollas, Ryan Leaf, or any other horrible quarterback has ever had in the past 25 years.

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26 Sep 2016, 04:04am by Vincent Verhei

Audibles at the Line: Week 3

Denver, Philadelphia, and Minnesota roll on; Seattle and Green Bay get back on track; Washington wins a shootout with the Giants; and the Cardinals lose again on the east coast.

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23 Sep 2016, 04:42pm by Scott Kacsmar

Member Berries: Flashback to 2008 Steelers-Eagles

Remember when the Eagles sacked Ben Roethlisberger eight times in 2008? Scott Kacsmar takes a stroll down memory lane with a look at the last time the Steelers played in Philadelphia, the No. 1 team in DVOA in 2008.

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23 Sep 2016, 11:04am by Rob Eves

The Week In Quotes: September 23, 2016

Topics this week include Cleveland's terrible offense, Los Angeles' terrible offense, and Chicago's terrible offense. With a special appearance by Mike Ditka!

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23 Sep 2016, 10:38am by Ben Muth

Book Review: View from the O-Line

Testimonials from contemporary players like Nick Mangold carry the new book from legendary coach Howard Mudd, which takes you inside an offensive line meeting room.

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22 Sep 2016, 02:42pm by Cian Fahey

Film Room: Sterling Shepard

The rookie receiver has made an instant impact and made the Giants offense one of the most difficult in the NFL to defend.

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22 Sep 2016, 02:13pm by Ian Boyd

Seventh Day Adventure: Week 4

Conference action kicks into high gear, including Christian McCaffrey and Stanford facing UCLA in a potential Pac-12 Championship preview.

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