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26 Jan 2007, 02:04pm by Aaron Schatz

Perhaps the Ugliest Super Bowl Jersey Ever

Oh God, my eyes. THE PAIN!!!

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26 Jan 2007, 02:36am by Aaron Schatz

Similarity scores for Tony Romo

Just because the Cowboys don't have a coach doesn't mean we can't analyze their quarterback. (Click link to read more.)

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25 Jan 2007, 05:37pm by Aaron Schatz

Broncos Consider All Options

OK, folks, where is Jake Plummer headed in 2007? I suppose the Broncos could keep him, but he won't be a happy camper. I'm a big fan of the Cleveland idea. It just isn't happening for Charlie Frye, and that team could be ready to contend. Plummer is not a star, but he's not as bad as he looked last year.

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25 Jan 2007, 02:44am by Aaron Schatz

The Bill Belichick rumor silliness

Bill Belichick has left the Patriots. Well, is leaving the Patriots. Well, could leave the Patriots. Well, sources believe he could. (Click link to read more.)

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24 Jan 2007, 10:53am by Aaron Schatz

Similarity scores for Rex Grossman

Which quarterback is most similar to Rex Grossman's roller coaster season? (Click link to read more.)

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24 Jan 2007, 02:54am by Aaron Schatz

Adventures of a fourth-round pick

Some draft picks bounce around from team to team more often than Chris Chandler. (Click link to read more.)

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23 Jan 2007, 10:59am by Aaron Schatz

FO Mailbag: Larry Johnson

Is Larry Johnson a fantasy keeper despite the curse of 370? Aaron Schatz weighs in.

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22 Jan 2007, 07:17pm by Aaron Schatz

2006 Quick Reads: Week 20

Peyton Manning did not suddenly become a good playoff quarterback yesterday. He's always been a good playoff quarterback. From the Peyton Manning comment in PFP 2005: "The common media storyline was 'Patriots own Peyton,' ignoring the fact that Manning had a very good game -- worth 10.5 DPAR, in fact, once you take into account the quality of the Pats defense. It's not Peyton Manning's fault that Edgerrin James averaged 2.8 yards per carry and that the Colts had 16 first downs passing and zero rushing. It's not Peyton Manning's fault that his receivers coughed up the ball twice."

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20 Jan 2007, 01:10am by Aaron Schatz

FOX Blog Wrap-Up, January 13-19

Here's a catch-all thread for discussion of this week's posts on the Football Outsiders FOX blog. This week: Doug Farrar on the penalty tendencies of the referees assigned to the conference championships, game charting stats on the coverage patterns of the final four teams and their secondaries, Mike Tanier on the retirement of Robbie Tobeck, and why the Colts will have the worst defense in Super Bowl history if they win Sunday.

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19 Jan 2007, 07:58pm by Aaron Schatz

Dolphins Hire Cam Cameron as Head Coach

Well, if you were looking for reasons why the 2007 Chargers might fizzle, here's one -- they need a new offensive coordinator after Miami hired Cam Cameron to take over as head coach. He takes over an offense with a talented young running back... and... well, good luck with that whole thing there, Cam.

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