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03 Aug 2007, 07:33pm by Aaron Schatz

Ravens Say Communication Key to Secondary Success

Samari Rolle came out as one of the worst cornerbacks in the league last year, according to the FO game charting project. The Ravens understand that they had a problem, and according to this article, they've been "working to repair his psyche." The Ravens blame some of these bit pass plays on the fact that Ed Reed was out of position and not giving help over the top.

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03 Aug 2007, 02:12pm by Aaron Schatz

Fantasy Schedule Projections

Every year, fantasy players pore over the schedule, trying to find a player with an easy matchup when their starter has a bye week. The only problem? Defenses don't stay consistent from year to year. Since we've managed to pinpoint variables which improve our projections for team defense with DVOA, why not try projecting rushing and passing points allowed in fantasy football?

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02 Aug 2007, 04:26pm by Aaron Schatz

It's Tough to Find a Bronco in Canton

Look, folks, our buddy Mike Sando has moved over to ESPN. Here's a column asking a great question: Why do the Denver Broncos have only one player in the Hall of Fame, when other teams with historically similar win totals and championship records have six or seven players each?

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01 Aug 2007, 11:10am by Aaron Schatz

Bill Walsh and Greg Cook: What the Bengals Could Have Been

If 1969 AFL Rookie of the Year Greg Cook had never been injured, would the "West Coast Offense" never have existed? If Paul Brown had chosen Bill Walsh as his successor, instead of Tiger Johnson, would the Bengals now be one of the NFL's top franchises?

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30 Jul 2007, 04:25pm by Aaron Schatz

Bill Walsh Dead at 75

A legend. For those curious, I'm delaying our usual FO birthday post, out of respect.

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28 Jul 2007, 06:45pm by Aaron Schatz

Jonathan Lee Riches vs. Michael Vick

I knew Vick was in trouble for gambling and animal brutality, but I had no idea he was also involved in identity theft, extortion,and copyright infringement. Vick could be on the hook for $63 billion billion, which as we know is a lot more than just $63 billion. Thanks to ex-Scramble writer Al Bogdan for this link.

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28 Jul 2007, 06:25pm by Aaron Schatz

FO Ranks All 32 Teams for 2007: Secondary

After a bit of a pause -- something had to make room for all that Michael Vick commentary -- our rankings of all 32 teams by unit return with defensive backs. Denver tops our list again, Oakland makes the biggest rise, St. Louis pulls up the rear. For some inexplicable reason, the FOX editors removed the last sentence from my Tennessee comment, so here it is: When the Titans talk about moving Michael Griffin to cornerback, why doesn't anyone bring up the Tebucky Jones debacle from the Pete Carroll-era Patriots? (Link now fixed.)

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27 Jul 2007, 11:07pm by Aaron Schatz

Reese and Strahan Locked in Heads-up Match

So is Michael Strahan serious about retiring, or is this just an attempt to get a bigger contract? Newark Star-Ledger beat writer Mike Garafalo says it is a bluff. Jay Glazer at FOXSports.com says Strahan is serious. If it is a bluff, here's my reaction: Dude, you are seriously lame. If you really want more money, say so. If it is not a bluff, here is my reaction: I know people were extremely critical of Tiki Barber for announcing that he was going to retire at the end of the season.

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26 Jul 2007, 07:52pm by Aaron Schatz

Bucs Release Simeon Rice

So much for Gaines Adams getting to learn from his childhood idol. Vet won't take pay cut, vet goes adios. Let's see... Tampa-2 teams that need a pass-rushing defensive end... I'm feeling Minnesota here. Anyone else feeling Minnesota as a good possibility? Maybe Washington, too. They could use more pass rush, and in Washington, there's always more money for veterans on the downsides of their careers!

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26 Jul 2007, 09:29am by Aaron Schatz

Kiffin: Don't Trust Anyone Over 32

Ignore the Vick stuff here and scroll down. According to Nancy Gay of the San Francisco Chronicle, Lane Kiffin is looking to release players who are older than he is because they might challenge his authority. What is this, "Logan's Run?" Getting rid of players who are older because they are in decline is a good idea. Getting rid of players who are older because you don't have the balls to tell them "I'm the coach, I'm in charge" is not a good idea.

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