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24 Apr 2013, 03:35pm by Aaron Schatz

2012 OL Continuity Scores

Checking out 2012 Offensive Line Continuity Scores. (Click to read more.)

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23 Apr 2013, 09:54pm by Aaron Schatz

Coming Out Kicking

Hey, it's "is the NFL ready for a gay player" article No. 52,617. Only this time, it's about a specific guy: Alan Gandreau, who kicked for Middle Tennessee State from 2009-2012. At first maybe you're thinking "oh, not another publicity stunt." But this is not like that "first woman to kick at a regional combine" story, which was a joke, just a ridiculous waste of time. This guy is an actual kicker from an actual Division I school who was a semifinalist for the Lou Groza Award as a junior.

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19 Apr 2013, 03:11pm by Aaron Schatz

Mike Tanier's Tailgater Podcast

Hey, look kids. Mike Tanier has a podcast at Sports on Earth, and I'm on it. I talk about the draft, LCF, Speed Score, SackSEER, and a little bit of a preview of Playmaker Score. Also featured: Russ Lande and poor placement of apostrophes.

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18 Apr 2013, 08:38pm by Aaron Schatz

2013 NFL Schedule Discussion Thread

The NFL announced the full 2013 schedule tonight. Here's a link and a thread for you to discuss which teams have particularly easy or hard stretches. I'm very happy that, at least at first glance, it doesn't look like the league did that crazy thing it did in 2012 where numerous division rivalries had both games scheduled within three or four weeks of each other.

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08 Apr 2013, 10:32am by Aaron Schatz

Adjusted Interceptions 2012

Andrew Luck threw a lot of interceptions last year, but he could have thrown a lot more if defenders had better hands.

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05 Apr 2013, 12:40pm by Aaron Schatz

RSP Writer Draft Update

The RSP Writers Project draft is now midway through the 11th round, so I thought I would link the results so far for FO readers to discuss. For those of you who didn't read about this project earlier, an explanation: Over on Matt Waldman's site, 32 different NFL writers are building teams through a straight draft. The idea is to find value while also building a team around a coherent philosophy. Writers can choose to build for now, or build for the future. Each writer is giving an explanation for his picks as well.

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04 Apr 2013, 11:49am by Aaron Schatz

SITE NEWS: FO Seeks New Technical Director

Football Outsiders is looking for a new person or firm to take over the technical management of our website. Click here for more information.

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02 Apr 2013, 02:09pm by Aaron Schatz

Palmer, Flynn Deals Finalized

Carson Palmer has been traded to Arizona for... wow, this is not a lot of compensation... a swap of 2013 late-round picks and a conditional seventh-rounder in 2014. Yes, this is the same guy who was traded for a first-round pick a couple years ago. Palmer isn't the same quarterback he was back before the injuries, but he was roughly league average a year ago, which makes him a million times better than the quarterbacks who played for Arizona. He'll be replaced in Oakland by Matt Flynn, acquired from Seattle yesterday.

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29 Mar 2013, 05:41pm by Aaron Schatz

Tony Romo Signs Extension; More Guaranteed Money Than Flacco

The Dallas Cowboys have signed Tony Romo to a "six-year" extension (starting in 2014) for $108 million. It will significantly lower his 2013 cap number but also pay him $55 million guaranteed -- surprisingly, that's more guaranteed money than the Ravens gave Joe Flacco earlier this offseason. How do the two compare? (Click to read more.)

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26 Mar 2013, 10:04am by Aaron Schatz

Chip Kelly Downplays Fourth-Down Reputation

Don't pussy out on us, Chip.

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