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24 Mar 2014, 11:10am by Rivers McCown

Factors: T.Y. Hilton

What exactly made T.Y. Hilton good last season? While you were reading this sentence he switched to second gear and was already eight yards past you.

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21 Mar 2014, 12:54pm by Aaron Schatz

Momentum vs. Confidence

Plenty of fans who are otherwise analytical still believe in the importance of momentum in NFL games, despite study after study showing that no clear definition of it can be shown to clearly mean anything. But what if we're looking at the wrong scale by looking for momentum for whole teams?

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18 Mar 2014, 11:01am by Matt Waldman

Futures: BYU OLB Kyle Van Noy

Matt Waldman explores why his friend Ryan Riddle says Van Noy is Tyran Mathieu at linebacker.

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13 Mar 2014, 03:07pm by Guest

SackSEER 2014

SackSEER grades the 2014 class as a historically strong group of pass-rush prospects... but the player making the most history comes out as a disappointment.

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12 Mar 2014, 01:45am by Matt Waldman

Futures: I Am Smarter Than "Phillip" Rivers

The Wonderlic is great for testing future loan officers, but Matt Waldman would rather have Wonderlic failures like Jim Kelly or Ray Lewis as his on-field CEOs.

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10 Mar 2014, 11:41am by Rory Hickey

The Month In Quotes: February 2014

Sam I Am, Hot Takes on Johnny Manziel, and a subtle Wade Phillips takedown of Jason Garrett highlight this month's best quotes.

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06 Mar 2014, 01:42pm by Rivers McCown

Under the Cap: NFC West

How will the best division in football follow up on it's success in 2013? Can Seattle keep Michael Bennett?

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05 Mar 2014, 11:29am by Matt Waldman

Scouting QBs: Separating the Dark From the Dark

Matt Waldman has learned three things about evaluating football talent. Two of them were not the intended lessons that his teachers meant to share.

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04 Mar 2014, 07:58pm by Aaron Schatz

Run Stop Rates 2013

Some familiar names had strong years against the run in 2013, including a Pro Bowl strong safety about to sell his services to the highest bidder. Plus: This week's FO players for Madden 25 Ultimate Team.

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03 Mar 2014, 11:17am by Rivers McCown

Under the Cap: NFC South

Franchise tag decisions came early in the NFC South, but the Saints and Panthers will want to turn those tags into long-term deals as they try to fill roster holes with minimal salary cap dollars.

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