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08 Jan 2018, 04:02pm by Scott Kacsmar

Clutch Encounters: Wild Card

The latest Kansas City playoff loss at home ("The Forward Progress Game") is the worst yet. Also: Sean Payton brings us back to fourth-and-2 memories, and a Nathan Peterman interception ends Buffalo's season.

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08 Jan 2018, 02:05pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 18 DVOA Ratings

Our first playoff DVOA ratings don't show much difference from the final regular-season ratings, with the Patriots and Saints leading in weighted DVOA and a surprisingly large gap between Philadelphia and Atlanta.

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08 Jan 2018, 06:00am by Vincent Verhei

Wild-Card Quick Reads

Does playoff experience for quarterbacks really matter?

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07 Jan 2018, 09:19pm by Andrew Potter

Audibles at the Line: Wild-Card Round

Road trip on Saturday, home comforts on Sunday. Sometimes, the formula for a perfect weekend really is that simple.

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07 Jan 2018, 02:53pm by Ian Boyd

SDA: National Championship Preview

Most expected Georgia to face Alabama in the SEC Championship Game. We're finally getting that matchup, but the stakes are even higher than anticipated.

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05 Jan 2018, 04:15pm by Ben Muth

Word of Muth: L.A. Finale

Ben Muth celebrates a dominant performance by the Chargers offensive line, and has some thoughts about what moves the team can make to get better in 2018.

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05 Jan 2018, 02:24pm by Vincent Verhei

NFC Wild-Card Playoff Preview 2018

On Saturday night, the Rams play the Falcons for just the second time in the last five years. Then on Sunday, the Saints play the Panthers for the 11th time in the past five years.

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05 Jan 2018, 12:54pm by Scott Kacsmar

AFC Wild-Card Playoff Preview 2018

The playoffs begin with the Chiefs and Alex Smith hosting Marcus Mariota and the Titans. Action continues on Sunday, as either the Bills or Jaguars will get their first playoff win in a long, long time.

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05 Jan 2018, 08:41am by Cale Clinton

The Week In Quotes: January 5, 2018

This week: Wings! Beer! Sports! No, really, we have quotes about wings and beer and sports and then wings again.

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04 Jan 2018, 12:42pm by Derrik Klassen

Film Room: Cam Newton

Sunday's loss to Atlanta showed the best and worst of Cam Newton. With Carolina's offense in dire straits, can the quarterback carry the load like never before in the playoffs?

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