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13 Jan 2016, 01:43pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Seahawks' Four-Year Run is Second to None

In an ESPN Insider column today, I looked at DVOA over the last four seasons, including the playoffs. FO readers know, of course, that Seattle is No. 1, but can you guess which other franchises have been among the top ten over the four-year span? You'll find out that Carolina has been better than you probably remember, and that Detroit has been surprisingly consistent in its mediocrity.

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11 Jan 2016, 05:59pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 18 DVOA Ratings

The Chiefs make a big move upwards, as their domination of Houston now ranks as the best single game of the year. The all-around special teams performance was particularly impressive.

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09 Jan 2016, 02:13pm by Aaron Schatz

Dolphins Hire Adam Gase as Head Coach

The Miami Dolphins are hiring 37-year-old Adam Gase to be their new head coach. Gase spent this season as offensive coordinator in Chicago, but he's best known for his last few years as offensive coordinator in Denver, working with Peyton Manning and (as quarterbacks coach in 2011) Tim Tebow. Gase will be bringing aboard Cincinnati defensive backs coach Vance Joseph as his defensive coordinator.

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07 Jan 2016, 10:44pm by Aaron Schatz

15 HOF Finalists for 2016 Announced

The Hall of Fame has announced the 15 finalists for induction in 2016. Three players made it in their first year of eligibility: Brett Favre, Terrell Owens, and Alan Faneca. The other 12 finalists are Morten Andersen, Steve Atwater, Don Coryell, Terrell Davis, Tony Dungy, Kevin Greene, Marvin Harrison, Joe Jacoby, Edgerrin James, John Lynch, Orlando Pace and Kurt Warner.

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07 Jan 2016, 05:36pm by Aaron Schatz

Podcast Double Feature: Off The Charts/Beating The Book

We've got a podcast double feature here to look at the upcoming NFL playoffs: the return of the Off The Charts podcast after two weeks off, and my annual appearance on the Beating the Book podcast as well. (Click to read more.)

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06 Jan 2016, 05:41pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Breakout Players to Watch in January

I went through and looked at some lesser-known players who could make a big impact in the postseason. Well, lesser-known to most fans. I'm sure FO readers have heard of most of these guys: Tyler Lockett, David Johnson, James White, Kawann Short, Whitney Mercilus, Ryan Shazier, Ron Parker, and (as the next Justin Bethel/Matthew Slater on punt coverage) Jeff Janis.

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06 Jan 2016, 02:39pm by Aaron Schatz

The 2015 MMQB Awards

Peter King polled a broad panel of 24 NFL people, from analytics guys (including me) to players and media people and one celebrity fan (John Legend) to get these picks for 2015 awards. Come read my impassioned argument for Buffalo offensive coordinator Greg Roman as Assistant Coach of the Year, even though only coordinators from playoff teams seemed to get votes from anyone else.

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05 Jan 2016, 02:41pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 17 FO Stars for Madden Ultimate Team

Here's a look at the five players chosen as Football Outsiders stars for Madden Ultimate Team in Week 17. (Click to read more.)

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05 Jan 2016, 01:02pm by Aaron Schatz

Browns Hire Former MLB GM Paul DePodesta

The Browns have hired Paul DePodesta, former GM of the Los Angeles Dodgers, as "chief strategy officer." He'll apparently run the Browns alongside Sashi Brown, formerly the team's general counsel and now executive director of football operations. DePodesta has a football background, playing wide receiver at Harvard and then working with the CFL Baltimore Stallions before going into baseball. There seems to be a general sense that going with non-football people like Brown and DePodesta to run the show means the Browns are going all-in on analytics.

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04 Jan 2016, 11:33pm by Aaron Schatz

Colts Give Chuck Pagano Four-Year Extension

No, really. The biggest news of Black Monday is the opposite of Black Monday. What kind of Monday is it when a coach who was considered on the chopping block all season gets a four-year extension instead of being told goodbye? Apparently, Ryan Grigson, Jim Irsay, and Pagano have hugged it all out. My problem with the decision isn't this decision, but rather the decision to keep both Pagano and Grigson. The rest of this team has never developed around Andrew Luck. Either Pagano isn't coaching them up with the right schemes, or Grigson isn't drafting and signing the right players.

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