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07 Aug 2014, 05:20pm by Aaron Schatz

Adjusted Interceptions 2013

How defenders' poor hands made Ryan Tannehill look better than he truly was in 2013, while inexperienced receivers and poor timing made Tom Brady look worse than he truly was.

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07 Aug 2014, 11:34am by Aaron Schatz

FOA 2014 MEDIA: Atlanta

Talking about the Falcons of the last few years -- not as good as their record for a few years, then better than their record in 2013 -- with Mark Bradley of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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06 Aug 2014, 03:01pm by Aaron Schatz

Ron Burgundy vs. The No-Huddle Offense

Why our no-huddle offense numbers aren't fully trustworthy. (Click to read more.)

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06 Aug 2014, 09:39am by Aaron Schatz

FOA 2014 MEDIA: Sports-Casters Podcast

Hey, kids! Podcasts! Yesterday I recorded an episode of the Sports-Casters podcast to promote Football Outsiders Almanac 2014. This one actually got deep into a discussion of the different kinds of NFL analytics and how Football Outsiders differs from other site. Hopefully I didn't get loopy and say anything obnoxious. I'll have a couple of other podcast links in the next couple days that we'll add to this post as we continue to promote the book.

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05 Aug 2014, 12:12pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Most Likely Teams to Go First to Worst

Part II of II. We actually measured here the chances of first-place teams dropping to 6-10 or worse, not their chances of finishing fourth this year, which does explain how Indianapolis can end up second on this list. Let's be honest -- even if they somehow flop to 6-10, the Colts aren't finishing last in that division. The clearly most likely first-to-worst team is Carolina.

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04 Aug 2014, 12:19pm by Aaron Schatz

Bengals Hand Dalton Six-Year, $115 Extension

Time for another edition of America's favorite game show, "try to figure out the language of new NFL contracts." Right now, all we know is that Andy Dalton has been signed to a "six-year, $115 million" extension. How is it structured? Can the Bengals get out of it if Dalton doesn't improve his game? How does this contract compare to the one Colin Kaepernick recently signed? Right now, who knows? Bring on the leaked details, baby.

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01 Aug 2014, 03:20pm by Aaron Schatz

SITE NEWS: Roster Turnover

Some roster changes here at Football Outsiders. (Click to read more.)

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31 Jul 2014, 12:08pm by Aaron Schatz

FOA 2014 MEDIA: San Francisco 49ers Podcast

Special FOA 2014 guest author Jason Lisk goes on the 49ers Webzone "Better Rivals" podcast to discuss the San Francisco chapter. His interview begins at 0:57.

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31 Jul 2014, 11:19am by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: NFC West Blocking Cardinals' Path

We simulated the season moving Arizona around to every division to see what happened. The result? Their Super Bowl odds would go up 60 percent in the AFC South. It's also good these days to live in the AFC North and NFC East. The NFC West, not so much.

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28 Jul 2014, 03:49pm by Aaron Schatz

373 Oakland Championships

Any team can win the Super Bowl in any given year. What would it look like for the league's worst team to somehow win it?

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