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15 Jul 2016, 11:38am by Aaron Schatz

SITE NEWS: 2016 KUBIAK Fantasy Projections Now Available!

The 2015 KUBIAK fantasy football projections are complete and available for download. One $20 purchase lets you download unlimited updates throughout the preseason. Or, pay less: this year, we've partnered with FanDuel and a first-time FanDuel deposit of $10 or more will get you KUBIAK for free. (Click to read more.)

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01 Jul 2016, 11:47am by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Worst WR/TE Depth Charts of the Last Decade

My latest feature for ESPN Insider looks at the weakest receiving depth charts of the last decade, based on how much experience and past production players had going into the season. Not all depth charts that look bad end up performing that way, but there's a reason teams go into the season trying not to look like this year's San Francisco 49ers. By the way, there's a ridiculous amount of Derek Hagan in this piece.

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29 Jun 2016, 03:44pm by Aaron Schatz

Colts Sign Andrew Luck to Extension (UPDATED)

Details to come, of course, but Luck is apparently now the highest-paid player in the NFL. A source has told Ian Rapoport that the new contract pays Luck over $75 million for the first three years.

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28 Jun 2016, 10:20am by Aaron Schatz

Buddy Ryan Dead at 85

The great defensive mastermind Buddy Ryan passed away this morning at the age of 82. Ryan, of course, created the 46 defensive scheme for perhaps the best defensive team in NFL history, the 1985 Chicago Bears. He was also head coach for one of the often forgotten great defenses that followed, the late-80's Philadelphia Eagles. His twin sons Rex and Rob will coach together in Buffalo this season, and I expect to hear a lot about a season dedicated to their father's memory.

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20 Jun 2016, 01:35pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN's NFL Front Office on Ryan Fitzpatrick

I'm proud to be part of ESPN Insider's "NFL Front Office" again this year. Our first discussion: are the Jets blowing it by not re-signing Ryan Fitzpatrick?

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13 Jun 2016, 10:09pm by Aaron Schatz

Fletcher Cox Gets Paid

The Eagles announced a new contract extension tonight for defensive lineman Fletcher Cox. It's a six-year extension worth up to $103 million. Usually those numbers are a lot of nonsense but this time, there is a LOT of guaranteed money here. There's $36.3 million guaranteed at signing and another $19.3 million will be guaranteed by next March. Cox played defensive end in last year's 3-4 and will move back to defensive tackle with the Eagles returning to a 4-3 this season. He had 9.5 sacks and our charting (combining ESPN and SIS data) ranked him tied for fifth in the NFL with 34 hurries.

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08 Jun 2016, 01:33pm by Aaron Schatz

NFL's Dream Coaching Staff

I enjoyed this SI feature by our old friend Doug Farrar. If you could put together an NFL coaching staff using any coaches, even if some of them were demoted to lower positions, who would you put where? He starts with Belichick, with Bruce Arians and Wade Phillips as his coordinators. But on my dream team, Belichick only gets to be head coach. He has to work with Ozzie Newsome as his GM. It's cool, they've worked together in the past. This time they won't be signing Andre Rison.

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07 Jun 2016, 04:07pm by Aaron Schatz

SITE NEWS: FO Seeks Database Programmer

Football Outsiders is looking for a programmer to help us with database projects that will improve our stats pages. (Click to read more.)

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27 May 2016, 11:45am by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: 10 Worst QB Depth Charts of the Last 10 Years

I had a lot of fun putting this one together... you think that teams like the 2016 Browns and 2016 Jets have historically bereft depth charts, but the fact is that three or four teams every year have dismal quarterback situations. Yet we forget them a couple of years later. Remember when Mike Shanahan thought Rex Grossman and John Beck were a good quarterback combo? Remember the Chiefs starting Brodie Croyle in Week 1? Remember J.T. O'Sullivan? Yikes.

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24 May 2016, 05:42pm by Aaron Schatz

SI's Andy Benoit Seeks Research Intern

Hey, readers. Our old pal Andy Benoit, former FO writer and now Sports Illustrated writer, is looking for new members for his team of researchers and fact-checkers. The position is on a volunteer basis for anyone looking to gain experience in football media. Much like an internship with FO, it requires an extensive knowledge of the NFL plus the drive to double-check even the seemingly most tedious of facts.

Also, Benoit is looking for a social media guru to help expand his Facebook and Twitter reach.

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