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15 May 2007, 11:01am by Aaron Schatz

Brian Finneran Tears ACL Again

So much for the return of Atlanta's only dependable receiver. Well, one of two, now that they have Joe Horn. Who is now one of one.

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10 May 2007, 12:14pm by Aaron Schatz

Vick's Downward Spiral

Look, I'll be honest, I know this is a huge story but I have nothing to say about it. It sounds like the guy did something horrible, but I don't really feel like becoming an expert in the details. I'm completely sick of Vick the Media Phenomenon, and apparently Vick the Actual Person is not a nice fellow either. I know people want to talk about this, but I'll be perfectly selfish: I'm desperate for this to be resolved in the next week, and I'm thankful that the story involves Michael Vick and not Steve McNair, J.P. Losman, or Carson Palmer.

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01 May 2007, 04:06pm by Aaron Schatz

Panthers Cut Keyshawn Johnson

Because, hey, that whole thing where we only threw to Steve Smith worked so well two years ago, let's try it again!

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01 May 2007, 01:47pm by Aaron Schatz

Top 10 Undrafted Players

Peter Schrager has a look at the guys who didn't get taken this weekend. Who feels like more of an idiot? Darius Walker, who came out early and didn't get drafted? Or Jon Abbate, who came out early, didn't get drafted, and couldn't even make Peter Schrager's top ten list of guys who didn't get drafted? Did Abbate just have the worst NFL combine in history or something?

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29 Apr 2007, 11:58am by Aaron Schatz

Raiders Trade Randy Moss to Patriots

As my friend Q-Bert would say, Holy F%@&! The Patriots will deal a fourth-round pick to Oakland for Randy Moss. Do they just not want to draft players this year? I hope that fans -- and the Patriots themselves -- understand that they are not getting the receiver that Moss was five years ago. He has lost a significant amount of his speed, and he's basically a very good, somewhat quick possession receiver at this point. But that's still going to give the Patriots more than they would get from a fourth-round pick, and the Patriots have the speed demon on the other side.

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28 Apr 2007, 12:37am by Aaron Schatz

Darrell Jackson to 49ers?

According to "the other" Michael Smith, there's a deal in the works that would send Seattle receiver Darrell Jackson to San Francisco for a fourth-round pick. I don't know who wrote the blurb about this at Rotoworld, but I can't say it any better than they did: If the Seahawks are willing to trade Jackson to a division rival without even getting a first day pick in return, they REALLY must not think very highly of him.

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27 Apr 2007, 10:51am by Aaron Schatz

NFL Considers 17th Regular Season Game

Please, no.

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26 Apr 2007, 12:24pm by Aaron Schatz

Jason David Goes to the Saints

Sorry we missed this story when David first signed his offer sheet... The Colts announced today that they won't match the contract David signed with New Orleans, so they'll get a fourth-round pick from the Saints and have two new starting cornerbacks this year. Certainly, cornerbacks are not as valuable in the Tampa-2 as they might be in other defensive schemes, but Tampa Bay and Chicago certainly seem to value their corners more than the Colts.

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19 Apr 2007, 07:46pm by Aaron Schatz

Draft Needs: AFC South

Continuing the series on draft needs with the AFC South. Experience the magically symmetrical incoherence of the Houston Texans personnel department, search for psychology majors with the Jacksonville Jaguars, and learn why the two scariest words in the state of Indiana are "John Standeford."

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17 Apr 2007, 07:04pm by Aaron Schatz

Fictional Football Mock Draft

Tired of debating the merits of Brady Quinn and JaMarcus Russell? Ready for something totally frivolous? Jim Reineking over at FOX has put together a mock draft of fictional football players, as if they were real athletes. Maybe he had a larger role in his movie, but I think the Raiders are making a mistake going with Joe Kane over Frank Cushman, and everybody knows that Jimmy Sanderson is more talented than both quarterbacks anyway. Honestly, how can the guy from The Longest Yard not end up in Cincinnati as Carson Palmer's backup, and where the hell is Shane "Footsteps" Falco?

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