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26 Jun 2013, 04:21pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Patriots Can Succeed Without Hernandez

Without Rob Gronkowski? Now that's a bigger question.

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26 Jun 2013, 10:33am by Aaron Schatz

Patriots Release Aaron Hernandez After Police Make Arrest

So there you go, folks. Clearly he did something. The Patriots will take a huge cap hit from the $12.5 million signing bonus they gave Hernandez a year ago, so you could argue that they did the moral thing by cutting him now instead of waiting to see what he would be charged with. Or, you could argue that they did the immoral thing because they are the Patriots and everything they do is evil.

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24 Jun 2013, 04:09pm by Aaron Schatz

Vikings Sign Desmond Bishop

Not usually the caliber of free-agent signing that deserves its own XP post, but 1) things in the NFL are really, really slow right now, and 2) this is one of the offseason's biggest holes that was still waiting to be filled. Bishop can play middle linebacker, which moves Erin Henderson back to the weak side and out of sub packages. It also means the Vikings aren't stuck starting either special teamer Marvin Mitchell or Patriots reject Tyrone McKenzie. Now, can someone please explain to me who is going to be Seattle's third linebacker?

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22 Jun 2013, 03:35pm by Aaron Schatz

Aaron Hernandez Did a Bad, Bad Thing

We've had a number of complaints from readers about the fact that we have not yet put up a thread to discuss Aaron Hernandez's legal problems. Readers were kind enough to thread-jack a discussion of the Houston Texans running game in order to accuse us of ignoring the Hernandez case due to our pro-Patriots bias. If you have made this complaint, I recommend you read our FAQ page which plainly spells out which team every FO staff member roots for so that you know how to properly accuse us of bias.

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20 Jun 2013, 04:45pm by Aaron Schatz

SITE NEWS: Update on KUBIAK and FOA 2013

So, when can we expect Football Outsiders Almanac 2013, anyway? (Click to read more.)

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18 Jun 2013, 11:44am by Aaron Schatz

SITE NEWS: FO Seeks New Assistant Editor

Football Outsiders is looking to fill a full-time position by the start of the 2013 season. If you love football, statistical analysis, and using Excel for hours on end, you are invited to apply. (Click to read more.)

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09 Jun 2013, 10:33pm by Aaron Schatz

Bears Send Gabe Carimi to Bucs

The big deal here is not that the Bears shipped off a tremendously disappointing former high pick. And it isn't that a certain former high pick was supposed to be a big star who would represent those of us who, shall we say, don't share holidays with most NFL players. After all, Mitchell Schwartz turned out to be pretty good.

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31 May 2013, 09:09pm by Aaron Schatz

Pro Football Weekly to Close

This has been rumored for a while. Unfortunately, Pro Football Weekly wasn't able to transfer enough of its audience from print to the Web, and will shut its doors.

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31 May 2013, 11:20am by Aaron Schatz

Clean Up on Aisle 2012

Not all tackles are created equal. Which defenders this year did the most to stop receivers after the catch -- especially when they weren't actually covering that receiver themselves?

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28 May 2013, 06:40pm by Aaron Schatz

Which NFL Teams Draft from Which Colleges?

Nobody does a colossal data dump blog post like Chase Stuart, and that is not meant to be criticism. This look at which teams have drafted most often from the same universities is really interesting, although it doesn't necessarily represent the current administrations because the list goes back to even before the merger. What will really jump out at you is how many teams have their "most popular" school as a geographic neighbor. The top school for the Rams is UCLA, while it is USC for the Raiders, Chargers, and 49ers.

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