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15 Dec 2007, 02:21pm by Aaron Schatz

Florida All-Century High School Football Team

This is pretty cool. It's always fun learning new things about your favorite players, and where else would you have Pat Summerall and Tim Tebow on the same team? Did you know that Warren Sapp was a linebacker and punter in high school? Ray Lewis had six kick and punt returns for touchdowns? It's also interesting to learn about the older guys, who didn't all make it into the NFL, guys like Willie Gallimore, "the best Florida high school running back until Emmitt Smith." And apparently, Rick Casares was named one of five high school players who could have gone directly to the NFL.

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13 Dec 2007, 04:22pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Numbers Crunching: Week 15

Here's the latest edition of our weekly column with interesting stats about each of the week's games. This week, learn some interesting facts about Boone Stutz, Derrick Pope, and Walpole's Own Todd Collins. Plus: We now have enough game charting data to throw some into Numbers Crunching! Huzzah!

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13 Dec 2007, 01:04pm by Aaron Schatz

Top 10 Assistants Ready to Be Head Coaches

Someone writes one of these articles about this time every season; this one is from Jeremy Green at ESPN. Rex Ryan and Jason Garrett lead the list. Always good for debate.

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13 Dec 2007, 12:19am by Aaron Schatz

DVOA on AOL: Week 14

Here are this week's comments on DVOA for AOL Sports, including a look at the teams that have been trending upwards and downwards during the season and some interesting stats for Sean Jones and Levi Brown.

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12 Dec 2007, 02:56pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 14 DVOA Ratings

Thanks for waiting through our technical difficulties, DVOA fans. The Patriots still have the best DVOA rating ever, the Vikings keep climbing, and in the commentary, learn which two teams have played the three worst DVOA games of the year over the past two weeks. NOTE: PREMIUM DATABASE UPDATED AS OF 4 PM THURSDAY

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10 Dec 2007, 09:40pm by Aaron Schatz

2007 Quick Reads: Week 14

This week, Tom Brady puts up one of the top 10 quarterback games since 1996 -- to go with the three other games he's had this year which rank in the top 10 quarterback games since 1996. Oh, and he passes Peyton Manning to set the all-time single-season record for passing DPAR, with three games to go. Just another day at the office for the 2007 Patriots.

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07 Dec 2007, 03:38pm by Aaron Schatz

UPDATE: Quick Note on FO Premium

Hey all. Just wanted to let you know that some errors in the Premium database this week have now been fixed. In addition, the new head-to-head matchup view has been fixed, including the free sample featuring this week's Eagles-Giants game (click link).

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07 Dec 2007, 03:21pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Numbers Crunching: Week 14

This week's survey of interesting FO stats for all 16 games tells you why it will be a big week for T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Greg Jennings, and Roddy White, and why anyone who likes punt returns should watch Seattle-Arizona while anyone who likes kickoff returns should watch Cleveland-New York.

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06 Dec 2007, 12:43am by Aaron Schatz

DVOA on AOL: Week 13

Here are the (weighted) DVOA power rankings on AOL, with comments on all 32 teams. Just to cut things off at the pass: Yes, I moved the Giants past the Bengals, because there isn't enough space on AOL to try to get into why the Bengals are so darn high. We all make sacrifices, right?

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04 Dec 2007, 05:30pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 13 DVOA Ratings

Hey, remember last week when the Patriots almost lost to Philadelphia, and it didn't affect DVOA? Yeah, it didn't quite work that way this week. Plus: Jacksonville is so inconsistent that their inconsistency has no consistency, and check out the new Premium matchup view.

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