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21 Jun 2007, 01:17pm by Aaron Schatz

Larry Johnson: Holdout Possible

I don't think that Larry Johnson thinks he's about to collapse because of 416 carries, but I bet his agent thinks he's about to collapse because of 416 carries. If my client had a 99 percent chance of watching his numbers significantly decline, I would want to get him paid too. (Kansas City Star; free registration required, I think.)

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21 Jun 2007, 12:11am by Aaron Schatz

Pacman to Face Two Felony Charges

The final straw. Well, I suppose it isn't the final straw, that would be a conviction. It's the second-to-final straw. I've been trying to decide how to post this story because we want to have XP about the latest news but at this point what the hell is left to say? I didn't want anyone to think we're ignoring it, but this discussion is going to end up going in the same circles about race and society as the discussion threads on the other 900 Pacman stories we've put up in the last year. I just feel bad for Tennessee fans.

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20 Jun 2007, 05:45pm by Aaron Schatz

Big East Has It Easy

As promised, here is a link to the number one team on Kermit the Blog's "10 Easiest College Football Schedules" list. The winner is the entire Big East, which is actually eight teams. Since number 7 was actually three teams, that means that the 10 Easiest College Football Schedules were actually the 20 easiest college football schedules.

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20 Jun 2007, 01:00am by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Tabs Mike and Mike for Second MNF Team

According to USA Today, ESPN Radio morning show hosts Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic will be the second MNF team calling the night game for the opening week doubleheader. This smacks of ESPN self-promotion and will be criticized in a lot of places, but to anyone who criticizes this move, I ask a question: Have you actually heard Mike and Mike do a football game? Out of curiosity, I tuned into a couple of the Arena football games they called for the Worldwide Leader and they were SHOCKINGLY good.

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19 Jun 2007, 03:38pm by Aaron Schatz

ArmchairGM Friends!

Dan Lewis from ArmchairGM thought this would be a good idea, since we have a lot of readers who use that site as well. We've created a Football Outsiders account on ArmchairGM. We don't plan on posting there, but creating the account allows FO readers to register as our "friends," and FO readers who register as friends will see the usernames of other FO readers who are registered as friends. This way, we give our readers an opportunity to network with each other.

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18 Jun 2007, 10:22pm by Aaron Schatz

Chris Brown Re-Signs with Titans

The Tennessee running back situation is like a colossal ball of frustration, with a delicious nougat center.

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18 Jun 2007, 10:30am by Aaron Schatz

Pacman Jones Involved in Georgia Shooting?

Well, this doesn't qualify as "keeping your nose clean," does it? As our man Ryan Wilson notes over at AOL Fanhouse, "The dude loves him some strip clubs. I mean loves. I have an idea that might keep him out of trouble and possibly help him make it back to the NFL this season: Pacman, put a stripper pole in your basement and have them come to you."

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14 Jun 2007, 07:09pm by Aaron Schatz

10 Easiest College Football Schedules for 2007

I always like finding fun stuff in the referrals to our site, especially when I can draw attention to some little-known blogs. "Kermit the Blog" is doing a funny series of articles counting down (actually, up) the easiest college football schedules of 2007. He's currently on number 5, which is Texas Tech. Links at the bottom will take you to the previous articles:

6. Navy
7. Minnesota, Northwestern, and Indiana (tie)
8. New Mexico
9. Texas
10. Notre Dame

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14 Jun 2007, 01:11pm by Aaron Schatz

Jags Release Donovin Darius

When you get your copy of PFP 2007, please find the places where it says the Jaguars will probably replace Donovin Darius with Gerald Sensabaugh, and cross out the word "probably." Once one of the top run-stuffing safeties in the NFL, Darius has struggled with injuries for two years -- a broken leg last year, a torn ACL the year before. He'll find a job somewhere, and he leaves as the Jags' all-time defensive leader in games started.

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12 Jun 2007, 06:57pm by Aaron Schatz

Moss' Growth Minimal

So, I mention that we're having a hard time finding Extra Points, and instantly readers suggest a couple of Extra Points. Here is Michael Felger's article on Randy Moss at Patriots minicamp. Felger does not think that Moss looks like the great receiver he was in Minnesota. Here's a hint: He does not look like the great receiver he was in Minnesota because he is not the great receiver he was in Minnesota. We've written about this before -- there's very little reason to believe that Moss is going to suddenly bounce back to greatness after THREE good-but-not-great seasons.

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