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27 Oct 2015, 12:24pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Lions Lead Wide-Open Race for No. 1 Pick

This article counts down the top ten teams that have a shot at the top pick in 2016. Although no team has established itself as the clear favorite to pick No. 1, there is a fairly significant gap between Lions and the rest of the league. It's not because Detroit is the worst team in the league; our ratings currently put them ahead of Houston and San Francisco. But at 1-6, the Lions are tied for the NFL's worst record, and their schedule gets tougher the rest of the way, partly because of the split between home and road games.

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22 Oct 2015, 07:55pm by Aaron Schatz

Off The Charts Podcast: October 22

This week on the Off The Charts podcast: We look at a couple of surprising teams that rank high in DVOA, including Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Plus, which is the weakest of the undefeated teams, Carolina or Denver? And just how rare is it to have Denver's split between the No. 1 defense and the No. 32 offense?

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22 Oct 2015, 02:46pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Patriots Head List of NFL's Top Offenses

This week's ESPN Insider feature takes a closer look at what's working and what might be the weaknesses for the top five offenses by DVOA so far: New England, Cincinnati, Arizona, Green Bay, and Pittsburgh.

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20 Oct 2015, 08:15pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 6 DVOA Ratings

A very strange week for the DVOA ratings gives us a number of games with topsy-turvy results and the Arizona Cardinals somehow regaining the No. 1 spot despite a loss to Pittsburgh.

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20 Oct 2015, 08:13pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Fantasy Football Weekly: Time to Drop Peyton?

This week's ESPN Fantasy Football Weekly podcast tries to figure out what's going on in the Green Bay backfield and looks at whether it might actually be time to give up on Peyton Manning at quarterback. You might be better off with Blake Bortles. No, seriously. It's a strange year.

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15 Oct 2015, 12:55pm by Aaron Schatz

Off The Charts Podcast: October 15

This week on the Off The Charts podcast: What would happen in an Arizona-New England Super Bowl? How much have Seattle's early close losses hurt their Super Bowl odds? And are the New York Giants "for real" in 2015?

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14 Oct 2015, 04:44pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Fantasy Football Weekly: The Replacements

This week's ESPN Fantasy Football Weekly podcast with Aaron Schatz and Anita Marks looks at the replacements for Jamaal Charles in Kansas City and possible bye-week replacements for Week 6. Plus, looking at fantasy football stars without touchdowns this year: for which players is it a fluke, and for which players is it a trend. (Hint: Eddie Lacy fluke, Matt Forte trend.)

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13 Oct 2015, 06:19pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 5 DVOA Ratings

Surprisingly strong defense so far is helping the Patriots dominate the league in 2015. But the equally well-rounded Arizona Cardinals are right behind them on the list of the ten best teams in DVOA history through Week 5.

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13 Oct 2015, 11:04am by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Best Offensive Lines of 2015

Using a series of metrics, we look at the best offensive lines of 2015 so far. Cincinnati is No. 1, Atlanta a surprising No. 2. Even more surprising: Dallas doesn't make the top ten, which brings up even more questions about how much the offensive line makes the running back or vice versa.

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12 Oct 2015, 05:04pm by Aaron Schatz

USC Fires Steve Sarkisian

At first, USC was going to let Steve Sarkisian get his life together and get over his alcohol addiction, but apparently the problem is too big for that. So USC fired Sarkisian today. There's plenty that can be said about the man's personal battle, but from a football standpoint this also opens up one of the top jobs in college football -- and one that's particularly enticing to NFL coaches who might be looking to go back to the college game. Let the Chip Kelly speculation begin.

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