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07 Nov 2006, 06:09pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 10 DVOA Ratings

This week: Find out why the emperor has no pants, and see our projection for each team's final win-loss record. Commentary is now available at FOXSports.com.

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06 Nov 2006, 06:24pm by Aaron Schatz

2006 Quick Reads: Week 9

Here's our weekly review of the best and worst individual performances according to Football Outsiders stats. Learn why Marvin Harrison was the man who beat the Patriots, how Tony Gonzalez is fighting off Father Time, and why Jake Plummer's struggles may not have been the problem we thought.

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04 Nov 2006, 07:55pm by Aaron Schatz

Game Previews: KC-STL, IND-NE

There are two big non-divisional rivalry games on the NFL slate this Sunday. One is a geographical rivalry which matters more to fans than to players. The other rivalry is bitter and angry, but come on, you know you would rather talk about the Chiefs and Rams. Right?

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03 Nov 2006, 11:04pm by Aaron Schatz

Pittsburgh's single blowout

Aaron Schatz tries to examine the effects of blowouts on DVOA, particularly in the Steelers abnormally high DVOA despite a poor record. (Click link to read more.)

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03 Nov 2006, 08:20pm by Aaron Schatz

FOX Blog Wrap-Up, October 28-November 3

Here's a catch-all thread for discussion of this week's posts on the Football Outsiders FOX blog. Covered this week: LaDainian Tomlinson tape breakdown, the Dwight Freeney overrated paradox, how the Patriots played Steve Hutchinson, Jake Scott's monster game against Denver, Arizona vs. #1 receivers, and the problem of Pittsburgh's single blowout and its effect on DVOA.

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02 Nov 2006, 11:20pm by Aaron Schatz

Steve Hutchinson and Jake Scott

The play of guards usually goes unnoticed, but not by Aaron Schatz. (Click link to read more.)

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02 Nov 2006, 11:12pm by Aaron Schatz

FO Mailbag: Arizona vs. #1 WR

Aaron Schatz explains the high rankings for Arizona vs. #1 receivers despite some traditional statistics indicating otherwise. (Click link to read more.)

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01 Nov 2006, 04:56pm by Aaron Schatz

FO Chat at Baseball Prospectus

Here's an archive of the recently concluded chat at BaseballProspectus.com. Among the topics covered in this chat: the upcoming Colts-Patriots game, the Bears, the differences between baseball and football, rookie of the year candidates, the Bears, possible future upgrades to DVOA, the decline and fall of Rod Smith, and the future of the Browns and Dolphins. Oh, and the Bears.

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01 Nov 2006, 12:31am by Aaron Schatz

Week 9 Odds

I have a question, and I ask this question out of serious curiosity, not a desire to pump my own ego (or the collective ego of Football Outsiders). If you look at the current Las Vegas odds, Pittsburgh is actually favored to beat Denver on Sunday. The current line is somewhere between -2.0 and -3.0 depending on where you look. This just blows me away.

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31 Oct 2006, 05:36pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 9 DVOA Ratings

This week: New England and Baltimore begin to close the gap between the Gang of Four and the rest of the league, the Seahawks fall into the loser's bracket, and bad days for Philadelphia and Pittsburgh can't make their past games disappear. Plus a note on suggestion ettiquette, and further exploration of fumble recoveries. Commentary now available on FOXSports.com.

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