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20 Apr 2016, 02:23pm by Aaron Schatz

Cleveland Trades No. 2 Pick to Philadelphia

Well, another big trade at the top of the NFL draft. The Cleveland Browns are trading the No. 2 pick in this year's NFL draft to the Philadelphia Eagles for five selections over the next two years.

The Browns get the 2016 first-round pick (No. 8 overall), the Eagles' third-round and fourth-round picks in 2016. They also get the Eagles' 2017 first-round pick and the Eagles' 2018 second-rounder. The Eagles get the No. 2 pick this year and... reports seem to disagree on whether they also get this year's Cleveland fourth-round pick or a conditional 2017 fourth-round pick.

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23 Mar 2016, 01:23pm by Aaron Schatz

NFL Moves Touchbacks to the 25

So, the NFL has decided to move a touchback after a kickoff to the 25 instead of the 20. This is another move designed to reduce kickoff returns in an attempt to reduce injuries... and it is going to totally backfire. That five-yard move creates a huge incentive for squibs and pop-up kicks and other plays designed to force the return team to take the ball back from inside the 20. It also changes the math to make surprise onside kicks a better value; a failed onside now gives the other team five fewer yards.

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16 Mar 2016, 09:58pm by Aaron Schatz

Bears Deal Martellus Bennett to Patriots

Time for the Patriots to take another chance on a disgruntled player. The Bears have been trying to send Martellus Bennett elsewhere for over a year now, and finally found a trading partner. They'll deal Bennett to the Patriots along with a sixth-round pick, and get a fourth-rounder in return. Bennett could finally allow the Patriots to really feature their two-tight end sets for the first time since Aaron Hernandez was cut, or he could spend the entire season complaining that he's behind Rob Gronkowski for targets.

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10 Mar 2016, 01:07pm by Aaron Schatz

NFL Penalizes Kansas City Two Picks for Tampering

I forgot to post this story for discussion when the penalty was first announced, but the NFL announced it is taking away Kansas City's 2016 third-round pick and 2017 sixth-round pick as punishment for tampering with Jeremy Maclin during the 2015 offseason. That's right, the Kansas City Chiefs are CHEATERS!... for doing something that's against the rules but every team in the NFL does and we all know it. Apparently, Andy Reid spoke to Maclin during the "legal tampering period" when team officials are only supposed to be contacting agents, but not the players themselves.

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08 Mar 2016, 02:21pm by Aaron Schatz

2016 Free Agency Discussion Thread

This is our open thread to discuss all the free agent movement, trades, cuts, and other news for the first few days of free agency after the new league year officially starts on March 9 at 4pm EST. (Click to read more.)

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01 Mar 2016, 06:38pm by Aaron Schatz

Eagles Re-Sign Bradford for Two Years

Sam Bradford was a disappointment in Chip Kelly's offense last year, but what could he do in a more conventional West Coast Offense? The Eagles are going to find out, as they will bring back Bradford as their starting quarterback for the next two years. Adam Schefter reports that the deal is worth $36 million total, $26 million guaranteed. Click here for some Bradford commentary from Cian Fahey's new Pre-Snap Reads Quarterback Catalogue.

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01 Mar 2016, 01:05pm by Aaron Schatz

Tracking 2016 Franchise Tags

The deadline for teams to designate a franchise-tag player is 4 p.m. Eastern on March 1, so here's your place to keep track and discuss as top free agents get tied to their teams for another year. Here's your list so far:

Baltimore: K Justin Tucker
Chicago: WR Alshon Jeffery
New York Jets: DE Muhammad Wilkerson

Miami: DE Olivier Vernon

We're expecting tags on Kirk Cousins, Cordy Glenn, Trumaine Johnson, Von Miller, and Josh Norman, but these have not been officially announced as of noon.

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29 Feb 2016, 01:24pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Speed Score 2016

Keith Marshall of Georgia sets a record at 126.9, while Derrick Henry and Ezekiel Elliott also come out remarkably high. But more importantly, this whole running back class does well in Speed Score, with only two running backs under 95.

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19 Feb 2016, 05:13pm by Aaron Schatz

Rams Cuts: Long, Laurinaitis, Cook

Not everybody gets to go to Los Angeles. The Rams today found themselves $23 million in cap room by cutting three starters: defensive end Chris Long, middle linebacker James Laurinaitis, and tight end Jared Cook. Before I looked, I honestly didn't realize how little production Long had the last two years: just four sacks, and just 11 games started. Laurinaitis is a useful player, but often a prime example of why raw tackle totals are not a good way to rank linebackers.

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17 Feb 2016, 06:37pm by Aaron Schatz

Peyton Manning, Sexual Assault and a Little Healthy Skepticism

The general rule at Football Outsiders is that we stay away from posting Extra Points on player off-field behavior until that behavior is going to affect what happens on the field. We try to stay away from sensationalizing huge controversies, whether that's sexual assault charges or alleged drug use or Deflategate. When Shaun King decided to disinter allegations against Peyton Manning from nearly 20 years ago, I really, really didn't want to go there. However, I think our old friend Mike Tanier wrote such a good piece today on the complexities of this story that I decided I had to point our readers to it.

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