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29 Aug 2007, 05:34pm by Aaron Schatz

Peter King's Top 500

This is the kind of idea only an editor could love, because it only gives a writer headaches. For the SI season preview, they asked Peter King to put together a list of the top 500 players in the NFL, from Peyton Manning and Tom Brady to Samson Satele and Chris Simms. Guaranteed to cause controversy, not just among fans, but among players -- Ray Lewis and Rodney Harrison are pissed off. An interesting note: When Peter writes about showing the list to various people to get their input, he forgot one.

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29 Aug 2007, 11:42am by Aaron Schatz

FO Mailbag: Shaun (Alexander) of the Dead

Shaun Alexander's current KUBIAK projection: 945 yards, six touchdowns. What the hell? (Click link to read more.)

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28 Aug 2007, 09:31pm by Aaron Schatz

A Brief Pause for Pigskin

Some folks may be interested in this interview I did with Steven Goldman over on the YES Network website, promoting PFP 2007 to the baseball folk. We touch on the Giants and Jets, Michael Vick, LT's career workload, the definition of "system quarterbacks," and whether I would rather meet Matt Millen or Norv Turner in a dark alley.

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24 Aug 2007, 05:12pm by Aaron Schatz

PFP Mailbag: Tampa Bay and New Orleans

Wait a minute... New Orleans has an average projection of 7.4 wins? Tampa Bay has an average projection of 9.0 wins -- making them favorites to win the NFC South? Are we totally insane? (Click link to read more.)

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24 Aug 2007, 01:30pm by Aaron Schatz

David Boston Arrested on DUI

Way to throw away a possible starting job, comeback boy. Rotoworld had an great headline on this: "Boston self-immolates with arrest." I can't believe they used the word "self-immolates." That's awesome. Kudos to Gregg Rosenthal and the gang.

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23 Aug 2007, 04:54pm by Aaron Schatz

PFP 07 Corrections (or, Keeping up with the Johnsons)

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22 Aug 2007, 04:07pm by Aaron Schatz

Letting T.O. off the Hook

Hey, remember Bill Simmons' "T.O. number," measuring killer drops on third downs? Turns out T.O. doesn't actually lead the league in his own metric. (Click link to read more.)

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21 Aug 2007, 03:23pm by Aaron Schatz

Chiefs and Johnson Agree to Six-Year, $45 Million Contract

$19 million in guaranteed money. Bring on the sub-four yards per carry average and nagging hamstring issues!

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20 Aug 2007, 11:02pm by Aaron Schatz

FO Mailbag: Champ Bailey's Four Receptions

Champ Bailey may be the best cornerback in the NFL, but could it really be possible that he only gave up four complete passes on balls thrown his way last season? Actually, no. It's not possible. It's not even close to possible. (Click link to read more.)

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20 Aug 2007, 12:32pm by Aaron Schatz

MMQB: Falcons Owner Blank Feels Betrayed by Vick

I know FO has had its troubles with Atlanta Falcons fans over the years, but Peter King has a point: Arthur Blank, the Falcons organization, and the Atlanta fans put their faith in Michael Vick, and he's really screwed them here. Also, if you meet Peter King in an airport restroom, try not to make a scene, okay?

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