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16 Jan 2013, 06:24pm by Aaron Schatz

B.S. Report Smart Guy Wednesday: Conference Championships

Look kids, it's another B.S. Report! This one has both myself and Bill Barnwell reviewing the Divisional round and previewing the Conference Championships. Bill and Bill also go in depth on the question of whether Peyton Manning's playoff record means anything.

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16 Jan 2013, 06:04pm by Aaron Schatz

Deadspin Reports Manti Te'o Dead Girlfriend Story Is a Hoax

This story is nothing short of astonishing. You may have heard earlier in the year about the terrible burden that Manti Te'o had to bear this season, playing even after both his grandmother Annette Santiago and his girlfriend Lennay Marie Kekua died in September. Well, Te'o's grandmother did die in September. But Deadspin has done extensive research and has found no evidence that there ever was any such person named Lennay Marie Kekua. There is no obituary, no report of an auto accident, no mention in the Stanford student newspaper where she was supposed to be a student.

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15 Jan 2013, 08:28pm by Aaron Schatz

New England and the Top Offensive DVOA Games Ever

New England's 41-28 win over Houston didn't look spectacular, but it was remarkably efficient, coming out as one of the ten best games since 1991 by offensive DVOA. (Click to read more.)

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15 Jan 2013, 05:54pm by Aaron Schatz

SITE NEWS: FO Seeks SEO Consultant

We recently received a note from Google expressing concern about some of the advertisements on our site and how they might affect our PageRank. I don't quite understand how all this works, so if you are an FO reader who works in the SEO industry and could donate a few minutes of your time to help me sort things out and correct the problems, it would be appreciated. Please e-mail us at info@footballoutsiders.com if you can help. Do not leave comments on the site about the issue. Thanks.

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15 Jan 2013, 05:17pm by Aaron Schatz

FO Playoff Challenge Update

Scores are now updated for Week 2 of the Football Outsiders Playoff Challenge! Click the link above for the totals over two weeks. For just your Divisional Round score, click here.

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15 Jan 2013, 02:05pm by Aaron Schatz

Chargers Hire Mike McCoy as New Head Coach

The Chargers will hire Denver offensive coordinator Mike McCoy as their new head coach. The man who was able to design offenses for both Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning will now try to fix Philip Rivers.

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14 Jan 2013, 03:04pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 19 DVOA Ratings

Here are updated weighted DVOA ratings through the Divisional Round, with New England as the new clear favorite to win Super Bowl XLVII.

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14 Jan 2013, 11:55am by Aaron Schatz

MMQB: Offensive Outburst Sets up Conference Finals

Peter King has his thoughts and his reporting on this weekend's great playoff games, with notes on Champ Bailey's awful day and Colin Kaepernick's great day.

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11 Jan 2013, 03:06pm by Aaron Schatz

AFC Divisional Round Preview

You cannot deny Brady-Manning XIV, for it is your destiny.

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10 Jan 2013, 12:38pm by Aaron Schatz

Jaguars Fire Mike Mularkey

He's sure to show up as somebody's offensive coordinator next year, but it basically comes down to "new GM wants his own guys." Moral of the story: No matter how badly you want a head coaching job, maybe it is best not to take one from a GM who is clearly on questionable footing under brand new ownership.

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