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09 Jan 2007, 03:36pm by Aaron Schatz

Postseason DVOA I

This is our second year continuing with DVOA into the playoffs. This year, based on reader requests, we've ranked all 32 teams, whether they are in the playoffs or not. The results show just how dominant the AFC is, and just how closely grouped the last four NFC teams are. Well, except Seattle. UPDATE: FOXSports.com commentary finally available.

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09 Jan 2007, 01:33am by Aaron Schatz

Defensive back stats for the top playoff seeds

The defensive back statistics for the four teams that received byes last weekend based on our game charting project. (Click link to read.)

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08 Jan 2007, 03:12pm by Aaron Schatz

2006 Quick Reads: Week 18

Here are the best and worst playoff performers of the wild card round, according to FO stats. This week's feature is a similarity scores list for Joseph Addai's rookie season.

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05 Jan 2007, 11:30pm by Aaron Schatz

A Center Shall Lead Them

Robert Weintraub of Slate argues that center, not left tackle, is the second-most important player on the offense behind the quarterback. I'll be honest: this reads like contrarian thinking for the sake of being contrary. Does anybody think Robbie Tobeck has been Seattle's most important injury this year?

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05 Jan 2007, 07:06pm by Aaron Schatz

FOX Blog Wrap-Up, January 1-5

Here's a catch-all thread for discussion of this week's posts on the Football Outsiders FOX blog. Sorry about the small number of posts this week, but it's always busy wrapping up the regular season stats while working on a week of playoff material. Covered this week: more game charting data on defensive backs in the wild card round, and strength of schedule for 2007.

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05 Jan 2007, 05:23pm by Aaron Schatz

2007 NFC Wild Card Preview

Dallas is falling apart. The quarterback is a mess, and the pass defense is a disaster. Golly, looks a lot like the Seahawks, doesn't it? Meanwhile, if Eagles-Giants I was close, and Eagles-Giants II was close, shouldn't Eagles-Giants III be close? More FO playoff previews, filled with chunky stat goodness.

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05 Jan 2007, 03:23pm by Aaron Schatz

2007 AFC Wild Card Preview

Can the Colts stop Larry Johnson? Can the Chiefs stop Peyton Manning? Can the media stop making controversy out of meaningless gestures in the Jets-Patriots rivalry? Here come the annual FO playoff previews, filled with chunky stat goodness.

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04 Jan 2007, 03:56pm by Aaron Schatz

12 Defunct Bowl Games

From The Onion's "AV Club," a.k.a. "The section that isn't made up." Wherefore art thou, Cherry Bowl and galleryfurniture.com Bowl?

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04 Jan 2007, 01:59am by Aaron Schatz

Game Charting Stats on DBs for the Wild Card Games

What to expect from the defensive backs in this weekend's playoff matchups. (Click link to read more.)

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03 Jan 2007, 04:44pm by Aaron Schatz

FO Chat at Baseball Prospectus

Here's the transcript of today's chat on BaseballProspectus.com, featuring my thoughts on the playoffs, the draft, the hardest schedules of 2007, and the problem of Football Outsiders "group think." Plus, at the very end, a very special announcement. And if you ask questions about that very special announcement in this thread, we aren't going to notice them, so e-mail them, okay?

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