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22 Sep 2004, 12:38am by Aaron Schatz

Football Commentary: Week 2 Strategy Review

According to our friend William Krasker, Mike Shanahan made the right call by having Quentin Griffin run one last play. He also feels Mike Tice made a mistake by kicking a field goal on 4th-and-goal from the one-yard line, trailing 7-3 (I could not agree more). Those situations and more discussed in his lately weekly review of play calling strategy. By the way, William will be summarizing the best of his strategy commentaries every few weeks in a Football Outsiders guest column.

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21 Sep 2004, 02:06pm by Aaron Schatz

TMQ: Calling Dr. Watson

The latest from our man TMQ questions curious tactics and predicts the end of the Patriots' winning streak. Plus, cheerbabes!

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21 Sep 2004, 01:36pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 2 VOA Ratings

The first VOA ratings of the year are here, along with Aaron's usual commentary for the mathematically impaired. Learn which 2-0 team is ranked 26th, which team Aaron has given up on already, and how your team rates after two games. Plus, some notes on why DeShaun Foster is still overrated, and Running Back Batting Average no more!

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20 Sep 2004, 09:51pm by Aaron Schatz

Top 10 Coaches of All Time

OK, this one is bound to start some arguments. It's ESPN Page 2's list of the top 10 greatest NFL coaches of all time. (Actually, it goes to eleven, which is one louder.) The top three are Vince Lombardi, Paul Brown, and Don Shula, and the only current coaches on the list are there for past glories: Bill Parcells (10) and Joe Gibbs (5).

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20 Sep 2004, 02:52pm by Aaron Schatz

2001 DVOA Mailbag

Last week's publication of 2001 DVOA ratings for the first time brought up a lot of questions, and a lot of argument about the 2001 Patriots. Here's a response to some of those questions. Were the Patriots a "legit" champion? Why do the Jets rate so high? Was there anything in 2001 to predict Kurt Warner's downfall? And what's up with the strange last few seasons for the Jacksonville Jaguars?

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17 Sep 2004, 01:13pm by Aaron Schatz

Football Commentary: Week 1 Strategy Review

Our friend William Krasker begins his regular weekly analysis of NFL strategy using his complicated Dynamic Programming Model. Among Bill's contentions: Steve Mariucci screwed up by not going for two when Detroit went ahead 19-14, the Dolphins punted three times on 4th-and-1 when they should have gone for it, and Joe Gibbs should have gone for a touchdown from the Tampa 2-yard line at the start of the second quarter. Go give Bill's site some love, his stuff is excellent.

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15 Sep 2004, 05:29pm by Aaron Schatz

One for the Junk Stat Hall of Fame

Our buddy King Kaufman on America's favorite new NFL stat, pass speed. "You'll be happy to know that one of Brett Favre's throws Monday night was equivalent to starting a campfire without matches in four minutes flat, completing the Sunday New York Times crossword in one hour, 37 minutes and 53 seconds, and getting to third base with the prom queen by midnight on the second date. " (requires watching advertisement)

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14 Sep 2004, 04:56pm by Aaron Schatz

2001 DVOA Ratings and Commentary

Our long-awaited look at previous seasons through the lens of DVOA, starting with 2001. This is the season where the ratings correlate the worst with actual wins, and so there are some strange doings, starting with the team that won the title. Join us as Aaron says something that will make his fellow Patriots fans very, very angry.

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14 Sep 2004, 02:10pm by Aaron Schatz

TMQ: By the Hammer of Grabthar, They Were Avenged!

Gregg shockingly doesn't lead his article this week with Mike Vanderjagt's FG miss. Instead, he talks about the Denver offensive line system, gives props to Drew Brees, and makes probably the only reference to Fielding Mellish in the history of NFL commentary. Don't worry, Idiot Kicker gets three reader haikus further down the page.

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13 Sep 2004, 02:08pm by Aaron Schatz

Snap Judgment: QB or not QB?

I am curious to see what people think of ESPN's new weekly Monday Page 2 column analyzing quarterbacks. It features the usual Page 2 folks, and a couple of new ESPN people including Michael "not David" Smith, ex- of the Boston Globe.

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