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31 Jan 2007, 01:49pm by Aaron Schatz

FOX Super Bowl Top 5s

FOX asked us to put together a series of Top 5 lists for Super Bowl week. Doesn't make sense to link them each individually, so I'll just update this link to the newest one, and there's a menu linking to all of them. Subjects include best players on losing teams, worst quarterbacks to make the Super Bowl, and longtime veterans who never made a Super Bowl until their final season. It's meant to be light content, so if we leave someone out, don't freak or anything.

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31 Jan 2007, 01:29pm by Aaron Schatz

2K Sports Returns to Football

Big news for the video gamers: 2K Sports has announced All-Pro Football 2K8, their first game since EA bought the exclusive NFL license three years ago. I've read a lot of comments from people who say that NFL 2K5 was better than Madden 05, although I've never read a concrete list of reasons why. As Wilt Chamberlain once said, "Everybody hates Goliath." Then again, I think the bugs in Madden, and the randomly appearing and disappearing features, are a sign that maybe Goliath is getting a little bit lazy. Competition leads to better products.

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30 Jan 2007, 02:22pm by Aaron Schatz

Redskins Seek Salary Cap Assistant

We figured we should let the readers know about this one. I'm sure there are plenty of you who are interested and qualified. Here's the deal: We'll link the job listing as long as you promise that, if you get the job, you will tell everyone in the Washington organization how awesome Football Outsiders is.

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30 Jan 2007, 02:33am by Aaron Schatz

The Marty who cried "End Around!"

Only in this version, the wolf never comes. (Click link to read more.(

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29 Jan 2007, 12:34pm by Aaron Schatz

Bear vs. Colt

Each day, a new video with a guy in a bear suit battling a guy in a horse suit in completely random ways. You know, this just would not have worked with the Saints and Patriots. So far, video 3 is the best. Apparently, the Colts suck at Dance Dance Revolution. Who knew?

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28 Jan 2007, 03:58pm by Aaron Schatz

Belichick Weighs in on 2006 Season

Not to promote more Patriots talk, just to point out that this extensive Mike Reiss interview with Bill Belichick sure makes all those "Belichick wants out" rumors seem ridiculous. "I like the people I'm working with, I like the situation I'm in... I like our staff, and our organization... When you have those things, it's hard not to feel good about what you're doing, and it's not hard to keep doing it. I love football and I love the area." Also a fun note: Since the Pats didn't have a third quarterback for much of the year, apparently Belichick's sons had the clipboard duties.

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28 Jan 2007, 03:53pm by Aaron Schatz

FO in the NY Times: Between AFC and NFC, Parity is Only a Six-Letter Word

My latest Keeping Score column from the New York Times, about the AFC dominance over the NFC. You'll be surprised to see that the AFC has actually been the better conference pretty much all along (well, since 1972). Even when the NFC won all those Super Bowls, it didn't necessarily dominate interconference play. (Free registration required.)

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26 Jan 2007, 05:10pm by Aaron Schatz

FOX Blog Wrap-Up, January 20-26

Here's a catch-all thread for discussion of this week's posts on the Football Outsiders FOX blog. This week: Similarity scores for Rex Grossman and Tony Romo, my opinion on the Bill Belichick contract rumors, Larry Johnson in fantasy keeper leagues, and the magical mystery tour of the Denver Broncos' fourth-round pick in the 2005 draft.

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26 Jan 2007, 02:04pm by Aaron Schatz

Perhaps the Ugliest Super Bowl Jersey Ever

Oh God, my eyes. THE PAIN!!!

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26 Jan 2007, 02:36am by Aaron Schatz

Similarity scores for Tony Romo

Just because the Cowboys don't have a coach doesn't mean we can't analyze their quarterback. (Click link to read more.)

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