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06 Feb 2013, 04:17pm by Aaron Schatz

A Historical Review of the "Elite Quarterback."

After I saw the table in this article showing the explosion in the media's use of the phrase "elite quarterback," I was put on suicide watch. Of course, Joe Theismann is one of the people to blame for this nonsense. Can we please take this phrase behind the barn and beat it to death with a shovel?

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05 Feb 2013, 04:14pm by Aaron Schatz

10,000 Seasons Revisited

Why are 10-6 and 9-7 teams suddenly winning Super Bowls so often? Maybe there's no reason for this trend. In fact, maybe it isn't a trend at all.

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04 Feb 2013, 07:20pm by Aaron Schatz

SITE NEWS: "Style Breakdown" on Long Discussion Threads

Do you ever have a problem on FO articles with long discussion threads where the page "style" seems to break down around 100 comments, leading to the colors being all wrong and later comments sometimes being unreadable? If you have similar problems, please comment here and let us know what browser you use. In addition, if you have a screenshot, please send that to us via e-mail at mailbag-at-footballoutsiders.com. We want to see if this is a common problem, and if so, we want to fix it.

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04 Feb 2013, 01:47pm by Aaron Schatz

Are Super Bowl QBs Getting Worse?

Joe Flacco just won the Super Bowl despite being just 17th in QB DYAR during the season. Eli Manning won it back in 2007 even though he was 40th in DYAR. What happened to only the best quarterbacks winning Super Bowls? Neil Paine points out that this really isn't any different from the rest of Super Bowl history.

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02 Feb 2013, 10:42pm by Aaron Schatz

Adrian Peterson Chosen 2012 MVP

It looks like voters split the baby by giving Peyton Manning the Comeback Player of the Year award while handing the MVP to Adrian Peterson. Other winners included Bruce Arians as Coach of the Year, J.J. Watt as almost-unanimous Defensive Player of the Year (49 of 50 votes, the other going to Von Miller), and Robert Griffin and Luke Kuechly as Offensive and Defensive Rookie of the Year.

Of course, these awards aren't really as important as the FO Reader Awards, which we'll announce in a week or so.

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01 Feb 2013, 04:22pm by Aaron Schatz

The Indestructibility of Phil Simms

This article about Phil Simms has a lot of interesting anecdotes, both from his time with the Giants and his time as a broadcaster. His hatred of stats definitely seems to be tied to his own strengths and weaknesses as a player. Hopefully, Simms will read this article about himself, see the quotes from me, and finally learn how to pronounce "Asante Samuel."

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31 Jan 2013, 11:20pm by Aaron Schatz

Aaron Schatz on WEEI's "It Is What It Is" Podcast

I appeared today on Chris Price's podcast on the website for Boston radio station WEEI, talking about the Patriots this season and what they should do this offseason. This is really Patriots-centric, so if you don't like to hear me talking about the Patriots, don't listen to this. If you want to know where I would like to see Brent Grimes playing next year, then do listen to it.

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31 Jan 2013, 05:14pm by Aaron Schatz

Super Bowl XLVII Preview

With one defense playing better of late, and one defense playing worse, this matchup looks much closer than it would have a month ago.

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29 Jan 2013, 03:41pm by Aaron Schatz

UPDATED: Vote in 2012 FO Reader Awards!

It's time to vote in the tenth annual Football Outsiders reader awards balloting. This is your chance to have your say on the best and worst players and coaches of the year. UPDATE: Because of a technical snafu, none of the voting prior to Tuesday Noon EST saved properly. If you voted before noon, please vote again. Sorry for the annoyance.

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23 Jan 2013, 06:39pm by Aaron Schatz

The Manning Index (and The Brady Effect)

At the risk of starting another irrational Brady-Manning argument... This is an interesting post by Neil Paine over at Chase Stuart's site, looking at which quarterbacks have won more or less in the playoffs than what you would expect based on the Vegas line. It's great to call it the Manning Index because it has a Manning at the top and a Manning at the bottom. Also interesting is that Tom Brady isn't the only veteran quarterback who had a lot of playoff success early, and very little later in his career.

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