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07 Jul 2007, 01:30pm by Aaron Schatz

Ranking the NFL Owners

July, July, never seemed so strange. There's nothing to write about these days but lists. Michael Silver of SI.com takes on the always fun and controversial task of ranking the 32 owners. Robert Kraft comes in number one, and it is pretty hard for even the most angry Patriots-hater to argue with that one. Not only does the guy run a winning team, but he gives a ton of money to charity and he's building a big mall out by Gillette Stadium that's actually going drive business to Foxboro the other 355 days of the year.

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06 Jul 2007, 11:13pm by Aaron Schatz

Vick Unlikely to Be Indicted

This just terrible, awful news for the five remaining die-hard Joey Harrington fans.

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06 Jul 2007, 05:14pm by Aaron Schatz

Who Makes Most in NFL?

USA Today's annual NFL salary database has been updated with 2006 numbers, and it turns out the highest-paid player in 2006 was... Richard Seymour. You know, from that team that refuses to pay players what they are worth, the Patriots. Of course, he's only number one because USA Today is counting all signing bonuses up front, and Seymour's was an astronomical $24 million. Plus, paying Seymour that much money makes a lot more sense than what the Vikings are paying Bryant McKinnie (third on the list) and what the Lions are paying Jeff Backus (fifth). Sort through the database.

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27 Jun 2007, 01:16pm by Aaron Schatz

FO Mailbag: Stomps in Reverse

With the book done, I'm trying to get back to answering FO mailbag questions on the FOX blog. Really. This one asks about Stomps in reverse: Is it true that "good teams don't allow themselves to get blown out?"

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26 Jun 2007, 03:23pm by Aaron Schatz

1996 DVOA Ratings and Commentary

Return with us now to days of old, when Brett Favre couldn't win the big game, Steve McNair was a HO, and the Baltimore Ravens had a great offense and a terrible defense. (Yes, really.) The DVOA era expands past one decade with this look at the 1996 season.

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26 Jun 2007, 12:42pm by Aaron Schatz

CFL: Pressure in the Pocket

Are you ready for an extra 10 yards of football? I always enjoy watching a little CFL, and the season begins this Thursday. Since we don't have anyone writing a preview article this year, I figured I would link to the most interesting CFL story I could find. This year's big story in the CFL is the changing at the guard at quarterback with a number of teams. The biggest battle is in Toronto, where the legendary 43-year-old Damon Allen may be supplanted by former New England and Kansas State quarterback Michael Bishop.

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25 Jun 2007, 05:02pm by Aaron Schatz

Bears Cut Tank Johnson, Extend Vasher

The crackdown on players who get into off-field trouble continues. There was good news out of Chicago also, as the Bears announced a five-year extension for their excellent cornerback Nathan Vasher. No details on that one yet.

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25 Jun 2007, 03:14pm by Aaron Schatz

FO Mailbag: Stomps in Reverse

Do good teams allow themselves to get stomped? Well, not to bad teams at least. (Click link to read more.)

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21 Jun 2007, 01:17pm by Aaron Schatz

Larry Johnson: Holdout Possible

I don't think that Larry Johnson thinks he's about to collapse because of 416 carries, but I bet his agent thinks he's about to collapse because of 416 carries. If my client had a 99 percent chance of watching his numbers significantly decline, I would want to get him paid too. (Kansas City Star; free registration required, I think.)

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21 Jun 2007, 12:11am by Aaron Schatz

Pacman to Face Two Felony Charges

The final straw. Well, I suppose it isn't the final straw, that would be a conviction. It's the second-to-final straw. I've been trying to decide how to post this story because we want to have XP about the latest news but at this point what the hell is left to say? I didn't want anyone to think we're ignoring it, but this discussion is going to end up going in the same circles about race and society as the discussion threads on the other 900 Pacman stories we've put up in the last year. I just feel bad for Tennessee fans.

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