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18 Dec 2004, 03:14am by Aaron Schatz

Prime Time Lights Shine on Playoff Contenders

When they schedule the Saturday and Sunday night games before the season starts, nobody knows if the teams involved will be battling for playoff position come Week 15. But this year, serendipity shined upon ESPN. Aaron has previews of the two important prime time games this weekend: Carolina vs. Atlanta and Indianapolis vs. Baltimore. I hear something big might happen in that second one.

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17 Dec 2004, 02:25am by Aaron Schatz

Buffalo Stampedes to Second-Half Success

In the muddled NFC, a number of teams have turned slow starts into possible playoff position. But the superior AFC has its own turnaround success story. What is driving the Bills to a winning record this season? Don't let the Bills fool you with their four straight high-scoring games -- Buffalo is all about defense and special teams. Aaron investigates in this article, originally from Wednesday's New York Sun.

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14 Dec 2004, 09:37pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 14 DVOA Ratings

Here are the Football Outsiders team efficiency ratings after Week 14, along with Aaron's usual commentary for the math-o-phobic. This week, a long extended commentary on the whole "quarterback should only be judged by winning" controversy that just won't go away, and why you should take Carolina's top five defense with a grain of salt.

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14 Dec 2004, 03:47pm by Aaron Schatz

TMQ: A Lesson Learned

This week our man TMQ discusses how Pittsburg of Kansas has been punished by the football gods, plus sweet plays, sour plays, good blocking, stupid punts, Christmas albums, and the approaching mediocrity of the NFC playoffs.

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13 Dec 2004, 02:54pm by Aaron Schatz

Snap Judgment: The Franchise Tag

Here's the latest Snap Judgment column at ESPN.com, featuring the Football Outsiders QB ratings for a really, really bad week of quarterbacking. In fact, while nobody has noticed, passing has tumbled all around the NFL over the past five weeks. Plus: If you could pick any NFL quarterback for your expansion team, who would you select?

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11 Dec 2004, 11:12pm by Aaron Schatz

Patriots' Weis is Perfect for Irish

New England offensive coordinator Charlie Weis will be named the new head coach at his alma mater, Notre Dame, this Monday. (I'm linking to an opinion article by Michael "not David" Smith, but the deal is now done.) As a Patriots' fan, I think it is long past the time that Weis deserved a head coaching job, and I'm very happy that we won't have to play against him in the NFL. However, for Notre Dame fans, be prepared that there will not be instant success. For one thing, recruiting will be very difficult this year.

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11 Dec 2004, 06:21pm by Aaron Schatz

NFC Teams Seek to Emerge from Mediocrity

Three game previews from Friday's edition of the New York Sun, including Rams-Panthers, Bucs-Chargers, and Jaguars-Bears. Plus, as an added bonus, Tuesday's Sun column on this year's dramatic number of teams that have gone from 1-4 (or worse) to playoff contention.

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10 Dec 2004, 06:05pm by Aaron Schatz

Memorable Mad Dashes to the Playoffs

Courtesy of SI.com's Don Banks, here's a companion piece to our guest column this week on the worst playoff teams ever. Another way to compare this year's mushy playoff race to history is to look at teams that came from terrible starts to make major playoff runs.

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10 Dec 2004, 12:55pm by Aaron Schatz

VOA Mailbag

It’s another edition of our mailbag, where Aaron answers your questions related to VOA and other statistics from Football Outsiders. How can Houston and New Orleans look so inconsistent and yet rate as being so consistent? Which teams are the best in the red zone? What's the best team to ever be outscored on the season? Should you rest your starters before the playoffs? Plus, just when you thought it was safe to watch kickoffs, Martin Grammatica returns! It's all part of a suspiciously Colts-oriented mailbag.

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09 Dec 2004, 12:07am by Aaron Schatz

Harrison Gets $67 Million Extension

Edge's future is still up in the air, but Marvin Harrison will be sticking around in Indy. The Colts signed him to a new contract for seven fake years at $67 million fake dollars. Seriously, understanding the actual value of these contracts is next-to-impossible. Apparently this thing has enough flexible clauses to give the Colts the cap room to try to keep both Edge and Brandon Stokley too. But where will they find the cap room to get a better defense?

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